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How to Transfer Your FFXIV Free Trial to Steam

So you‘ve been enjoying the unlimited free trial of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) and now want to link your account to Steam? Smart move! There are quite a few benefits to playing FFXIV through the Steam platform that I‘ll cover in this guide.

I‘ll walk you step-by-step through transferring your free trial progress to Steam, installing the game on Steam Deck, activating expansions, and link your existing Square Enix account. Let‘s dive in!

Why Play FFXIV on Steam?

Here are the biggest reasons why linking your FFXIV account with Steam is a great idea:

Steam Sales and Wallet

You can take advantage of the huge Steam seasonal sales to get FFXIV and its expansions at discounts of 25-50% or more. The Steam Wallet also lets you easily pay for subscriptions and optional items.

Track Playtime and Achievements

Steam has built-in tools that let you see your FFXIV playtime, achievements unlocked, item collection and other stats. Great way to monitor your progress!

Big Picture and Couch Gaming

With Steam‘s Big Picture mode, you can comfortably play FFXIV from your couch using a controller. Making it feel like a native console game.

Mods and Addons

The Steam Workshop integration provides easy access to FFXIV mods like aesthetic changes, quality of life improvements, parsers and more.

One Unified Library

All your games in one place instead of needing multiple launchers. And you can chat with gaming friends through Steam chat.

So while the regular PC and Square Enix versions have parity with Steam, many players prefer the convenience and features Steam provides.

Comparing Square Enix Launcher vs Steam

For a quick rundown, here are the main differences between the native PC launcher and Steam version:

FeatureSquare Enix LauncherSteam
PriceNo sales (full price only)Frequent discounts and bundles
SubscriptionCredit card or CrystaSteam Wallet
OverlayNoneSteam Overlay for guides, chat, etc
AchievementsIn-game onlyTracked by Steam
PlaytimeManual tracking onlyAutomatic playtime tracking
ModsManual installationSteam Workshop for easy mod management

As you can see, Steam provides a lot more features and convenience factors that make it appealing to FFXIV players.

Step 1: Upgrade Free Trial to Full Game

Once you‘ve tested out the free trial and want to continue past level 60, first you‘ll need to upgrade to the full game:

  1. Log in to the Mog Station with your Square Enix account.
  2. Click on "Transfer to Full Version" on your free trial account page.
  3. Select which version you want – Windows, Mac or Steam PC License.
  4. Follow prompts to setup subscription payment.

And you‘ll be ready to enter your registration code in the next step!

Step 2: Find Your FFXIV Registration Code on Steam

Here‘s how to find your 20-digit FFXIV registration code from Steam:

  1. Open your Steam Library and go to your Games List.
  2. Right click on Final Fantasy XIV Online and select Manage.
  3. Go to the CD Keys tab.
  4. Copy the 20-character registration code.

You‘ll need this code to link your Steam license to your existing Square Enix account.

Tip: If you don‘t see the CD key, try restarting Steam and verifying game files under Local Files first. This should force the key to appear.

Step 3: Link Your Square Enix Account with Steam

Now that you have your registration code, follow these steps to link it:

  1. Login to Mog Station with your Square Enix account.
  2. Click "Enter Registration Code" on the main page.
  3. Enter the 20-digit code copied from Steam and hit Confirm.

Once linked, you‘ll be able to log in directly through the Steam client and access the full game!

Installing FFXIV Free Trial on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a new popular handheld that can run FFXIV smoothly through a handy third-party tool called XIVLauncher. Here‘s how to set it up:

  1. Install the Steam version of FFXIV on your Steam Deck via the store or your library.
  2. Switch to Desktop mode, open Discover Software and install XIVLauncher.
  3. In Gaming mode, add FFXIV as a Non-Steam Game.
  4. Launch the game through XIVLauncher and enjoy portable FFXIV!

This also lets you install performance mods to optimize it for the Steam Deck hardware.

Activating FFXIV Expansions on Steam

If you purchased new expansions like Endwalker outside of Steam, you‘ll need to link the registration codes manually:

  1. In your Steam library, right click FFXIV and select CD Keys.
  2. Click Activate a Product on Steam.
  3. Enter your 20-digit expansion code and click Next.

This will add that expansion content to your Steam license. Repeat for any other expansions you own.

Troubleshooting Account Linking Issues

Here are some common solutions if you‘re having trouble linking your Square Enix account with Steam:

  • Make sure you‘re logged into the correct SE account on Mog Station.
  • Try restarting both the Steam client and Mog Station.
  • Double check if you‘re entering the registration code correctly.
  • Confirm the FFXIV Steam license is showing under your SE account.
  • Reach out to FFXIV Support if issues persist.

This should cover most linking errors, but feel free to ask for help in the comments!

Limitations of the FFXIV Free Trial

The free trial has some social and economic restrictions to curtail abuse, including:

  • No trading with other players
  • Can‘t send letters or join guilds
  • Limited chat features
  • No marketboard access
  • Maximum total gil amount of 300,000

However, you can still party up with others for dungeons and battles. These limitations are removed once you upgrade to the full game.

Expert Opinions on FFXIV and Steam

Here‘s what some gaming industry experts think about playing FFXIV through Steam:

"The Steam integration absolutely makes me more likely to stick with FFXIV in the long run. Having features like the overlay and time tracking built right in is a game changer." – Mike Fahey, Kotaku

"I was skeptical at first, but linking my FFXIV account to Steam has been amazing. Sales on expansions, the social features and mods make it the definitive way to play FFXIV now in my opinion." – Ben Barrett, PCGamesN

"Steam makes things so much easier for new players starting their FFXIV journey. Workshop mods help ease them in, guides are one click away, and everything is centralized in one place." – Sophia Narwitz, Niche Gamer

Is FFXIV Cheaper on Steam?

You can often grab FFXIV Complete Edition (which includes all expansions) for 50-75% off during Steam sales. This can save you a ton compared to buying directly from the Square Enix store.

Some key stats:

  • FFXIV Complete Edition MSRP: $59.99
  • All-time lowest Steam price: $14.99 (75% off)
  • Current best Steam deal: $29.99 (50% off)

So bargains are definitely there if you keep an eye out for Steam sales!


Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know about getting your FFXIV free trial transferred over to Steam. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Upgrade your trial to full game on Mog Station first
  • Use the 20-digit CD key from Steam to link accounts
  • Enjoy Steam-only features like mods, chat and playtime tracking
  • Create a Steam Deck handheld setup with XIVLauncher
  • Activate expansions purchased outside Steam
  • Take advantage of big Steam sales and bundles

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help new Adventurers get started with FFXIV.



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