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How You Can Monitor Someone‘s Facebook Activity in 2023

Have you ever wanted to discreetly view someone‘s private Facebook activity and messages? Maybe your kids are active on Facebook and you want to ensure they‘re safe. Perhaps an employee is using Facebook when they shouldn‘t be. Or you suspect your spouse is messaging someone they shouldn‘t.

Viewing someone‘s Facebook activity without their knowledge is possible in 2023, with the right tools. This guide will walk you through how to monitor Facebook activity on both iPhone and Android devices using a leading Facebook spying app called EyeZy.

We‘ll also look at other methods like the Facebook Activity Log and viewing liked pages, discussing the pros and cons of each approach.

Let‘s dive in and explore how you can gain insight into someone‘s Facebook world.

Why You Might Want Access to Someone‘s Facebook Account

Here are some common reasons why you may want to monitor someone else‘s Facebook activity:

  • Parents – To keep tabs on what your kids are posting and who they are talking to on Facebook. Ensure they aren‘t cyberbullied or groomed by predators.
  • Employers – Check that employees aren‘t breaching company social media policy or wasting time on Facebook during work hours.
  • Spouses – Find out if your spouse is cheating or hiding anything from you like secret messages.
  • Investigators – Help collect evidence for investigations and legal cases requiring access to private Facebook data.
  • Concerned friends/family – Check up on loved ones who seem withdrawn lately or at risk for depression or self-harm.

Facebook Usage and Privacy Statistics

  • Facebook has 2.96 billion monthly active users as of Q4 2022 [Source: Statista]
  • 70% of Facebook users access the platform daily [Source: Statista]
  • Average user spends 58 minutes per day on Facebook and Messenger [Source: Statista]
  • 500+ million Facebook accounts are fake or duplicate accounts [Source: Facebook]
  • 61% of users worry about privacy invasions on Facebook [Source: Statista]

These statistics indicate the massive scale of Facebook usage globally and the prevalent privacy concerns around sharing personal data. Gaining access to private accounts can help address legitimate concerns.

Ethical Considerations of Monitoring Facebook Accounts

There are ethical questions around accessing someone‘s private Facebook activity without their consent. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Respect privacy – Only monitor others when you have an urgent, valid reason and it‘s in their best interest. Avoid unnecessary spying.
  • Follow laws – Some states require informing the other person they are being monitored. Research local laws.
  • Use data ethically – Don‘t misuse or exploit any confidential information found while monitoring Facebook accounts.
  • Consider alternatives – See if issues can be resolved through open communication before secret monitoring.
  • Explain monitoring – Disclose and explain your reasons for monitoring if doing so won‘t defeat the purpose.
  • Consult professionals – Speak to lawyers, counselors and IT experts to ensure monitoring is ethical and legal.

With the right approach, monitored access to Facebook activity can be justified for legitimate purposes like protecting children from predators or investigating crimes.

Option 1: EyeZy Facebook Spy App

One of the best ways to monitor someone‘s Facebook activity in 2023 is by using a Facebook spying app like EyeZy.

EyeZy is a leading phone monitoring and tracking application designed for parents and employers. It has powerful Facebook monitoring features to let you:

  • View all Facebook posts, chats, comments and media files
  • Read messages on Messenger, even deleted ones
  • See private friend lists and page likes
  • Remotely track location history
  • Access Facebook search terms and keystrokes
  • Get activity alerts and notifications

And much more, all without the user‘s knowledge. Next, let‘s see how to use EyeZy to monitor Facebook on both iPhone and Android.

How to Monitor Facebook Activity on iPhone with EyeZy

  1. Sign up for an EyeZy account and get a subscription plan.
  2. Jailbreaking not required. Physically install EyeZy‘s iCloud-based iOS tracker profile on the target iPhone using on-screen prompts.
  3. Once installed, the iPhone‘s Facebook activity will sync to your EyeZy dashboard.
  4. Log in to your EyeZy account online to view the target device‘s Facebook messages, posts, search history and more in real-time.

How to Monitor Facebook on Android with EyeZy

  1. Create and login to your EyeZy account and get a subscription plan.
  2. Remotely install the EyeZy phone tracker app on the target Android device through the dashboard.
  3. Activation will require you to briefly access the target phone to click on a link.
  4. Once activated, their Facebook activity will be visible on your EyeZy dashboard.
  5. You can now monitor their Facebook posts, chats, location, keystrokes, app usage and more.

Why EyeZy is an Excellent Facebook Spying App

Here are some of the advantages of using EyeZy for Facebook monitoring:

  • 100% hidden and undetectable app
  • Works on all modern iPhones and Android phones
  • Real-time monitoring of Facebook and other social media apps
  • Super easy remote installation and activation
  • Dashboard accessible from any web browser
  • Advanced features like live screen recording and keystroke logging
  • Full chat and messaging history, even deleted messages
  • Affordable pricing starting from $12.99/month
  • Rated #1 phone tracker app in 2022

EyeZy takes the complexity out of monitoring someone‘s Facebook activity, thanks to its effortless setup, intuitive dashboard, and powerful yet discreet tracking capabilities.

Limitations of EyeZy

  • Requires physical access to iPhone briefly during initial setup.
  • On Android, you need the user to click an activation link for about 60 seconds.
  • Advanced monitoring features like live screen recording need you to opt for the more expensive plans.
  • You will need iCloud credentials for the iPhone to pair it with EyeZy‘s tracker profile.

But overall, with its total stealth mode operation and comprehensive feature-set, EyeZy remains the premier Facebook monitoring solution available today.

Option 2: Facebook‘s Default Activity Log

Facebook itself offers some ability to peek into your friends‘ recent activity through the default "Activity Log" tool. But this has major limitations.

How to view someone‘s Activity Log on Facebook:

  1. Click the Notification icon (bell icon) in the top toolbar.
  2. Go to “Activity Log” > “Your Notifications”.
  3. You‘ll now see a stream of your friends‘ latest activity.

What you can see:

  • When they share posts, photos and other content
  • Comments and reactions they make to posts
  • New friends or pages followed
  • If you‘re tagged by them in anything


  • Only shows very limited activity from the past few days
  • You can only view friends who have open privacy settings
  • No access to messages, search history, page likes etc.

So while the Activity Log gives you a tiny window into what your friends are up to, it reveals very little compared to dedicated spying tools.

Option 3: View Their Liked Pages

When a Facebook user‘s privacy settings allow it, you can see many of the pages, celebrities, interests etc they have liked.

This can provide some indirect insight into their preferences and personality traits.

How to see someone‘s Facebook likes:

  1. Visit their profile page.
  2. Click on the "More" dropdown menu.
  3. Select “Likes”.
  4. Scroll through the pages they follow under categories like Music, Books, Movies etc.


  • Only works if they have open privacy settings.
  • People often like pages casually without really being fans.
  • Provides limited perspective on meaningful activity.

While seeing likes does give some sense of someone‘s interests, it is still very limited compared to tracking their actual Facebook usage and messages, which tools like EyeZy reveal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to spy on someone‘s Facebook messages?

It is legal for parents to monitor minor children‘s online activity. For other relationships, the legality depends on your state‘s laws. Most states allow spousal spying. It‘s best to consult an attorney to be sure.

Can the person find out I‘m monitoring their Facebook with EyeZy?

No, EyeZy is 100% undetectable. It runs silently in the background without any app icon. The user has no indication they are being tracked.

What information can I access with the Facebook spying app?

EyeZy lets you monitor all Facebook activity including private messages, posts, searches, keystrokes, friends list, location, media files, voice calls and much more in real-time.

Does EyeZy work worldwide?

Yes, EyeZy can monitor Facebook accounts in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, India and worldwide. Language is not a limitation.

What other apps can EyeZy monitor besides Facebook?

EyeZy allows you to monitor 20+ apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, Signal and other chat apps along with Facebook.


I hope this guide has helped explain the options you have for monitoring someone‘s Facebook account activity and messages in 2023. While Facebook‘s privacy settings restrict access, tools like the EyeZy monitoring app provide authorized individuals a legal means to view private account data for legitimate purposes. Make sure to thoroughly research local laws and inform users where required before monitoring Facebook or social media accounts to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Used ethically, Facebook spying apps can empower parents, employers and investigators to protect their loved ones from digital dangers.



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