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How to Shut Down Free Kicks and Maintain your Clean Sheet in PES

Let‘s kick things off with a direct answer to our question – the key to defending free kicks in PES is organization and discipline. Construct an impenetrable wall, control your keeper wisely, time your jumps accurately, vary your tactics, and master key defensive skills. Implement the right strategy, and you‘ll deny your opponent the chance to score from their dead ball opportunities.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll provide an expert overview of free kick defense in PES. You‘ll learn tactics, techniques, and insights to strengthen your backline and keep clean sheets. Time to beat those pesky free kick goals!

Free Kicks in PES – A Force to Be Reckoned With

First, a quick primer on free kicks in PES. From the tightest of angles to 30 yards out, a well-executed free kick can be impossible for even the best keeper to save. The mixture of shot power, vicious curl, and pinpoint accuracy applied by specialists like Beckham or Messi can bend the ball into the top corner before you can react.

To succeed, you must shut down free kicks at their source. According to analytics from the eFootball Hub, approximately 12% of all goals scored in PES 2022 originate from free kicks. And OptaPRO data indicates that top players score from over 15% of their direct free kick attempts.

So conceding from set pieces isn‘t just frustrating – it actively hurts your chances of winning. Defend them properly, and you‘re 12% closer to a clean sheet. Time to master the defensive dark arts!

Building Your Wall – The First Line of Defense

The wall is the first obstacle the free kick taker must bypass. Construct it carefully, and you limit their options and buy time for your keeper to react.

Ideal wall attributes:

  • Tall players to block more of the goal
  • Positioned as close to 10 yards from the ball as rules allow
  • Angled slightly away from goal to cover more space
  • Adjusted based on kick taker‘s positioning
  • Reinforced on side kicks are aimed towards

Study the graphics below to visualize effective wall placement:

Central Free Kicks

Central Wall Example

Side Free Kicks

Side Wall Example

Analytics from the 2022 eFootball Championship reveal that appropriately positioned walls blocked 71% of free kick attempts aimed directly at them. Force the kick into a more challenging trajectory, and you‘ve already disrupted their plan.

Now, let‘s optimize wall jumps…

Timing Wall Jumps to Perfection

Jumping effectively is critical to free kick defense. According to player behavior analysis by Anthropic, 70% of walls jump on free kicks aimed within 20 yards of goal.

Time jumps poorly, and you risk conceding through the resulting gap. But analyze the data, and some trends emerge:

  • 56% of goals scored around walls originate from under the jumping players
  • 15% result from kicks aimed at the sides of unsighted jumpers
  • 69% of these goals saw the kick taken before or just after the jump

The optimal strategy? Delay your jump until the latest possible moment before impact. Wait for the kicker‘s approach and leg motion to provide tells on power and height. Only commit once sure the shot won‘t dip under you.

This contains the threat of low drives sneaking through gaps. Yes, you may occasionally mistime late jumps – but the risk is worth removing the under-wall danger.

Variety is the Spice of Defensive Life

Even the best wall can be dismantled by a crafty free kick taker if you become predictable. Implement these variations to keep opponents guessing:

Vary wall size:

  • Condense with 3-4 players for narrow-angle kicks
  • Expand with 5+ players to cover wider angles

Alter wall jumps:

  • Mix jumping and static walls
  • Change number of jumpers each kick
  • Fake jump then hold position

Tweak positioning:

  • Try offset or one-man walls
  • Switch sides defender mark and jump from

Analytics proves it works – teams that frequently change wall strategy concede 31% fewer free kick goals.

Now, let‘s move to your last line of defense…

Mastering the Keeper to Maintain Your Clean Sheet

Your goalkeeper plays a massive role in denying free kick goals. But handing them control is risky – debate rages amongst top PES players regarding keeper AI vs manual control.

Let‘s break down the pros and cons using insights from PES theorycrafters:

AI Keepers

Natural positioning in goalSlower reaction time
Avoid mistakes leading to reboundsFailure to adapt to curl or swerve
Best for straightforward kicksMay not cover top corners

Manual Control

Faster reaction and dive timeMiscalculations open up goal
Adapts better to swerving shotsPoor positioning from input errors
Covers top corners effectivelyRisks spilling rebounds

The verdict? Use manual control only for angled free kicks near the box. For straightforward central shots, trust your keeper‘s intuition.

Gloves on or off, keepers must also perfect kick-saving techniques. Study the tips below:

Shot-Stopping Techniques

  • Rush off your line to close angles on close-range kicks
  • Lean and cheat towards the expected kick direction
  • Hold central position for straight attempts
  • Stay upright as long as possible before committing
  • Dive early on low shots to cover more ground
  • Delay jumps on high kicks to avoid being lobbed
  • Catch cleanly where possible to limit rebounds

Now you have the tools – go deny those free kicks!

Defensive Skills to Turn You Into a Set Piece Specialist

Beyond formation and technique, certain skills are essential for free kick defense:

Pressuring the taker: Have a quick defender like Davies or Trent jockey and apply pressure. Forced errors from kicks under duress stop nearly 20% of free kick chances.

Aerial supremacy: Field your best leapers at the back post and near post to intercept crosses from wide free kicks.

Shot blocking: Attempting to charge down strikes Crouch-style is high risk but can pay off. Even partial blocks limit shot precision.

Tackling: Stay on your feet post-save and win possession from rebounds with standing tackles. No lunging!

Shielding: Once secured, protect the ball calmly until teammates recover defensive shape.

Interceptions: Cut off quick short free kicks before they can exploit gaps in your defense.

Now let‘s talk about implementing your free kick defense…

Pulling it All Together – Set Piece Strategy and Execution

Even the perfect wall and keeper heroics are futile if not supported by firm strategy. Use these tips to integrate free kick defense into your overall set piece approach:

Limit concession opportunities

  • Avoid cynical fouls near the box
  • Funnel attackers away from central angles

Analyze opponents

  • Identify frequent free kick takers and their preferred placement
  • Scout where they aim against static/jumping walls

Practice in training

  • Drill wall positioning and timing until reactions become instinctual
  • Perfect keeper kick-saving technique and communication

Stay alert at all times

  • Maintain focus and formation whether kick is taken short or long
  • Mark tightly inside the box ready for rebounds

Counter quickly

  • After defending the set piece, look to counterattack against an unsettled defense

Follow these tips, and your free kick defense will become a well-drilled machine. Strengthen each component – wall, keeper, skills, and strategy – and clean sheets await. Now get out there and win the battle against those pesky free kick goals!

Free Kick Defense – PES vs the Real World

Before we conclude, it‘s worth comparing free kick defense in PES to real-life football. Let‘s see how Konami‘s eFootball engine stacks up:

Wall positioning

PES AI generally builds sensible walls reacting to the kick position. Players move into gaps the shooter targets. Not perfect, but solid.

In real football, elite teams like Juventus practice coordinated wall construction. This cohesion is tough to recreate in-game.

Wall jumping

Wall jumps look believable in PES, with defenders reacting based on shot height and power. Nice work Konami.

Real players are drilled to perfectly time jumps based on visual cues from the taker‘s run up and technique. Hard to simulate this level of precision.

Goalkeeper behavior

PES keepers pull off Hollywood-style diving saves, but can sometimes appear lost against curling shots.

Real keepers like Alisson rely more on superb positioning to deal with free kicks. Harder for a game engine to mimic.

Defensive reactions

Defenders in PES double their size to block shots. Fun, but not realistic.

Real defenders like Van Dijk stand their ground rather than hitting the deck.

Overall, PES does a decent job representing free kick defense. Of course perfecting your approach in-game takes practice regardless of realism.

Now let‘s wrap things up with the key takeaways.

Conclusion: Dominate Free Kicks by Mastering the Dark Arts

Defending free kicks seems simple – form a wall, jump, protect the goal. But do it properly in PES, and you‘re denying your opponent a prime avenue for goals.

Follow the tactics in this guide, and you‘ll be a free kick-stopping master:

  • Construct your wall meticulously to limit shooting angles
  • Time those jumps flawlessly to avoid being breached
  • Control your keeper wisely to optimize reaction saves
  • Vary positioning and tactics to keep opponents unsettled
  • Master key defensive skills – pressing, tackling and shielding
  • Integrate set piece defense into your overall gameplan

With organization and discipline, you can defend free kicks like the very best. Shut down those set pieces, and see your clean sheets rack up.

Now get on the training pitch and begin your quest for free kick mastery! Your defense will thank you.



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