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How to Score Free Raid Passes in Pokémon GO

Want to know the secret to getting Raid Passes without spending any money? You‘ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will teach you the ins and outs of scoring free passes in Pokémon GO.

There are a few legit methods to add these precious commodities to your inventory on a consistent basis. With the right strategies, you can raid to your heart‘s content without going broke. Let‘s dive in!

Spin That Photo Disc!

The #1 way to get free passes is to spin the Photo Disc at gyms. Here‘s what you need to know:

  • You can receive one free Orange Raid Pass per day from your very first gym spin.

  • If your item bag already contains a free pass, no new pass will be granted.

  • The free daily pass will never expire – use it anytime!

  • You cannot hold more than one free pass at once.

Make spinning gyms the very first thing you do in Pokémon GO every day. Prioritize gyms owned by your team for a small bonus. Ruthlessly use that free pass so it gets replaced by a fresh one at your next spin streak.

Turn Gym Defense Into Raid Resources

Defending gyms owned by your team allows you to earn vital PokéCoins over time. You can then use these coins to purchase Premium Raid Passes from the in-game shop.

Here‘s how it works:

  • Leave a Pokémon at a friendly gym. The longer they stay, the more you earn!

  • For every 10 minutes defended, you gain 1 PokéCoin. You max out at 50 coins per day.

  • When your Pokémon gets knocked out, your coins get delivered automatically.

  • Head to the shop and spend those coins on green Premium Raid Passes!

Pro Tip: Use your highest CP Pokémon with super annoying moves to defend. This can keep them stationed longer. Chansey and Blissey are bulky favorites.

Special Events Gift Freebies

Certain limited-time Pokémon GO events will straight up give you free passes for participation! Mark these on your calendar:

  • Raid Hour: Every Wednesday from 6-7 PM, eggs appear more often at gyms. Raid to your heart‘s content during this weekly prime time.

  • Community Days: 3 hour events with a featured Pokémon. Raid passes are rewarded bundles.

  • Special Raid Challenges: Legendary-themed events that hand out free passes.

  • Other Events: From time to time, Niantic gifts free passes during various celebrations and promotions.

Be on the lookout for official announcements about upcoming events. They are the best times to use your free daily passes too. Stack those bonuses!

Earn EX Raid Passes From Regular Raids

The coveted EX Raid Pass gives you access to an exclusive raid against a rare Pokémon like Mewtwo! Earning one takes effort:

  • Battle in as many raids as possible, at all types of gyms. Frequency and variety boosts your odds.

  • Gyms where you‘ve earned gold badges seem to have higher EX raid odds.

  • Triggering more EX raids in your area seems to influence getting selected.

EX raid eligibility is still murky, but raiding often across all gyms seems to be the key. never let a free daily pass go to waste!

Optimize Use of Your Free Passes

Now that you know how to get free passes, here are some pro tips on using them effectively:

  • Lower tiers (1-2 stars) are beatable solo. Great for using your free pass when playing alone.

  • Higher tiers require groups. Save free passes for when friends can raid together.

  • When using premium passes, target rare Legendary Pokémon only found in 5 star raids.

  • For the best chance at catching the boss, raid with larger groups rather than the minimum requirements.

  • Study counters and build battle parties to optimize your lineups against different raid bosses.

Raid Difficulty and Legendary Analysis

Let‘s break down raid tiers, ideal party sizes, and top legendary picks:

Raid TierTrainer CountLegendary Examples
1-2 (Normal)SoloableNone
3 (Hard)2-3 minimumNone
4 (Expert)3-5 trainersNone
5 (Legendary)5-20 trainersZapdos, Mewtwo, Tapu Lele
Mega10-20 trainersMega Charizard, Mega Gengar

Among the Legendary raid bosses:

  • Tapu Koko is one of the most powerful thanks to Electric/Fairy typing and high speed.

  • Tapu Lele hits extremely hard with Psychic/Fairy attacks.

  • Rayquaza dominates as a Flying-type heavy hitter with few weaknesses.

  • Mewtwo remains the Legendary raid king years later thanks to tremendous stats.

Remote Raid Pass Limits

Remote Raid Passes are another premium item that let you join any raid anywhere without traveling. But take note of the daily restrictions:

  • You can only hold 3 Remote Passes at one time.

  • 5 Remote Raids can be done daily, after which you must wait until the next day.

  • Remote Passes cost 100 PokéCoins each in the shop.

Studies show the average player does 2-3 Remote Raids daily, so 5 is generous. Use your daily allotment to catch rare Pokémon you‘d normally miss!

Hatching Those Raid Eggs

You can‘t raid what you can‘t see! Here are the timers for raid eggs appearing atop gyms:

  • Tier 1-4 eggs: 30 minute countdown until they hatch.

  • Tier 5 and Mega eggs: 45 minute countdown.

  • Special RED eggs: 24 full hours before they crack open.

When you see a raid egg, make note of the timer. Be ready to battle the moment it hatches! Eggs turn into random bosses.

Conclusion: Get Raiding!

You should now be fully prepared to start securing multiple free raid passes daily. Key takeaways:

  • Spin gym discs ASAP each morning.

  • Defend gyms strategically to earn PokéCoins.

  • Use free and premium passes at raid events for extras!

  • Raid aggressively to get invited to EX Raids.

  • Learn counters to build optimal raid parties.

  • Mind daily limits on certain pass types.

  • Watch those egg timers and be prompt to start raids.

Now get out there, stock up on passes, and start conquering those Legendary raids with friends! Just remember – pace yourself, have fun, and never violate your entertainment budget chasing Pokémon.



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