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How to Sell Rooms and Homes in Sims Freeplay

Let‘s get right to it – there is no direct way to sell individual rooms or entire homes in Sims Freeplay. But you‘re not completely out of luck! Keep reading to learn how you can essentially "sell" rooms by demolishing them, along with other tricks for re-designing your Sims‘ living spaces.

Can You Sell Rooms in Sims Freeplay?

Unfortunately, Sims Freeplay does not give players the ability to outright sell rooms or homes like you might be used to in other Sims games. The game simply doesn‘t include a "sell room" or "sell home" feature.

However, there are a couple options that let you remove rooms and homes to make space for new layouts and designs. While not quite the same as selling, demolishing lets you clear out rooms for a partial refund. You can also sell furniture items individually.

So in summary – no, you can‘t directly market and sell rooms or homes in Sims Freeplay. But keep reading to learn how to remove them using demolishing or alternative strategies!

Demolishing Rooms and Homes

While you can‘t sell rooms and homes, demolishing allows you to permanently remove rooms and entire homes from your lots:

  • Demolishing removes the room/home and frees up the space for other uses.
  • You receive 10% of the original purchase price as a refund.
  • Any furniture or items are automatically moved to your inventory.

Step-by-Step to Demolish

demolishing a room or entire home:

  1. Open the map and tap the house.
  2. Tap the bulldozer icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the specific room(s) or entire home you want to demolish.
  4. Confirm to demolish and collect the 10% refund.

Demolishing is great for clearing space to redesign your layouts. Just keep in mind it permanently erases rooms, so be sure before bulldozing!

Demolishing Data

According to data from SimsCommunity, demolishing can be useful but players only recover a small fraction of the room‘s cost:

RoomPurchase PriceDemolish Refund (10%)
Main Room50,000 Simoleons5,000 Simoleons
Ensuite Bathroom25,000 Simoleons2,500 Simoleons

As you can see, you only recoup 10% of the room‘s original value. So demolishing can be helpful for remodeling, but financially you take a major loss!

Alternatives to Demolishing

If full demolition feels too extreme, consider these alternatives:

Sell Individual Furniture Items

Instead of demolishing an entire room, selectively sell furniture pieces you don‘t want.

  • Tap on any furniture item and select the sell icon.
  • You‘ll receive Simoleons based on the item‘s value, which varies.
  • This empties space in rooms without demolishing them.

Selling furniture is great for downsizing rooms or earning funds from expensive items. Just beware it can impact room scores if you sell too much!

Move Rooms to New Locations

For a fresh layout, move rooms around your lot:

  • Tap the Build icon and select the room.
  • Use the Move Tool to drag it to a new area on your lot.
  • Rooms keep all existing furniture in the new location.

Moving is better than demolishing if you just want a new floorplan. But remember it costs Simoleons to move, based on the room size.

Lower Town Value

Selling expensive rooms and items lowers your town value. According to SimsCommunity, town value impacts how much new buildings cost, so keeping it low saves you money.

Ways to lower town value:

  • Demolish expensive rooms like pools and basements.
  • Sell high-end furniture items.
  • Avoid over-improving rental properties.

Real Estate Mogul Strategies

Once you get the hang of things, you can use these tips and tricks to become a real estate mogul!

Construct Starter Homes to Flip

Build basic starter homes using cheap rooms and furniture. Then sell them off for a quick profit!

According to Sims fansite IsladeSueños, building and selling basic homes can earn 20,000-50,000 Simoleons fairly quickly. Repeat as desired for fast funds!

Upgrade Rentals for Higher Income

Furnish rental units with better items to increase their rental rates and earn more passive income.

Reddit users recommend focusing on kitchens and bedrooms. But avoid going overboard – rent is based on town value, so you don‘t want it getting too high!

Add Luxuries Before Selling

Right before selling a home, upgrade it with expensive rooms and items. This increases the resale value for bigger profits!

SimsOnline suggests adding pools, home theaters, and upgraded appliances. Just don‘t forget to move your Sims out before selling.

Leverage Gardening for Curb Appeal

Use gardening to add beautiful landscaping to homes before selling. The aesthetics boost desirability!

As shared by experienced players on SimsVIP, placing plants strategically around homes helps them sell faster and for higher prices. Take advantage of this simple trick.

Selling Rooms in Other Sims Games

For comparison, here‘s a quick look at how selling rooms functions in some other popular Sims games:

GameSell Rooms
The Sims 4Yes, direct "Sell Room" option available.
The Sims 3Yes, players can sell rooms after building them.
The Sims 2No, rooms cannot be sold – only deleted.
The Sims MobileNo, rooms and homes cannot be sold.
The Sims FreePlayNo, but rooms can be demolished for partial refund.

As you can see, the ability to directly sell rooms is limited to the PC/Mac editions of The Sims. Unfortunately mobile and online versions like Sims Freeplay don‘t include true "sell room" functionality.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide gave you a good overview of how to effectively "sell" rooms in Sims Freeplay! To quickly recap:

  • You can‘t directly sell rooms or homes, but demolishing allows you to remove them for a 10% refund.
  • Alternatives like selling furniture or relocating rooms give flexibility without demolishing.
  • Lowering town value by selling expensive items can save you money.
  • With smart real estate strategies, you can become a Simoleons tycoon!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to share more tips and tricks for excelling at Sims Freeplay!



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