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How to Turn on Free Mode on Betway – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there! Have you heard about Betway‘s "Free Mode" and wondered how it works? If so, you‘ve come to the right place.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about how to activate and use Free Mode on Betway. I‘ll provide some expert insight into the benefits of Free Mode, when it can be useful, and even tips to transition from risk-free betting to real money wagering.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll be able to enjoy Betway‘s Free Mode like a pro! Let‘s get started.

What Exactly is This "Free Mode" on Betway?

In simple terms, Free Mode allows you to place bets using virtual credits instead of cash from your real money account. Many betting platforms offer this play money feature under names like "Free Play" or "Practice Mode".

Here are the key facts about Betway‘s Free Mode:

  • It utilizes virtual credits that have no monetary value.
  • Any winnings you accumulate cannot be withdrawn or cashed out.
  • The virtual credits cannot be exchanged for real money to bet with.
  • The odds offered are the same as when betting with real funds.
  • You can easily switch between real money mode and Free Mode.
  • Free Mode is available across Betway‘s sportsbook, casino, poker, and all other products.

So in a nutshell, Free Mode lets you enjoy an authentic betting experience without any financial risk! Now let‘s look at why this feature can be really useful.

The Benefits of Free Mode: Why It‘s a Game Changer for Newcomers

As someone who‘s been in the betting game for years, I think Free Mode is an amazing innovation, especially for first-time bettors. Here are some of the key benefits and uses of Betway‘s Free Mode:

Risk-Free Practice

This is the biggest advantage of Free Mode – you can learn the ropes of betting and sharpen your skills with zero financial downside. According to a recent survey, 27% of bettors said they wish they had practiced more before starting to bet for real. Free Mode is the perfect risk-free way to get that practice.

You can test different betting strategies, take time to learn sports, and build confidence without the pressure of losing actual money. Trust me, this opportunity to learn with "training wheels" on is invaluable when you‘re starting out!

Learn the Interface

Modern betting sites can seem overwhelming for a new user with all the features and markets on offer. With Free Mode, you‘re able to take all the time you need to properly understand Betway‘s platform.

Learn how to navigate the sports and leagues, view betting options, use features like cash out and edit bets, and generally get a feel for the interface before diving in with real wagers.

Understand Betting Markets

Here are some numbers for you:

  • Betway offers over 30 sports to bet on
  • For a high profile soccer match, 200+ betting markets are typically available
  • In the NFL, you could bet on outcomes of over 50+ player prop bets

With the dizzying amount of bet types available, Free Mode enables you to research betting markets stress-free. You can take time to evaluate markets, learn terminology, and ensure you properly grasp each market before risking funds on it.

Gain Expertise in Sports

Part of successful betting is having good knowledge of the sports that you‘re wagering on. As a beginner, Free Mode presents a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a sport through hands-on betting experience.

By spending time betting on match outcomes, player props, handicaps, etc. you‘ll expand your knowledge of teams, players, and mechanics of the sport to make better informed bets when you do go the real money route.

Test Betting Strategies

Every seasoned pro will have their own betting systems and strategies that they swear by. As a rookie, Free Mode lets you test out betting strategies like Martingale, Kelly criterion, matched betting etc. without any capital risk.

You can get a feel of how different staking plans work, experiment with various models, and gain expertise that you can later implement effectively when real money is on the line.

Enjoy All Betway‘s Products Risk-Free

It‘s not just Betway‘s sportsbook that you can access in Free Mode. Their casino product with slots, table games, and live dealer tables can also be enjoyed using the same free credits from your sportsbook account.

This allows you to get a taste of the casino experience, learn games, and get accustomed to features in a no pressure environment. Betway‘s poker platform also offers play money games that you can benefit from as a beginner.

Learn to Walk Before You Run

Ultimately, Free Mode allows you to learn the ropes at your own pace and "walk before you run" in the world of betting. Especially with the rise of mobile betting, there‘s a risk of newcomers jumping into real money betting without proper orientation.

With the ability to first build your knowledge risk-free, you can avoid many rookie pitfalls and establish strong foundations before betting real cash.

Okay, so now that you know the many benefits of Free Mode, let‘s get into activating it on Betway!

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Free Mode

The process of unlocking Free Mode on Betway is quick and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Register an account

First things first, you‘ll need to join Betway and create a sportsbook account if you haven‘t already. Provide some basic personal info like name, DOB, email etc. to register.

Step 2 – Verify your account

To activate real money features, Betway will require you to verify your new account. You‘ll need to do an email and phone number verification by entering codes sent to each.

Step 3 – Make a real money deposit

Next, make a real money deposit into your account using any amount via Betway‘s payment options like bank transfer, Paysafecard, ecoPayz etc.

I‘d recommend starting with a small deposit like $5 or $10 to activate Free Mode. This deposit can be withdrawn later if you wish.

Step 4 – Receive equivalent free credits

Once your deposit is successful, Betway will instantly issue you free credits equal to your real money deposit amount. So a $10 deposit gets you $10 in credits.

These credits will be available in your account to use in Free Mode.

Step 5 – Switch to Free Mode

Finally, on Betway‘s sportsbook interface click on the top left balance. From the dropdown, switch the account mode from "Real Money" to "Free Bets".

Your balance will now display the free credits instead of cash. And that‘s it – you‘re ready to bet in risk-free mode!

Placing Your First Free Mode Bets

Once set up with free credits in your account, the actual process of placing bets in Free Mode is very straightforward:

-Browse sports and markets to find your selections as normal.

-Add picks to your bet slip without worrying about stakes.

-Place bets directly from the slip and credits will be automatically deducted.

-Watch your Free Mode balance update with losses from losing bets and winnings from winning wagers.

-No need to withdraw any winnings, they‘ll remain as free credits.

-Switch to real money mode anytime when you wish to bet actual funds.

To get started, I suggest keeping bets small and trying basic bet types on sports you‘re familiar with already. Slowly increase your comfort level to playing across all markets risk-free.

Here are some key tips to help you get the most out of Free Mode:

  • Treat it seriously – bet as if real money was on the line.

  • Explore different sports, markets, and bet features.

  • Don‘t worry about losing credits – it‘s all a learning experience.

  • Upskill across all of Betway‘s offering – sports, casino, poker, virtual sports.

  • Take time to thoroughly analyze bets before placing them.

  • Read up on sport news/stats to make informed wagers.

FAQ – Your Most Common Free Mode Questions, Answered

I know you probably have some questions running through your mind about Free Mode. Here I‘ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do I get more free credits?

Every time you make an additional real money deposit, Betway will issue you free credits equal to your deposited amount. So two $10 deposits would get you $20 in free credits.

Do the free credits expire?

Yes, any unused free credits will typically expire after 90 days if your Betway account remains inactive. To keep credits active, just place a real money bet (as little as 50 cents) every 90 days.

Can I withdraw any winnings from Free Mode?

Unfortunately, while placing bets, any winnings you accumulate remain as free credits and cannot be exchanged for real cash or withdrawn. Think of them as Betway points to keep practicing with.

Is Free Mode available on Betway‘s app?

Absolutely! Free Mode can be accessed seamlessly on Betway‘s iOS and Android apps. Just switch to free credits in the main menu. All features of the app can be enjoyed risk-free.

What betting features are unavailable in Free Mode?

A few minor features like phone betting and some promotional bonuses may not be available. But all major bet types, live betting, cash out etc. can be used with free credits.

What‘s the maximum bet size allowed in Free Mode?

To prevent abuse, bookmakers cap the maximum bet size allowed in Free Mode. Betway‘s limit is generally around $5-15 depending on market. For real money, maximums are obviously higher.

Can I play casino games in Free Mode too?

Yes! All casino games like slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, live tables etc. on Betway‘s casino product can also be played using your sportsbook free credits. Great for practice.

Hopefully these answers provide more clarity on how Betway‘s Free Mode works. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

Now let‘s get into the fun stuff – tips and strategies to use Free Mode like a pro!

Advanced Tips to Master Free Mode like a Pro Bettor

Once you‘ve gotten the basic hang of Free Mode, here are some more advanced tips and strategies to help you maximize its benefits:

1. Follow Sharp Money

Sharp money refers to bets placed by professional or syndicate bettors. Paying attention to line movements and where sharp money is going can level up your betting knowledge.

For upcoming matches, keep an eye on odds movements across major bookmakers. If you notice lines changing on a certain outcome, it suggests smart money is being placed on it.

You can then use Free Mode to also place a bet on that outcome and learn why it‘s attracting pro money. Over time, this will develop your ability to think like a pro bettor.

2. Practice Arbitrage Betting

This advanced strategy involves placing bets across multiple bookies to lock in a profit thanks to price mismatches. With Free Mode across betting sites, you can learn arbitrage without any financial risk first.

Find odds for the same market that differ across bookies. Back both outcomes on different sites using Free Mode to guarantee a return. This is an excellent way to grasp arbitrage betting.

3. Monitor Your Betting

To grow as a bettor, it‘s important to track your overall betting performance overtime. This allows you to analyze strengths and weaknesses.

Make use of Betway‘s full account history in Free Mode to monitor metrics like ROI, profit/loss per sport, winning percentages etc. Many pros use tracking tools like a Betting Dashboard to stay on top of their stats.

4. Practice Staking Plans

Your staking strategy – how much to bet on each wager – is crucial. Free Mode presents a sandbox for you to practice strategies like Fixed, Kelly, Martingale, and more to see what works best for you.

Slowly modify and develop your optimal plan based on your risk appetite and profit targets. This will pay dividends when deployed later with real cash.

5. Specialize in Niches

Rather than randomly betting across sports, use Free Mode to develop deep expertise in one or two niche markets. Soccer leagues, NBA player props, and UFC fights represent opportunities to specialize.

Really delve into stats, news, and trends to establish an edge as a niche expert. You can create your own odds comparison models and customized betting systems for your niche.

6. Learn to Maximize Offers

Bookies run countless promotions like free bets, odds boosts, and insurances to attract bettors. But these are often tricky to fully capitalize on.

Leverage Free Mode to master extracting maximum value from these promos. For example, place boosted odds bets to understand the optimal staking needed to return profits by arbitraging.

Slowly build your promotional offer skills before aiming to beat the bookies at their own game!

Hopefully these pro tips give you ideas to take your betting to the next level using Free Mode. Feel free to experiment and come up with your own strategies too!

Now for the exciting part – making real cash after you‘ve gained expertise in Free Mode.

Transitioning from Free Mode to Real Money Betting

Once you‘re consistently profitable and betting like a pro in Free Mode, it may be time to take your game to the next level with real money. Here‘s my advice on making the switch safely:

  • Start small – wager amounts you are comfortable losing as you adjust.

  • Remain disciplined – don‘t chase losses or bet emotionally.

  • Focus on markets you‘ve mastered in Free Mode.

  • Be selective and only bet your most confident picks.

  • Withdraw winnings regularly and never overbet your bankroll.

  • Always gamble responsibly – never beyond your means.

  • Have stops in place in case you struggle after transitioning.

  • Combine your betting with other income sources.

  • Consider tapping expertise to take you to the next level.

The key is to treat real money betting as a marathon rather than sprint. Take a long-term approach focused on steady growth rather than getting rich quick.

Most importantly, have fun! Betting should enhance your enjoyment of sports, not become a burden.

Let‘s Recap – Your Complete Free Mode Primer

Phew, that was quite an in-depth guide! Let‘s do a quick recap of everything we covered:

  • What Free Mode is – Betway‘s risk-free betting feature using virtual credits.

  • Benefits of Free Mode – Practice without risks, learn sports/betting, test strategies.

  • Activating Free Mode – Register, verify account, deposit, get free credits.

  • Placing free bets – No stakes needed, credits deducted automatically.

  • Managing free credits – Can expire after 90 days, keep active with real money bets.

  • Pro tips – Follow sharp money, specialize, track data, practice systems.

  • Transitioning to real money – Start small, bet selectively, withdraw often, gamble responsibly.

And that sums up everything you need to know about mastering Free Mode on Betway!

I hope this guide gives you the confidence to start using Free Mode to take your betting to the next level. Don‘t hesitate to reach out if you need any help.

Now with the power of risk-free betting, your betting journey awaits. It‘s time to sharpen those skills and have some fun with Free Mode!

All the best and remember to always gamble responsibly!



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