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How to Try World of Warcraft Classic for Free in 2023

Have you heard tales of the glory days of Azeroth and longed to venture into the World of Warcraft of old? If you don‘t want to pay the WoW subscription fee just yet, this guide will walk you through how to try out WoW Classic completely free.

I‘ll explain exactly what WoW Classic is, how to access it risk-free, what you can experience as a free player, when payment is required, and tips to get you started on your journey back to early 2000s WoW gameplay. Let‘s dive in!

What is World of Warcraft Classic and Why Does it Exist?

First launched back in 2004, World of Warcraft rapidly became a global gaming phenomenon. But over a decade of expansions, revamps and graphical updates resulted in a very different modern WoW experience compared to those early pioneering days.

In response to players‘ demand to relive the "vanilla" WoW of the past, Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic in 2019. This official legacy server recreates the game precisely as it existed back in version 1.12, prior to the release of The Burning Crusade expansion.

So what drove the creation of WoW Classic? Let‘s look at some key statistics:

  • Over 100 million total WoW accounts created since launch. Millions with fond memories of early WoW.

  • Vanilla private servers illegally hosted by fans peaked at over 150,000 concurrent players.

  • Google searches for "WoW Classic" jumped 330% in 2018 amidst rumors of an official legacy server.

  • WoW Classic hit 1 million concurrent players within one week of launch.

Clearly there was substantial interest among the WoW community to return to the game‘s roots. While the modern game continued appealing to a wider audience with quality of life improvements, WoW Classic targeted the old school crowd who craved challenge over convenience.

The gamble paid off. WoW Classic restored the magic of early WoW, demanding teamwork over solo play and slow, rewarding progression over instant gratification. This trip down memory lane expanded WoW‘s reach beyond retail loyalists.

Now let‘s see how you can be part of this nostalgia tour without paying a cent.

Accessing WoW Classic as a Free Trial Player

While a WoW subscription is needed to fully unlock WoW Classic, you can access a limited trial completely free of charge:

  • Starter Edition – Play up to level 20 with restrictions. No time limit.

  • Promotional offers – Occasional 7-day subscriptions granting full access.

  • Returning player incentives – 7 free days if you were a past subscriber.

The Starter Edition is the main avenue for an extended risk-free trial. Let‘s look at how to download and install it.

Downloading and Starting WoW Classic Starter Edition

Follow these simple steps to download and boot up WoW Classic as a free player:

  1. Go to Blizzard‘s website and download their desktop app – this acts as an all-in-one launcher.

  2. Once installed, open and click the World of Warcraft icon.

  3. Click Install to begin downloading World of Warcraft (this gets you both retail and Classic).

  4. The install is around 70GB total and may take a few hours depending on your internet speed.

  5. When finished, click Play on the WoW panel in

  6. Log into your existing Blizzard account or create a new free one.

  7. Select World of Warcraft Classic from the Version dropdown and hit Play.

  8. Choose your preferred WoW Classic server and create a character to start playing!

The entire process is free and only takes a few minutes to get into the actual game (minus the download time). You won‘t need to enter any payment details.

Now let‘s look at what content you can access in the Starter Edition trial.

Exploring Azeroth as a Free Level 20 Trial Player

The Starter Edition gives you unlimited access to the first 20 levels of WoW Classic gameplay with some key restrictions:

  • Level cap at 20 – Disables experience gains beyond this point.

  • 10 gold maximum – Excess gold goes into inaccessible Escrow.

  • Limited social features – Can‘t whisper or mail other players.

  • No auction house or trading – Restricts money-making.

  • No pet battles – Needs a subscription to unlock.

However, you still have plenty to keep you busy during your free trial:

  • Level your class through 20 levels of early quests and enemies.

  • Group up with others to run dungeons like Ragefire Chasm and The Deadmines.

  • Battle in PvP like Warsong Gulch once you reach level 10.

  • Explore the six start zones from levels 1-10 for your race.

  • Continue your adventure across Azeroth from 10-20 in zones like Loch Modan.

  • Sample professions like mining, fishing, cooking and more up to skill level 100.

So while limited compared to the full game, the 1-20 Starter Edition provides a solid demo at no cost. Now let‘s compare this trial experience to retail WoW gameplay.

How Leveling in Retail vs. Classic WoW Differs

Those who‘ve tried modern retail WoW may notice some key differences during the 1-20 free trial of Classic:

  • Slower pace with more deliberate, tactical combat vs. retail‘s explosive spectacle.

  • Stricter class roles – less flexibility in specialization.

  • Substantially more grinding required to progress between levels.

  • Dungeons are longer, more complex, and very unforgiving of mistakes.

  • No dungeon finder tool – must speak to players directly to form groups.

  • Travel takes longer without mounts until level 40. Flying unavailable until max level.

  • Quests are more scarce and spread out, requiring more dedicated exploration.

  • Visuals, animations, interface are decidedly dated.

  • None of the many quality of life improvements retail has added over the years.

The overall Classic experience emphasizes patience, challenges, teamwork and an immersive world over fast gratification. Give it time to grow on you!

Now let‘s look at what happens when your free trial period ends.

To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe? Weighing Your Options

Once you‘ve played through the starter zones and hit level 20, you have a choice – subscribe to continue, or walk away. Here are some factors to consider:

Reasons to Subscribe

  • Removes all trial restrictions – Level cap, chat limits etc.

  • Access all content – 10% of WoW is free. Sub to experience it all.

  • Join a real guild – For community, activities and help.

  • Preserve progress – Keep your character and advancement.

  • Endgame experiences – Raids, ranked PvP, max level quests open up.

Reasons Not to Subscribe

  • Cost – $15 monthly isn‘t cheap for some players.

  • Time investment – WoW Classic needs major playtime to fully enjoy.

  • Dated graphics and systems – May prefer modern games.

  • Nostalgia faded – Joy of revisiting the past wears off for some.

  • Prefer playing casually – Can be very demanding if aiming to raid hardcore.

If the starter zones enchant you, see yourself playing regularly, and want to join the full spectrum of Classic community and challenges, a subscription may prove tremendously rewarding.

But if you‘re only casually interested or struggling to enjoy the deliberate retro gameplay, don‘t feel compelled to pay. The free trial has let you make an informed decision.

Expert Perspectives on Playing WoW Classic Casually

I reached out to YouTube gaming pundits and long-time WoW players to get their takes on enjoying WoW Classic casually:

"There‘s this misconception that WoW Classic required no-lifing the game. But as someone who raided casually back then, I can confirm you can see all the content playing just a few hours a couple nights a week." – Asmongold, gaming personality

"The raids and dungeons in Classic have simple mechanics compared to retail. The skill comes more from execution and planning rather than twitch reactions. So it‘s very accessible for casual players." – Sayomi, WoW content creator

"Don‘t let the hype around world firsts and speed running deter you. I‘ve been playing Classic very casually and still having a blast just taking my time leveling alts, farming dungeons for gear upgrades, and sampling professions." – Esfand, Twitch streamer

The overall consensus is that while WoW Classic endgame raiding takes major dedication, more casual playstyles have plenty of options for fun too.

Now let‘s look at some tips for getting started in WoW Classic during your free trial.

Getting Started in WoW Classic: Classes, Races and Tips

When just starting your journey in WoW Classic, the array of classes and races can be daunting. Here are some solid picks for beginners:

Ideal Starter Classes

HunterRanged damage from bows & guns, pets tank foes for you, high soloing ability. Very easy to play.
MageStrong damage spells to load up on enemies, conjure food/drink, teleports. Beginner-friendly.
WarlockRanged shadow magic damage, summoned demon minions, self-healing.
RogueStealth abilities, quick bursts of melee damage, useful crowd control.
PaladinTough melee class with healing and protective auras to aid allies.
PriestHealing and helpful buffs for groups make them highly desired. Can also deal damage.

Recommended Races for New Players

HumanSkill bonuses work well for many classes, reputation gain increase.
DwarfResilience against magic, helpful racials if playing a Warrior or Paladin.
GnomeIntelligence and engineering skill increase benefits Mages and Warlocks.
Night ElfAgility bonus works for melee classes, faster movement speed.
OrcStun resistance plus damage increasing racials ideal for melee DPS or Hunter.
UndeadUnderwater breathing, Shadow resistance and Will of the Forsaken racial.

When choosing a class, think about if you want to fulfill the role of damage dealer, tank or healer. Pick a race that boosts your key stats.

Here are some more tips for starting strong in WoW Classic:

  • Focus your efforts – Pick 2 professions and stick with them while leveling. Don‘t spread yourself too thin.

  • Group up – Join groups for quests and dungeons. Soloing is much slower. Make friends!

  • Ask for help – Veteran players are very willing to assist newcomers with gear, bags and gold.

  • Take it slowly – Read quest text and don‘t just rush to endgame. The journey is the real fun.

  • Consider an AddOn – AddOns like Questie can enhance convenience without damaging Classic‘s feel.

Now let‘s look at ideal professions and skills to invest in early.

Recommended Professions and Skills for New Players

WoW Classic starts you with a clean slate regarding professions and skills. Here are solid options to build up while playing for free:

Starter Professions

  • Mining – Mine ore and gems from mineral veins. Pairs well with blacksmithing or jewelcrafting.

  • Skinning – Skin beasts to collect leather for leatherworking or sale at auction house.

  • Herbalism – Harvest herbs from the open world and dungeons to supply alchemy and inscription or sell.

  • Enchanting – Disenchant gear into materials necessary for the enchanting profession.

  • Cooking – Cook food that provides nourishment buffs. Helps save money on buying food.

Helpful Secondary Skills

  • First Aid – Craft bandages that restore health. Crucial skill for all classes.

  • Fishing – Fish in lakes, rivers and oceans to catch food. Also has gear and stat boosting rewards.

  • Riding – Train mount riding at level 40 to vastly speed up travel over land.

Having a gathering profession like mining or herbalism along with a crafting skill like blacksmithing or alchemy works well. And don‘t neglect secondary skills like first aid – they offer vital buffs.

Finding Your Tribe: Joining a Leveling Guild

One of the joys of WoW Classic is the community and camaraderie. Joining a guild while leveling enhances the experience through:

  • Groups for quests and dungeons – Other players speed this up greatly.

  • Advice from veterans – They know where to level, which gear to seek, winning strategies and more.

  • Free aid & resources – Guildies will often gift bags, potions, gold and gear to help you out.

  • Crafting assistance – Higher level guild crafters can make you weapons, armor and items.

When looking for a leveling guild, ideal traits include:

  • Active membership with a variety of level ranges.

  • Frequent groups for questing and dungeons.

  • Friendly, welcoming environment for new and returning players.

  • Members willing to answer your questions without judgment.

  • Lighthearted, helpful clan chat free of drama or toxicity.

Joining a great guild can really amplify your enjoyment. And you can always leave and seek a new one later if it‘s not the right fit.

Enjoying WoW Classic Casually at Max Level

While raiding and grinding PvP ranks occupies WoW Classic‘s most hardcore, there are plenty of casual activities you can focus on at max level:

  • Level up professions – Take your chosen professions to 300+ skill.

  • Daily gold farms – Run dungeons and sell loot drops for steady gold income.

  • Collect reputation – Increase reputation with factions to earn rewards.

  • Hunt achievements – Earn achievements like Loremaster for questing feats.

  • Collect pets and mounts – Find cool mounts like raptors and kodos to ride.

  • Roleplaying – Join RP events to craft your character‘s story in Azeroth.

  • Twinking – Optimize low level characters decked out in powerful gear.

So while raiding and ranking defines the high-end scene, more casual players have plenty of fun goals to work towards in WoW Classic endgame.

Conclusion: Relive WoW‘s Golden Age for Free

I hope this guide has shown you exactly how to sample World of Warcraft Classic risk-free before paying thanks to the unlimited Starter Edition.

Take your time enjoying the challenging leveling, methodical combat, social connections and old school feel that defined early WoW. Group up to run Deadmines, battle in Warsong Gulch, and explore zones like Duskwood during your 20 free levels.

If you find the grindy, retro gameplay leaves you longing for Azeroth‘s past, a subscription opens the doors to 60 levels of adventures, dungeon raiding, and joining a guild. But if not, you‘ve been able to make that call without spending a dime.

So what are you waiting for? The portal to 2006 awaits. Step through and see if the WoW Classic journey ignites feelings of nostalgia. Just don‘t blame me if you find yourself subscribed and dancing naked in Goldshire Inn before you know it.



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