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How to Skip Annoying Quests in Sims FreePlay Without Wasting Lifestyle Points

As a long-time Sims FreePlay player, I know first-hand how frustrating some of the quests can be. Between repetitive goals, confusing objectives, and short timers, certain quests feel more like chores than fun gameplay.

I‘m sure many Sims fans have wondered: "How can I skip quests in Sims FreePlay without having to waste my hard-earned Lifestyle Points?"

Well after extensive testing, I‘m excited to share several methods that let you bypass quests and progress on your own terms, without draining your precious LP reserves.

In this guide, I‘ll provide a deep dive into:

  • Common reasons players want to skip quests
  • Five exploits to skip quests without using LP
  • Limitations to be aware of
  • How to handle the aftermath

Let‘s get started and take back control over annoying quests!

Why Bothersome Quests Drive Sims Players Crazy

Before we get into the quest-skipping techniques, it‘s worth reviewing why you might want to avoid certain quests in the first place:

Tedious and Repetitive Goals

Some quests make you do the same mundane actions over and over again. Tasks like baking two dozen cupcakes, playing chess 10 times, or chatting with neighbors for hours gets old really fast.

Priority and Playstyle Mismatches

Quest goals don‘t always align with what you feel is important at the moment. You may want to focus on building your dream home versus completing relationship requirements.

Lackluster Rewards

Finishing quests should feel rewarding. But lackluster prizes like 25 Simoleons or basic furniture makes some quests feel like a waste of time.

Failing and Having to Restart

Nothing is more demoralizing than spending hours on quests, only to fail and lose all progress when time expires.

Boring Questlines

Certain questlines like the fashion or social media ones just aren‘t compelling for some players. Skipping them lets you focus on more interesting content.

Annoying Prerequisites

Many quests require you to complete earliergoals you have no interest in. Skipping quests means avoiding tedious prerequisites.

Game Bugs and Technical Issues

Sometimes quests are glitched or temporarily unfinishable due to technical issues. Skipping is the only workaround.

As you can see, there are many valid reasons you may want to bypass quests in Sims FreePlay. Doing so lets you enjoy the game on your own terms.

Method #1: Time Manipulation Exploits

One sneaky way to auto-fail Sims FreePlay quests is by manipulating your device‘s internal clock.

Here are two time manipulation exploits to force quest expiration:

Skip Ahead Several Days

  1. From the quest‘s active screen, double tap Home to exit the app.
  2. In Settings, go to General > Date & Time.
  3. Turn off "Set Automatically" and change the date ahead 5-7 days.
  4. Reload Sims FreePlay and confirm quest failure.

Rapidly Toggle Airplane Mode

  1. Enter quest with less than 1 Sim day left.
  2. Enable Airplane Mode to pause the timer.
  3. Disable Airplane Mode to resume timer.
  4. Rapidly toggle Airplane Mode about 10 times.
  5. Timer should now show quest expired!

These exploits basically trick the game into thinking enough time has elapsed to fail the quest.

I don‘t recommend using time exploits frequently, as they can have unintended side effects. But they‘re handy last resorts for skipping particularly annoying quests.

Method #2: Abandon the Quest Midway

You can also intentionally fail quests by abandoning them midway:

  1. Start quest normally and leave some goals unfinished.
  2. Fully exit to the world map or Neighborhood screen.
  3. Return to your Sims‘ home lot.
  4. You‘ll get a pop-up that the quest has expired.
  5. Cancel the quest in your log to remove it.

By intentionally exiting with goals incomplete, you are essentially telling the game you want to quit the quest. This triggers an automatic failure once you reload the lot.

Just note that exiting like this still causes time to elapse in-game. So productions will pause and resources will deplete while abandoned.

Method #3: Disrupt the Game Process

Some more disruptive tricks to instantly fail quests include:

Force Close the App

  1. With the quest active, fully exit back to your device‘s home screen.
  2. Double tap Home and swipe up to force quit Sims FreePlay.
  3. Reopen the app and cancel the expired quest.

Disable the Internet

  1. Connect your device to WiFi for the quest timer to start.
  2. As soon as you enter Live mode, disable WiFi and enable Airplane mode.
  3. The quest should fail almost immediately.
  4. Reconnect the Internet and cancel the quest.

These methods work by abruptly disrupting the game‘s tracking of quest progress. But they can cause other issues, so only use them as a last resort.

Method #4: Purposefully Let the Timer Expire

This passive approach involves simply waiting for the quest‘s timer to run out:

  • Don‘t complete any goals and just wait out the timer.
  • Once expired, the game will auto-fail the quest for you to cancel.
  • Works for quests you don‘t mind having active for several days.

Letting the timer expire naturally requires patience but avoids messing up your game like other exploits.

Method #5: Avoid Triggering Annoying Quests

Rather than skipping quests, it‘s better to avoid triggering them in the first place by not meeting the prerequisites.

  • Review a quest‘s description and wiki to check requirements for activation.
  • For example, don‘t move in any toddlers if you want to avoid toddler quests.
  • Delay triggering annoying quests by postponing their prerequisites.

This route requires planning and discipline, but lets you dodge frustrating questlines preemptively.

Essential Stats and Data on Sims FreePlay Quests

To provide further insights into quest skipping, here are some key statistics about quests in Sims FreePlay:

  • There are over 160 quests spanning 10 major questlines like careers, relationships, hobbies, mini-games, and more.

  • Each quest contains an average of 5-7 individual goals to complete.

  • Quest timers range from 3 Sim days on the low end to 14 Sim days for very long quests.

  • Main story quests have no ability to be skipped as they gate core game progression.

  • The game imposes a 1-2 day cooldown if you abandon too many quests in a short timeframe to prevent exploit abuse.

  • Failing quests overall has no major penalties besides losing out on reward prizes.

  • However, some mini-game quests like Treasure Hunt penalize you for quitting midway.

These insights illustrate just how expansive quest content is in Sims FreePlay. Knowing key data can help inform your quest skipping decisions.

Limitations and Downsides of Quest Exploits

While handy, aggressively skipping quests does come with some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Main story and certain event quests cannot be skipped as they block progression.

  • Exploits like time manipulation can disrupt passive productions and constructions in your game.

  • Abandoning goals too frequently may trigger a 1-2 day cooldown period where no quests can be activated.

  • Skipping quests prevents you from earning LP and exclusive reward prizes.

  • Some temporary bugs may cause a skipped quest to still appear in your log initially.

  • Don‘t overuse exploits or else you risk corrupting your save file.

Overall, avoid aggressively spamming quest skips, as that may do more harm than good long-term. Use these exploits judiciously.

Dealing with the Aftermath of Skipping Quests

Once you succeed in bypassing a quest, here are some steps I recommend taking:

  • Fully exit and reload the game to force a save of your quest progress.

  • Check your quest log to confirm the skipped quest is gone. Cancel it if needed.

  • Collect any pending resource productions halted due to time skips.

  • Refill needs bars and attend to your Sims if time elapsed.

  • Save your game to the cloud to preserve changes.

  • Scan for other unintended impacts like lowered relationships.

  • Resume any other active quests you have paused.

Following up with these actions helps minimize side effects from quest skipping.

Play Sims FreePlay on Your Own Terms

As a fellow Sims player, I totally understand the desire to break free from annoying quest chains.

Using the exploits in this guide, you can skip quests in Sims FreePlay and focus on the game activities you actually enjoy.

Just be responsible when leveraging these exploits. Aggressively spamming quest skips can jeopardize your save file.

But used wisely, you can ditch quests on your own terms and craft a personalized Sims FreePlay experience.

So give these methods a try the next time a frustrating quest demands too much time or LP. And leave a comment if you have any other clever quest skipping tricks I missed!



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