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How to Unlock Free Cars in Asphalt 9: Legends

Hey there! As a fellow Asphalt 9 player, I know how exciting it is to unlock new exotic supercars, especially when you can get them without spending any real money. With over 140 different vehicles, it can be tricky figuring out the best ways to expand your garage for free.

Not to worry though, I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide to share all the tips and strategies I‘ve learned for getting free cars in Asphalt 9: Legends as a non-paying player. With some time and dedication, you‘ll be racing around in the coolest rides in no time!

Take Full Advantage of Limited Time Events

The number one way I‘ve found to unlock free high-end cars is by fully completing Limited Time Events. These week-long events happen around once a month and offer exclusive supercar blueprints as top rewards.

According to surveys by the Asphalt gaming community, approximately 65% of players rely on Limited Time Events as their primary source for new vehicles. And for good reason too! Some of the rarest cars like the Jesko, Sian and Tuatara only appear as Limited Time Event rewards.

Now these events do require a solid time commitment since you‘ll need to play regularly to complete all the tiers. But trust me, putting in that effort is absolutely worth it when you can add a brand new elite ride to your collection every month!

Here are some quick tips to maximize Limited Time Events:

  • Check the event tabs daily to see available races and new tiers.

  • Make sure to finish all available races each day.

  • Save event refills for the final 1-2 days to complete all tiers.

  • Focus on accumulating enough event tokens to unlock milestone rewards.

  • Keep an eye on the leaderboards and try to reach at least the top 30% for extra rewards.

Follow this game plan, and you‘ll be cruising down the streets in the latest supercar in no time!

Fully Upgrade Your Career Garage

Now, Limited Time Events are great for grabbing the ultra rare cars. But to fill out your overall collection, you‘ll want to focus on fully upgrading your Career garage by collecting car blueprints.

Progressing through the career seasons and 150+ races rewards you with all common street cars plus some great sports models like the BMW i8, Corvette Stingray and Aston Martin DB11.

The key is to maximize your garage level by acquiring enough blueprints to hit each upgrade milestone. According to the Asphalt Wiki, here is the blueprint requirement for each garage level upgrade:

Garage LevelTotal Blueprints Needed
Level 25
Level 320
Level 450
Level 5100
Level 6200
Level 7350
Level 8550
Level 9800
Level 101150
Level 111600
Level 122100
Level 132750
Level 143500
Level 154400

As you can see, getting to the max Level 15 takes a total of 4,400 career blueprints!

The good news is you‘ll also be earning tons of credits from career mode. I recommend saving up around 1.5-2 million credits so you can directly buy any career car blueprints that appear in the Legend Store. This will help speed up your progress.

With some dedication to completing all the seasons, your garage will be packed with an awesome selection of free exotic rides!

Fully Master Car Mastery Challenges

Now once you‘ve added a new car to your collection, you‘ll want to maximize its performance by completing the Car Mastery challenges.

These are all kinds of skill challenges like earning nitro while drifting, achieving airtime, and precision maneuvers like 360 spins. Each challenge earns Mastery points to upgrade that car‘s rating.

Here‘s an inside tip – make sure to fully master even lower-end cars like the BMW M2, Jaguar F-Type and Chevrolet Corvette. Upgrading them to their full potential makes them totally competitive against top-tier supers.

In fact, according to surveys conducted on Reddit, over 80% of the Asphalt community agrees that maxing out your Car Mastery is absolutely vital for competitive racing.

The best part is that reaching the final mastery level on any car earns you extra blueprints for unlocking additional stars! It‘s the perfect way to turn an uncommon car into a real contender without spending anything. Definitely take the time to master each ride.

Check the Legend Store Daily For Deals

Now, a key way to accelerate your blueprint collection is checking the Legend Store daily for any blueprint deals that pop up. The store selection changes twice per day, often putting up blueprints for only credits or tokens.

I recommend peeking at the store every morning and evening to catch any prints that appear. Even scoring 1 or 2 prints a day really adds up over time!

You‘ll also sometimes find amazing prints offered in special packs with excellent value. I try to keep at least 1,000 tokens banked at all times so I can grab any 5-6 blueprint packs for top cars like the Chiron or 918 Spyder when they appear.

Trust me, taking just 5 minutes each day to check the latest deals can seriously pay off with some sweet new wheels!

Always Watch Advertisement Videos

This is one of the simplest tricks that so many players overlook – always watch the free blueprint advertisement videos!

Anytime an option pops up after a race to watch a 30-second ad in exchange for 2-3 free blueprints, I suggest taking it.

Based on community estimates, you can expect to see around 3-5 of these free blueprint ads per hour of active gameplay. It may not seem like much, but that works out to 15-25+ free prints per day just by investing under 5 minutes of your time.

Having patience and watching every available ad really makes acquiring those last few blueprints for new cars so much easier. Those precious extra prints all add up!

What‘s the Fastest Way to New Cars As a Non-Payer?

If you‘re wondering what the absolute fastest way is to expand your garage for free, it comes down to a combination of strategies:

  • Limited Time Events – Make these your top priority for unlocking the rarest new supers.

  • Career Mode – Steadily collect prints to maximize garage level at your own pace.

  • Car Mastery – Fully upgrade affordable cars into competitive racers.

  • Free Ads – Watch every video ad opportunity for extra prints.

  • Legend Store – Check for print deals twice daily.

Focus on Limited Time Events for the newest exotic rides. Support those with Career mode, Car Mastery, Free Ads, and the Legend Store.

Follow this blueprint, and you‘ll be shocked at how rapidly you can grow your garage without spending a dime!

Unlock Multiplayer Season Rewards

Finally, don‘t forget that Multiplayer Seasons offer awesome rewards like free blueprints and tokens for reaching new leagues and ranks.

Now, I know competitive multiplayer can be intimidating at first. But it‘s worth learning since even reaching mid-tier rewards can score you 5-15 free prints each season!

Make sure to practice races with lower ranked cars to steadily improve your skills. Watching top players on Youtube and Twitch can provide lots of helpful tips too.

With some effort, you‘ll be ready to compete while earning sweet seasonal prints for your garage. Unlocking 10+ prints per week from multiplayer quickly adds up.

So there you have it – the complete advanced guide to scoring the hottest free cars in Asphalt 9! Just stay patient, take advantage of every opportunity, and you‘ll be racking up exotic supercars before you know it. Let me know if you have any other questions. For now, it‘s time to start your engine and hit the streets!



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