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How to Score GTA Online‘s Awesome Armored Kuruma for Free

Have you ever wanted to cruise through the streets of Los Santos in an intimidating armored sports car that can shrug off bullets and rocket attacks? Who wouldn‘t! Well my friend, I‘ve got great news – there is a way to acquire the elite Armored Kuruma for absolutely zero dollars in GTA Online.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to unlock this $700k+ beast for free by completing the Fleeca Job heist.

Why Every GTA Player Needs the Armored Kuruma

Let‘s start by talking about why the iconic Armored Kuruma should be on every GTA Online enthusiast‘s wishlist:

  • It combines speed and agility with extensive bulletproof armor plating – perfect for fast-paced missions against enemies packing heat.

  • The armored windows protect you from sides, allowing drive-by shooting and prevention of crossfire damage.

  • It has modest performance stats, reaching 109mph top speeds while still handling great.

  • Heavy front and rear armor gives protection from collisions and many explosions. It can take multiple homing rockets before finally exploding.

  • Seating for 4 allows you to roll with a full crew, all protected by armor.

Simply put, the Armored Kuruma is one of the most useful vehicles in GTA Online. It dominates missions and heists, helps enormously in free mode grinds, and allows you to drive without fear of being blown up. Now let‘s get into how to acquire it for free!

Step 1: Meet the Fleeca Job Requirements

In order to unlock the Fleeca Job heist and earn the Armored Kuruma reward, you first need to check some prerequisites:

  • Reach rank 12 or higher. Fleeca has a minimum rank requirement of 12 to host.

  • Purchase a high-end apartment. This will serve as the heist planning room and unlock access to heists. The 200k Del Perro Heights apartment is a good inexpensive option.

  • Complete the initial Lamar missions to get yourself situated in GTA Online.

Once you meet these requirements, head to Lester‘s abandoned factory to initiate the Fleeca Job heist. You don‘t need to actually host the heist yourself – just participating as a crew member is enough to get the Kuruma!

Step 2: Tackle the Fleeca Prep Work

Before jumping into the finale, some prep work needs to be handled:

  • Scope Out – Stake out Fleeca bank, gather intel, and take photos of the interior security.

  • Kuruma – Steal a stock Kuruma that you‘ll use later in the heist. Try to grab it undetected.

  • Safe Code – Hack into Fleeca servers to grab the vault safe code. Can be done stealthily or guns blazing.

  • Signal Interceptors – Plant bugs on transmission towers to spy on police dispatch radio.

I recommend doing the prep work carefully and quietly when possible. This prevents the cops from being on high alert for the finale. Arm yourself with silenced weapons and take out enemies before they can react.

Step 3: Demolish the Fleeca Finale

Now it‘s time for the grand finale! Here‘s an overview of the key objectives you‘ll tackle:

  • Hack into Fleeca network from Kuruma parked outside. Crew member performs hack while heist leader defends area.

  • Once hack concludes, breach the bank entrance by ramming Kuruma through the doors. Plow through the lobby and take down guards.

  • Fight your way through the bank to the vault room. Crew member drills open the vault door.

  • Grab as much cash as you can carry, then make your escape. Evade the police and drive to Lester to complete the job.

The Armored Kuruma makes quick work of the finale. Use drive-bys to clear out rooms and plow through the tight hallways to the vault. Having voice chat makes coordination with your partner much smoother.

Expert Tips for Fleeca Finale

Here are some pro strats for dominating the Fleeca Job finale:

  • Equip the AP Pistol for drive-by killing – high fire rate and damage makes short work of enemies.

  • The driver should focus on navigating while the shooter clears out threats. Divide and conquer!

  • When hacking and drilling, take cover and watch all angles for approaching guards.

  • For hacking, find a discreet parking spot away from civilians to avoid police notice.

  • During the escape, veer off-road and use the Kuruma‘s speed to evade cops.

Follow these tips and the finale will go smooth as silk. Now let‘s talk rewards!

Claim Your Free Armored Kuruma!

Once you complete the Fleeca Job finale, you can claim your free Armored Kuruma via the in-game internet:

  1. Open up your character‘s phone

  2. Go to Southern San Andreas Super Autos site

  3. Select the Armored Kuruma and purchase for $0

It will be delivered to a garage of your choice, ready to roll out.

Completing Fleeca Job also nets you a decent cash reward, usually around $100k or more. But the true treasure is scoring that elite Armored Kuruma without dropping tons of GTA dollars.

Pimping Out Your New Ride

Freshly acquired from Souther San Andreas Super Autos, the Armored Kuruma will be stock. Let‘s go over some customization options so you can trick out your new whip:

  • Resprays in any color, with metallic paints or matte finish

  • Window tint for an intimidating stealthy look

  • Stylish wheels with custom tires for enhanced traction

  • Front and rear body armor upgrades to augment protection

  • Headlight upgrades for better visibility

  • Neon lighting kits for flashy underglow

  • Custom license plates to personalize

Keep performance upgrades minimal since the stock Kuruma is already quick. Focus cosmetic enhancements and added armor instead.

Here are some recommended color schemes that look great on the Armored Kuruma:

  • Matte Black primary with Ice White pearlescent

  • Racing Blue primary with Bright Orange secondary

  • Matte Gray primary with Lime Green underglow

Why the Armored Kuruma Rocks: Key Benefits

Now that you‘ve claimed your Armored Kuruma for free, let‘s recap why it‘s such a game-changer:

  • Heists and Setups – Breeze through prep and finale missions thanks to Kuruma‘s armor. Many setups become trivial.

  • Contact Jobs – Plow through contact missions without taking scratches.

  • Business Grinding – Added protection when doing MC work, bunker runs, and nightclub jobs.

  • General Travel – Feel safe from surprise attacks when driving around the city.

  • Doomsday Prep – Many Doomsday preps are far simpler with a bulletproof Kuruma.

  • PvE Missions – Almost feel like cheating with the Armored Kuruma demolishing AI enemies.

Acquiring the armored variant of the Kuruma for free is a total game-changer. Take advantage of its awesome benefits and dominate GTA Online!

How It Compares to Other Armored Beasts

The Armored Kuruma strikes an excellent balance of protection, speed, and accessibility. But how does it stack up against some of GTA Online‘s other armored and weaponized vehicles?

Duke O‘Death

  • Fully bulletproof like Kuruma
  • Less maneuverable with weaker acceleration
  • Only seats 2 players


  • Near impervious to explosions
  • Slow and cumbersome
  • Can equip turret but no drive-by shooting


  • Great protection from explosions
  • Allow drive-by weapons unlike Insurgent
  • Bullet protection only in front/sides


  • Fully armored like the Kuruma
  • Much more expensive at $1.8 million
  • Can add machine guns and other weapons

While the Insurgent and Nightshark are more durable, their sluggish speed can be detrimental on missions. The Menacer allows for weapon upgrades, but costs a fortune.

The Kuruma provides the best bang for your buck by combining speed, protection, and accessibility all in one package.

Limitations of the Armored Kuruma

While the Armored Kuruma is extremely useful, it does have some limitations to be aware of:

  • Still susceptible to sticky bombs and concentrated fire

  • Angled shots can penetrate armor through wheel wells

  • Not as durable as Insurgent for extreme combat

  • Only seats 4 players

  • Other players can‘t access weapons or throw explosives

  • Handling suffers slightly from added weight

So while the Kuruma is heavily armored, it isn‘t completely impervious. Just be cautious of sticky bombs, sustained gunfire, and obstruction of wheel wells.

Efficient Progression for New Players

If you‘re just starting out in GTA Online, follow this progression guide to quickly unlock the Fleeca Job and score your Armored Kuruma:

  1. Complete initial Lamar missions

  2. Grind contact missions to save up for basic necessities

  3. Buy the Del Perro Heights apartment for heist access

  4. Upgrade to armored clothing for protection

  5. Acquire an automatic rifle like Special Carbine

  6. Continually level up by playing jobs, races, and other activities

  7. Reach rank 12 to meet Fleeca requirement

  8. Initiate Fleeca Job and complete prep work

  9. Finish finale and claim your free Kuruma!

Focus on leveling up quickly and acquiring an apartment with heist access early on. The Armored Kuruma will accelerate your progress enormously.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading my comprehensive guide to scoring GTA Online‘s elite Armored Kuruma for zero dollars! This iconic bulletproof sports sedan remains one of the most useful vehicles in the game. By completing the Fleeca Job finale, you can add it to your collection for free.

Take advantage of its unmatched balance of speed, protection, and accessibility. Pay attention to its limitations, but enjoy plowing through missions and jobs with the confidence of an armored tank. Your free Kuruma awaits – time to wreak havoc on the streets of Los Santos!



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