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How to Score Free Packs in FIFA 22 Like a Pro

As a fellow FIFA lover, I know the thrill of ripping open packs and hoping for that electric blue flare signaling a special card. Building your Ultimate Team by simply playing matches and earning rewards is an addicting gameplay loop. But let‘s be real – buying FIFA Points to get more packs gives you a better shot at elite players. And who doesn‘t want Messi or Ronaldo on their squad?

Luckily, there are proven methods to earn stacks of free packs in FIFA 22 without spending real cash. With some effort and know-how, you can get incredible untradeable rewards to strengthen your FUT.

In this guide, I’ll share insider tips from two years playing FIFA religiously and consuming YouTube and Reddit trading advice. These are the best ways to get free packs and upgrade your club into an elite squad. Let’s dive in!

Know the Best Modes to Farm Packs

Not all FIFA 22 modes are created equal when it comes to earning free packs. You need to play the specific modes that offer the top untradeable rewards. Based on my experience, these three modes are the most efficient ways to build your collection:

Conquer Squad Battles

Squad Battles lets you play matches against user-created squads managed by the AI. You want to finish each week in the highest rank possible, which grants awesome rewards:

Squad Battles Rewards

Bronze 11 Premium Gold Pack
Silver 11 Premium Gold Players Pack
Gold 31 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Mega Pack
Elite 12 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 2 Mega Packs, 1 Prime Gold Players Pack, 60k Coins

See how the rewards ramp up? Just reaching Gold 3 nets you 12 rare players split across two valuable packs. But if you can finish Elite 1, you’re looking at 68 rare golds including special cards!

I make sure to use all my games each week and finish Elite 1 or 2 reliably. That‘s at least 50 rare gold players added to my club for free weekly.

Complete Season Objectives

EA adds new objectives almost daily tied to Events, Promos, and Season Progression. Each has XP and pack rewards you earn by completing them.

For example, during Team of the Week they added an objective to score 10 finesse goals for a Small Rare Gold Players Pack. I regularly complete multiple objectives each day, which pays out something like:

Typical 1 Day Objectives Pack Rewards

  • Small Rare Gold Players Pack
  • Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Premium Gold Pack

That‘s around 20 rare players in a single day! With some menu grinding, objectives are a superb way to generate free packs.

Milk Live FUT Friendlies

This online versus mode offers rewards for a certain number of wins. Right now, the Friendlies has these rotating formats:

  • Managerial Masterpiece – 10 wins gets you a Rare Players Pack.
  • 86+ Upgrade – 8 wins gets you a Rare Electrum Players Pack.
  • Silver Lounge – 6 wins gets you Premium Silver Players Pack.

I’ll often spend an evening pounding out 16 wins across the Friendlies modes to bag three free packs. It adds up fast!

So focus on absolutely dominating Squad Battles, pounding objectives, and winning matches in Friendlies modes. Do that, and you‘ll be drowning in pack rewards!

Optimize Your Pack Opening Methods

Once you‘ve earned all those untradeable packs, it‘s time for the fun part – ripping them open! Here are a few pack opening tactics I‘ve learned over the years:

  • Save packs for big event days when special cards enter packs. This gives you the best odds at packing a promo player.

  • Quit FIFA entirely and restart the game before opening a big pack. Some claim this resets your account "pack luck."

  • Open packs on the Web App since animation lag on consoles can spoil the surprise of a great pull.

  • Pray to the FIFA gods and use superstitious rituals before opening packs. Like wearing a certain kit or hitting the post right beforehand. Hey, it can‘t hurt!

While pack odds are still random, these tips help set the mood and build anticipation. That walkout glow is always a thrilling moment!

Know the Best Packs to Target

When grinding modes and objectives, you ideally want to earn packs with all rare gold players. These give you the best shot at the top cards and sick pull rates.

The best rare gold packs include:

  • Prime Gold Players Pack – 12 rare gold players, usually from objectives

  • Rare Players Pack – 24 rare gold players, from Friendlies

  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack – 26 rare gold players, from elite Squad Battles ranks

Of course take any free packs you can get, but prioritize modes that reward big rare gold packs.

Craft Promo Players Through SBCs

While everyone loves ripping open packs, you can also get top-tier promo cards for free by completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

These SBCs offer an untradeable player pick from the current promo as a reward if you submit squads meeting certain requirements.

During the Team of the Group Stage promo for example, EA dropped this SBC:

82+ Double Upgrade SBC

Submit two 82+ rated squads with 65 chemistry to earn 1 of 3 Team of the Group Stage players rated 85 or higher.

After scouring my club for fodder, I crafted an 85-rated Mathew Leckie card from this SBC valued at 150k coins! Not bad for some untradeable dupes I had lying around.

Regularly check the SBC menu for free player unlocks tied to on-going promos. They offer guaranteed returns instead of risking your luck with packs.

Focus Your Coins on Guaranteed SBCs

When you get a chunk of coins from rewards or pack sales, look to complete certain SBCs that offer amazing value:

Advanced SBCs – One-time challenges with 65k+ pack rewards. Complete ASAP!

League Player Award SBCs – Grants a special league player item valued over 500k coins.

85+ Player Pick – Repeatable SBC that gives a random 85+ player. Great for fodder.

Icon Upgrade SBCs – Turn in low rated squads for Icon Moments cards.

Coins are precious, so put them towards SBCs with guaranteed major returns rather than buying packs.

Don‘t Sleep on Objective Players

Objective rewards go beyond packs. Limited time player items are unlocked by completing objectives requiring you to score goals, get assists, and win matches with certain squad requirements.

Some examples of recent free objective players:

  • Rulebreakers Inaki Williams (87) – Won 8 Rivals matches

  • Fantasy Kubo (86) – Scored in Live FUT Friendlies

  • Winter Wildcard Morales (86) – Assisted with Colombians in 10 separate matches

These player unlocks are hidden gems that boost your club for free. Make sure to check objectives when new events launch!

Take Advantage of Pack Rewards Promotions

For special occasions and holidays, EA will run free pack unlock promotions for a limited time. Keep tabs on FIFA social media and free pack alerts sites to capitalize on these.

Some examples of promotions where users got free packs include:

  • New Year‘s Day Login – 25k Pack

  • Lunar New Year Login – Prime Electrum Players Pack

  • Future Stars Swaps – Two Rare Gold Packs

These surprise handout packs are always a welcome bonus!

Be Patient and Persistent

Building that dream team via pack rewards does require patience. Don‘t expect elite pulls from every pack. You‘ll have dry spells.

But eventually, you‘ll hit big on a modal icon pull from Marquee Matchups SBCs or bag a sick Future Star from a Season Objectives pack. Just stay persistent.

Over time, all those Silver 1 Squad Battles rewards and Gold 3 Rival finishes add up. Before you know it, you‘ve stocked your club with meta beasts without spending a dime.

Sure, watching FIFA streamers get insane pulls from buying FIFA Points is tempting. But in my experience, the grind is worth it. Earning your squad through gameplay makes victory so much sweeter.

I hope these tips help you maximize your pack rewards and take your Ultimate Team to the next level. Let me know if you pack anything insane – I love living vicariously through other people‘s pack luck! Till next time, enjoy the grind my friend.



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