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How to See Someone‘s Location on iPhone in 2023

Have you ever needed to pinpoint the exact real-time location of someone using just their iPhone? There are various reasons why you may want to track the whereabouts of another iPhone user, from keeping tabs on your kids to finding lost devices. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top methods and apps to see someone‘s iPhone location in 2023.

Overview of iPhone Location Tracking Options

There are several ways to view another person‘s iPhone location, each with their own pros and cons:

Third-party tracking appsCompletely hidden monitoring, extensive featuresCan be unethical if monitoring is secretive
iMessage location sharingEasy short-term coordinationNotifications reveal tracking is occurring
Find My Friends appOngoing location accessEasily disabled by user, not discreet
Apple Maps linksQuick one-time location checkRequires user to actively share location

Third-party tracking apps offer the most powerful capabilities for monitoring someone‘s location from your own iPhone. However, ethical usage means being transparent if you are secretly tracking another adult, like a spouse. Apple‘s own tools provide options for short-term coordination or keeping tabs on kids‘ locations.

Below we‘ll explore the steps for using each method in detail, along with an analysis of their relative advantages.

How Third-Party Tracking Apps Allow Hidden Location Monitoring

For complete access to view another iPhone user‘s real-time location history, a dedicated third-party tracking app is the most powerful option. Apps like EyeZy run completely hidden in the background once installed on the target device. The person you are monitoring will have no indication their location is being tracked.

Here are step-by-step instructions to begin tracking someone‘s iPhone using EyeZy:

  1. Download and install the EyeZy app on both your own phone and the other person‘s iPhone. Sign up for an EyeZy account.
  2. On their device, open the EyeZy app and tap "Share" in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select a location sharing time period – 1 hour, 8 hours, or 24 hours. Tap "Share" again.

EyeZy app showing location sharing options

  1. You will now see their real-time location displayed on a map in your EyeZy app! The tracking remains active for the chosen time period until you renew it.

These steps allow you to secretly view the location history of another iPhone user without them receiving any notifications. However, just because you can discreetly monitor someone‘s location does not necessarily mean you should.

Location tracking apps can promote peace of mind when used responsibly, say for monitoring children, but become unethical when used to spy on partners or employees without consent. We‘ll explore some best practices around ethical usage later in this guide.

First, let‘s look at some powerful features included in EyeZy beyond basic location tracking:

Utilize EyeZy‘s Location Monitoring and Alert Tools

  • Geofencing – Receive alerts when the person enters or leaves a defined geographic area. Helpful for keeping tabs on kids‘ movements.
  • Location check-ins – Be notified when the person reaches specific frequently visited places like home or work.
  • Screen monitoring – View screenshots and recordings of the device‘s screen activity.
  • Keylogger – Log all keystrokes typed on the device, like passwords.

EyeZy dashboard showing alerts and monitoring features
With this robust set of monitoring tools, you can both view an iPhone user‘s live location while also tracking their app usage and device activities.

According to SensorTower, global installs of phone monitoring apps like EyeZy have increased over 80% in 2022 as more parents and employers seek to supervise device use. However, secretly tracking another adult‘s activities without consent raises ethical issues.

Next, let‘s examine how Apple‘s own tools allow temporary location coordination between iPhone users who consent to sharing their locations.

Easy Short-Term Location Sharing with iMessage

Apple‘s iMessage platform has a built-in option for sharing locations between trusted iPhone contacts that need to coordinate meetups or keep temporary tabs on family members.

Here are the steps to use iMessage for temporary location tracking:

  1. On your iPhone, ensure location services are enabled in Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Open the Messages app and select the contact you want to view the location of.
  3. Tap the information (i) icon in the top right corner and choose "Share My Location".
  4. Pick a sharing length – 1 hour, until end of day, or indefinitely.

iMessage screen showing location sharing options
This sends your selected contact a request to share their location. Once they accept, you‘ll see their real-time location on a map within your Messages conversation.

The location sharing ends automatically after the chosen duration. You can also stop it manually at any time.

A limitation of using iMessage to view someone‘s location is that they will receive notifications that tracking is occurring. So it‘s best suited for short-term coordination needs rather than hidden monitoring. The person can also easily decline the tracking request.

Next, let‘s look at how Apple‘s first-party Find My Friends app allows ongoing location access between trusted contacts.

Ongoing Location Tracking with Find My Friends

Pre-installed on iOS devices, the Find My Friends app enables consent-based location sharing between friends and family members.

While not as discreet as a dedicated tracking app, Find My Friends can provide peace of mind by letting you keep tabs on your kids‘ locations as needed.

Here are the steps to begin location tracking using Find My Friends:

  1. Open the Find My Friends app and enable location sharing in your own profile.
  2. Tap "Add Friends" and select the contact you want to view the location of.
  3. They will receive a request to share their location, which they must accept.
  4. Once connected, open the app and view their location on the map!

Find My Friends app showing a contact's location on a map
The location sharing remains active indefinitely unless the user chooses to stop sharing. You can also view any locations shared with you by existing friends in Find My Friends.

Because tracking is not hidden, Find My Friends works best for keeping tabs on your kids‘ locations rather than monitoring partners or exes without consent. The person can opt-out of location sharing at any time.

For a completely discreet tracking experience, a third-party app like EyeZy is more effective. But Apple‘s own tools sufficiently meet some common use cases.

One-Time Location Coordination with Apple Maps

If you just need a quick, one-time check on someone‘s location, you can use Apple Maps.

The person can tap the (i) icon in Maps and select "Share My Location", then text or email you the link. When opened on your iPhone, this shared link will launch Maps and center your view on their location coordinates at that point in time.

While limited to one-time use, Apple Maps links provide an easy way to check in on someone‘s location when making meetup plans. However, it does require them to voluntarily share their location.

Now that we‘ve explored the main methods for viewing someone‘s iPhone location, let‘s analyze when each option is most appropriate.

Choosing the Right Location Tracking Method

With various options available, how do you determine which iPhone location tracking method best fits your needs?
infographic comparing phone tracking methods
Here are some best practice recommendations based on common tracking scenarios:

  • Monitoring a child – Find My Friends allows ongoing location access without complete secrecy. Or use a tracking app after informing the child.
  • Short-term coordination – Temporary location sharing via iMessage or Apple Maps links works well.
  • Monitoring a partner – Use location tracking apps only with informed consent due to privacy concerns.
  • Monitoring employees – Only track company-owned devices after informing employees first.
  • Finding lost devices – Use Find My iPhone remotely.

The most important criteria are informed consent for any tracking of other adults, and transparent disclosures when monitoring minors. Secretly spying on someone‘s location without their knowledge is typically unethical and in many places illegal.

Next let‘s dive into some expert tips for using any form of iPhone location tracking responsibly.

Expert Tips for Responsible Location Tracking

Location tracking apps and services provide valuable functions – from finding lost phones to monitoring kids. However, we also need to consider privacy and act ethically when tracking other adults‘ devices.

Here are some expert tips for using any form of iPhone location monitoring responsibly:

  • Inform any adults you intend to track like partners or coworkers and gain consent first.
  • Disclose monitoring to minors but aim for transparency rather than secrecy.
  • Avoid tracking exes or estranged partners without a clear child custody rationale.
  • Be mindful of laws – secretly tracking a device owner is illegal in most countries.
  • Use minimum necessary tracking timeframes and disable monitoring when no longer needed.
  • Secure any collected location data and avoid sharing it publicly.
  • Install monitoring apps on personal or company-owned devices instead of unauthorized devices.
  • Don‘t use location history to stalk, harass or control another adult‘s activities and whereabouts.
  • Maintain clear communication and offer tracked parties access to their location data.

The benefits of location monitoring like finding lost phones and keeping tabs on kids come with an equal responsibility to avoid secretive spying on unwitting iPhone owners.

With a framework of security policies and ethical practices, companies and parents can utilize phone tracking for legitimate purposes without compromising employee and child rights. If in doubt, seek informed consent.


From Find My Friends to powerful third-party apps, various options exist to monitor someone‘s iPhone location from your own device.

Dedicated tracking apps provide hidden location access, while Apple‘s tools enable temporary coordination between consenting users. Consider your specific rationale and use case to pick the right method.

Most importantly, avoid secretly tracking another adult‘s device without permission or clear justification. While technology increasingly allows hidden monitoring, respecting privacy should remain the priority.

With a thoughtful approach, iPhone location tracking tools offer many constructive uses without the risks of unethical spying. By understanding the available options and establishing consent-based policies, you can ensure your monitoring practices align with legal and ethical norms.



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