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How To Remove All Followers On Instagram At Once in 2023 – A Complete Guide

Do you ever look at your Instagram followers and wonder why you‘re even allowing some of those people to see your content? You‘re not alone. Many Instagram users accumlate followers over time that they no longer recognize or want around.

But Instagram doesn‘t exactly make it easy to remove followers in bulk. The platform is designed for adding followers, not subtracting them.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore proven methods for deleting all Instagram followers at once in 2023.

Why You Might Want To Remove Followers

First, let‘s discuss why you might want to remove a portion or all of your Instagram followers in one swoop:

  • Too many random followers – Over time, accounts tend to accumulate strangers, distant acquaintances, and followers that no longer mesh with your content. Periodic purges keep your community tight.

  • Fake followers – Bots and inactive accounts are rampant. Pruning these inflates followers helps keep things authentic.

  • Private content – If you want to post private content just for close friends and family, removing public followers gives control.

  • Starting over – Some users want to wipe the slate clean and rebuild their audience from scratch.

  • Sell account – Accounts with higher real follower counts command higher selling prices. Removing fake/inactive followers raises value.

The Growth of Instagram

To understand why bulk deleting tools are so useful, let‘s look at some Instagram stats:

  • 500+ million daily active users
  • 2+ billion monthly active users
  • 60% of users log in daily
  • Users spend an average of 29 minutes per day on Instagram

With this level of ubiquitous use, most active accounts organically gain followers in the hundreds or thousands without even trying. But this can dilute your community with strangers over time.

Periodic purges through bulk deletion give you control over your community. Now let‘s explore the methods.

Method 1: Using a Deletion App Like SpamGuard

For efficiency, the best approach to remove all Instagram followers at once is using a third-party app designed for this purpose. There are a few options, but we recommend SpamGuard for its simplicity, affordability, and reliability.


How SpamGuard Works

SpamGuard integrates directly with your Instagram account using the official API. This means you don‘t need to provide your password or compromise security in any way.

Once connected, SpamGuard allows you to view your full followers list. With a single click, you can select all followers for mass deletion. Or you can selectively choose who to keep and remove.

The whole process takes just seconds, even for accounts with thousands of followers. SpamGuard is incredibly intuitive and easy to use even for social media novices.

SpamGuard Features and Pricing

SpamGuard offers different subscription levels based on your needs:

Monthly$54.99/mo3 deletion scans/mo, auto follower blocking
6-Month$32.99/mo3 scans/mo
Premium$71.99/moUnlimited scans, advanced filters

All plans include a 14-day refund guarantee. The premium plan unlocks the most powerful capabilities, but the monthly plan offers a great balance for most use cases.

Getting Started With SpamGuard

Signing up with SpamGuard takes just minutes:

  1. Visit and click "Get Started"
  2. Choose your plan and enter payment details
  3. Provide your Instagram username
  4. Access the follower deletion interface

No need to hand over your password or give extensive personal details.

Once signed up, you can delete followers directly through the SpamGuard dashboard either on desktop or their mobile app.

Is SpamGuard Safe?

Importantly, SpamGuard is completely safe to use and won‘t get your Instagram account banned. Why?

Because it uses the official Instagram API, not unsupported workarounds. The API allows approved third-party apps like SpamGuard to access certain data and capabilities.

Hundreds of popular social media management tools use the Instagram API safely, and so does SpamGuard exclusively for follower deletion.

SpamGuard Customer Support

If any issues arise, SpamGuard offers 24/7 customer support via live chat right in the app dashboard. Just tap the chat icon to connect with a human representative.

The support team is knowledgeable and friendly. Most queries can be resolved in just a few minutes over chat.

Method 2: Manually Deleting Followers in App

If you only need to delete a handful of followers, it is possible to manually remove followers directly within Instagram:

  1. Open your profile page
  2. Tap "Followers"
  3. Tap the three-dot menu next to a follower name
  4. Choose "Remove this Follower"
  5. Confirm the removal

Repeat for each follower you wish to delete. While doable, this process takes forever if you have hundreds or thousands of followers.

Manual deletion is realistically only viable if you have less than 100 followers to remove. Even then, a tool like SpamGuard saves huge time.

Method 3: Deleting Your Instagram Account

The nuclear option is to delete your entire Instagram account. This will instantly remove all followers in one dramatic move. However, it also deletes all your photos and videos forever.

To fully delete an Instagram account:

  1. Go to profile > Settings > Account Center
  2. Select "Request to delete my account"
  3. Choose reason for deletion
  4. Re-enter password to confirm

Once requested, full account deletion can take up to 30 days to complete. In the meantime, you can create a new account to start fresh with the same username.

So proceed with caution – account deletion should only be used if you are absolutely certain you want to nuke your Instagram presence entirely. For most purposes, deleting just followers is preferable.

Making Your Account Private After Deleting Followers

Once you delete followers, making your posts private prevents unwanted new followers from accessing your content right away.

Here‘s how to make your Instagram account private:

  1. Go to profile > Settings > Privacy
  2. Toggle on "Private Account"

This means new users have to request to follow you, and you can approve or deny each one manually. Combined with removing old followers, this gives you full control over your audience.

Expert Tips For Managing Your Followers

Here are some additional professional tips for keeping your Instagram community clean and engaged after purging followers:

  • Review new followers – Periodically scan incoming follower requests to block bots, spammers, etc.

  • Enable comment filtering – Automatically hide offensive or inappropriate comments.

  • Cross-post strategically – Share content on other channels to reach genuine followers.

  • Engage with your community – Reply to comments, host contests, ask questions in Stories.

  • Post consistently – Regular, high-quality content keeps real followers interested.

  • Track analytics – Monitor traffic and engagement metrics to optimize efforts.

In Summary

Removing all Instagram followers in one action gives you a clean slate and full control over your audience. While Instagram itself does not allow bulk deleting followers, third-party tools like SpamGuard make the process incredibly easy and fast.

I recommend giving SpamGuard a try if you need to purge your Instagram followers list. And be sure to make your account private after deleting followers if you wish to start completely fresh.

With this comprehensive guide, you now have an expert understanding of the most effective methods to remove all Instagram followers at once in 2023. Best of luck with your account refresh!



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