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How to Start Fun New Hobbies for Your Sims in The Sims Freeplay

Starting a new hobby in The Sims Freeplay can seem daunting at first, but it‘s actually quite simple and adds a whole new dimension to your gameplay. As a long-time Sims player, let me walk you through the steps to unlock and begin an engaging new hobby for your Sims.

Overview of Hobbies in The Sims Freeplay

Hobbies allow your Sims to pursue specialized skills and activities that align with their interests and personalities outside of their day jobs. There are 10 main hobbies in The Sims Freeplay:

  • Artistic: Painting, Music, Writing
  • Active: Karate, Ballet, Soccer
  • Social: Debate, Chess
  • Career-oriented: Fashion Design, Woodworking

Starting a hobby provides your Sims with meaningful goals to work towards like advancing through skill levels, collecting unique items, and participating in special events. As your Sim practices their chosen hobby more, they will unlock new interactions, social opportunities, and even ways to earn Simoleons!

Hobbies make your Sims feel more human by letting them have varied passions beyond just their career aspirations. As you play, you‘ll discover nuances to your Sims‘ personalities based on which hobbies they excel at and enjoy.

According to the gaming experts at GameRevolution, "Hobbies breathe life into your Sims, giving them skills to develop and items to collect outside of their careers. Progressing through hobbies also unlocks neat interactions and hosting abilities for your Sims, adding depth to the game."

How to Unlock New Hobbies

When you first start playing The Sims Freeplay, only a few hobbies will be available to purchase. As you progress through the game by completing goals, leveling up Sims‘ careers and finishing quest lines, you will unlock additional hobbies.

For example, finishing the Llamazoom Takedown quest allows you to buy the Karate Studio where your Sims can practice martial arts. Reaching Level 7 of the Music career unlocks the Disc Jockey hobby. So be sure to regularly check the in-game Goals and Quests menus to see what objectives will reward you with new hobbies.

The easiest way to see what hobbies are available is to open the Promotions R Us store. This special store lets you purchase unique items required to start hobbies, like art easels, footballs, fashion studios and more. If the hobby-related items aren‘t for sale yet, you simply need to advance further in the game before you can begin practicing that hobby.

How to Start a New Hobby

Let‘s say you‘ve unlocked the Painting hobby and want one of your Sims to give it a try. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Promotions R Us store and buy an Art Easel.

  2. Find a good spot in your Sim‘s home and place the easel. I like putting it near windows for natural lighting.

  3. Tap on your Sim, then select the easel and choose "Paint Classic Painting".

  4. A progress bar will appear showing your Sim improving their Creativity skill as they paint.

  5. Once the painting is finished, you can select it to name it, sell it, or keep it displayed in your Sim‘s home.

  6. Have your Sim make paintings often to continue leveling up their Painting hobby skill.

That‘s it! With regular practice, your Sim will progress through different painting levels and styles, unlock unique paintings to collect, and eventually earn abilities like mentoring other Sims or hosting art shows.

Tips for Managing Multiple Hobbies

While it‘s tempting to try out all the cool hobbies at once, it‘s best to focus on one or two hobbies per Sim. This allows them to devote enough time to meaningfully develop their skills. Here are some tips:

  • Pick hobbies that match your Sim‘s traits – For example, active Sims will excel at sports hobbies, while creative types prefer artistic pursuits.

  • Balance energy needs – Hobbies like soccer drain energy faster than chess. Make sure your Sim gets enough rest between hobby sessions.

  • Set a hobby schedule – Designate certain times or days just for your Sim to practice their hobby when they are free of other responsibilities.

  • Use hobby objects efficiently – If you only have one piano, schedule different Sims‘ music hobby time so they don‘t compete for the object.

  • Focus on completing collections – Collecting all paintings, butterflies etc. provides useful rewards. Stick to one collection at a time.

Juggling multiple Sims with different hobbies takes planning, but it helps them live fulfilling lives. Experiment to find a hobby routine that keeps your Sims energized and making steady progress.

Unique Benefits of Different Hobbies

Each hobby in The Sims Freeplay has unique gameplay elements, interactions and rewards. Here‘s an overview of some popular hobbies:


  • Unlocks paintings to collect based on art styles – impressionist, pop art, abstract etc.
  • Sims can mentor other Sims in painting and share tips.
  • Higher levels allow hosting art shows at home to sell paintings.
  • Can unlock mood auras like Inspired or Focused to improve painting quality.


  • Craft decorative and functional items like chairs or birdhouses.
  • Some items can be sold for Simoleons.
  • Reach expert Wood Artisan status for bonus furniture rewards.
  • Open a woodworking school to train other Sims.
  • Unlocks new clothing, hair and furniture wood textures.


  • Sims learn new songs on instruments as they improve skill.
  • Form bands, play concerts, busk for tips.
  • Maxing DJ skill unlocks DJ booths for house parties.
  • Chance to earn royalties from written songs.
  • Music-inspired outfits and "in the zone" mood auras.

Fashion Design

  • Design basic clothes then unlock gowns, swimwear etc .
  • Use fabrics, patterns and accessories to create unique looks.
  • Model your fashions on runways and photo shoots.
  • Sell custom designs for Simoleons.
  • Unlock metro hairstyles, makeup and clothing textures.

As you can see, each hobby adds fresh gameplay options, goals and rewards that help expand your Sims Freeplay experience.

Showcasing Your Sims‘ Hobbies

A fun way to highlight your Sims‘ hobbies is by showing them off creatively in their home and community! Here are some ideas:

  • Open an art gallery in their home to display all paintings and sculptures.

  • Host a music show at the park and invite neighbors to listen.

  • Arrange a chess tournament and compete against other Sims.

  • Have a fashion show runway event so Sims can model their designer outfits.

  • Start a blog or MyTube channel documenting your Sims‘ hobby progress and achievements.

Displaying your Sims‘ hard work gives them satisfaction and lets them bond socializing over shared interests. Unlocking abilities like mentoring, teaching classes and hosting events are really rewarding ways Sims can share their hobbies with friends.

Starting a Hobby Sets Your Sims Up for Success

Now you have a complete guide to unlocking hobbies in The Sims Freeplay and starting your Sims off on their new skills journey. Hobbies make your Sims feel more multi-dimensional by giving them aspirations beyond just their career and family life.

Remember to choose hobbies that fit your Sims‘ personalities and schedule regular hobby time for them to progress faster. Relish all the fun unlockables like social interactions, collection items and hosting abilities that hobbies provide. Soon you‘ll have a vibrant community of Sims pursuing their passions and living more fulfilling lives!

So try out a brand new hobby today – it will really level up your Sims Freeplay gameplay experience. Here‘s to keeping your Sims creatively engaged and constantly growing!



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