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How to Unlock Shaggy for Free in MultiVersus

Have you been eager to try out Shaggy‘s overpowered moveset in MultiVersus but don‘t want to spend money on unlocking him? With the new free-to-play platform fighter being so popular lately, many gamers are wondering what the best way is to add Scooby-Doo‘s hungry hippie pal to their roster for free.

Don‘t worry – I‘ve got you covered! As a fellow MultiVersus player and fan, I‘ll be providing everything you need to know to get Shaggy without spending any cash. There are a few methods you can use, ranging from completing the tutorial to simply playing during his free character rotation period.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll outline all the strategies you can leverage to unlock Shaggy for zero dollars in MultiVersus. Let‘s jump in!

Overview of Getting Free Characters in MultiVersus

Before we focus specifically on Shaggy, it‘s important to understand the general options that MultiVersus provides for getting characters without paying. Here are the main free unlock methods available:

Free Weekly Character Rotation

The most straightforward way is taking advantage of the free weekly character rotation. Every Tuesday, MultiVersus rotates which 4 characters are playable for ALL players during that week.

When Shaggy is part of the weekly free roster, you can play as him online or offline without needing to purchase him permanently. After the week ends, he‘ll be locked again, but you keep any cosmetics or progression earned during that time.

According to the official MultiVersus site, upcoming free weekly rotations are:

DatesRotating Free Characters
Aug 30 – Sept 6Velma, Iron Giant, Taz, Morty
Sept 6 – Sept 13Batman, Superman, Shaggy, Jake

As you can see, Shaggy will be freely playable for EVERYONE from September 6th to 13th. So if you simply wait until then, you can play as him for a whole week no strings attached!

Tutorial Unlock Rewards

Another way you may have already gotten access to Shaggy is by completing the introductory tutorial. This short tutorial teaches you the basics of MultiVersus gameplay over 4 stages:

  • Movement Training
  • Attacks Training
  • Defense Training
  • Combat Training

When MultiVersus first launched, finishing the full tutorial rewarded Wonder Woman as a permanent free character. However, the game‘s 1.03 patch changed this to Shaggy instead!

So if you finish the 10 minute tutorial now, you‘ll instantly unlock Shaggy as a free character forever. Even if you already own Shaggy, completing the tutorial will give you 300 Gleamium (the premium currency) which you can save up.

Missions & Progression Rewards

The only other way to get characters for free is by earning and saving the premium Gleamium currency through normal gameplay. Here are some ways to earn Gleamium for free:

  • Complete daily and weekly missions to earn 25-300 Gleamium

  • Level up your overall account and individual characters

  • Progress through the Battle Pass for free Gleamium rewards

  • Watch Twitch streams with drops enabled

It takes about 1000 Gleamium to unlock 1 character, so this will be a slower grind. But playing consistently can net you 500-1000 Gleamium per week, letting you buy Shaggy after saving up.

Now let‘s dive into the details on how to fully utilize each of these methods to get Shaggy for free!

Step 1: Unlock Shaggy for Free by Finishing the Tutorial

Clearly the fastest way to add Shaggy to your roster is by taking advantage of the tutorial unlock perk. Here is a walkthrough of completing the tutorial if you haven‘t already:

Create a New Account

First, you‘ll want to sign up for a fresh Warner Bros. Account at The tutorial can only be completed once per account.

So making a new account will let you run through the tutorial stages and redeem Shaggy again. You can use the same email as your main account by adding "+multiversus" or ".extra" to the end.

Complete the 4 Training Stages

Once your account is made, launch MultiVersus and you‘ll automatically begin the tutorial. There are 4 training stages you must complete:

Movement Training: Learn jumps, dodges, recoveries, and ledge grabs through a side-scrolling platformer stage.

Attacks Training: Perform different grounded, aerial, and special attacks by breaking targets.

Defense Training: Work on shielding, dodging, and evading attacks from a robot opponent.

Combat Training: Use what you‘ve learned in a 1 stock mock battle against Velma.

Each stage takes 2-3 minutes to finish. Go through them step-by-step to check them off. After completing all 4 lessons, Shaggy will be instantly unlocked!

Enjoy Your Free Shaggy!

Once you finish Combat Training, you‘ll see the character unlock confirmation for Shaggy. You can now use him fully in online and offline modes, even on your original account!

The full tutorial takes about 10-15 minutes to breeze through. Unlocking a top tier character like Shaggy for that little time investment is an awesome perk for new players.

Even if you‘ve already got Shaggy, you can run the tutorial on extra accounts to stock up on Gleamium. Just be sure to fully finish each training stage or it won‘t count.

Step 2: Play During Shaggy‘s Free Rotation Week

If you don‘t want to bother creating extra accounts, the next best way to play as Shaggy for free is to play during his weekly rotation.

As mentioned earlier, every Tuesday MultiVersus rotates which 4 characters are freely available to all players. During a character‘s free period that week, anyone can use them without owning or purchasing them!

Track the Rotation Schedule

To plan for Shaggy‘s free week, pay attention to the official social media and in-game rotation announcements:

  • Check the MultiVersus Twitter, Facebook, website for free character posts.

  • There‘s an in-game timer showing time left in current rotation.

  • Next rotations are posted on Mondays ahead of reset.

Mark Your Calendar!

Based on announced info, here are some upcoming free Shaggy weeks:

  • Sept 6 – Sept 13

  • Nov 1 – Nov 8 (estimated guess)

I recommend immediately marking your calendar for his free periods so you remember to play!

Benefits of Trying Free Characters

During free character rotations, you can fully play and progress them as if owned:

  • Use them online and offline

  • Unlock perks and cosmetics

  • Complete missions and challenges

  • Level up character mastery

Any cosmetics or XP you earn during the free period will carry over if you purchase the character later. So grinding Shaggy while he‘s free will give you a head start.

Playing new characters while they are free is the best way to test them out and decide if you want to spend Gleamium to unlock them permanently.

Be sure to take full advantage of Shaggy weeks to get your fill of practicing his overpowered moveset!

Step 3: Slowly Earn Gleamium from Missions

If you want to unlock Shaggy outside of his free rotation periods, you‘ll need to save up the premium Gleamium currency from missions and progression.

Here are the best ways to earn Gleamium for free:

Complete Daily & Weekly Missions

This will be your main source of reliable Gleamium income.

  • Daily missions award 25-50 Gleamium

  • Weekly missions give 150-300 Gleamium

  • Didn‘t play for a day? Comeback bonus grants an extra daily

  • Seasonal limited missions provide big boosts

Completing your missions on a regular schedule will quickly add up!

Level Up Your Profile and Characters

Gaining overall account XP contributes small amounts of Gleamium:

  • Account level ups give 15-25 Gleamium

  • Character level ups give 100-150 Gleamium

Playing matches regularly will let this trickle in. AI grinding is a fast way to power level too.

Advance Through the Battle Pass

The 100 level Battle Pass has some free Gleamium rewards:

  • Season 1 Pass gave 150 Gleamium on the free track

  • Premium track gives large Gleamium bonuses

  • Leveling up faster earns premium currency quicker

Try to hit level milestones consistently each week.

Watch Twitch Drops Streams

Linking your WB Account lets you earn cosmetics from Twitch drops.

  • Consistently watching streams gives your drops

  • Leave a tab open to rake them in

  • Shaggy unlocks may be included in future drops

This is passive but nets free rewards if you watch regularly.

Refer Friends

Under the social tab, you can refer friends to start playing using your link.

  • Each referred friend that reaches account level 5 gives you 250 Gleamium

  • 3 successful referrals would be enough for Shaggy!

Referring real-life friends can go a long way here.

Step 4: Buy Shaggy When He‘s Discounted

One final way you may luck into Shaggy at an even bigger discount is waiting for him to be the Deal of the Day.

Every day, one character‘s Gleamium price is reduced by 50%. If Shaggy ends up as the daily deal, you could unlock him for only 350 instead of 700 Gleamium.

A few tips for watching the store:

  • Check the in-game shop daily for the deal

  • Watch MultiVersus social media for deal announcements

  • Sale discounts refresh at 5pm EDT daily

  • Use Gleamium you‘ve saved up to buy him discounted!

With some luck and checking diligently, you may catch Shaggy on a day he‘s half off tomaximize your free Gleamium.

Is Shaggy Worth the Effort to Unlock?

Now that you know how to get Shaggy for free, is he worth spending the time on? Let‘s quickly discuss why Shaggy is considered a top tier character in MultiVersus:

High Damage Combos

  • Easy attack chains lead to 0-100% combos

  • Hitbox shifting keeps opponents in combos

  • Rage mode boosts knockback for early KOs

Shaggy dominates thanks to oppressive damage output potential.

Powerful Rage Mechanic

  • Gains super armor during rage specials

  • Increased attack speed and range

  • Resets cooldowns and reduces visibility

Rage makes Shaggy a temporary 1v2 monster.

Excellent Recovery

  • Side special covers distance in any direction

  • Up special provides a double jump

  • Down air spike for edge guarding

Hard to prevent Shaggy from returning to stage.

Great Projectile Spacing

  • Chicken throw used repeatedly zones foes

  • Chicken increases in power when thrown more

  • Long range control with camping potential

Shaggy excels at both rushdown and zoning play.

He‘s unanimously top 5 or higher in every pro tier list, and a balance patch is unlikely soon. There‘s a reason Shaggy was made the tutorial unlock character – he‘s just that good!

Unlocking him for free may take a little effort, but the payoff is well worth it for such a strong and versatile fighter.

Let‘s Recap!

Here‘s a quick summary of how to unlock Scooby‘s hungry pal Shaggy for free in MultiVersus:

  • Finish the tutorial on a new account to instantly get Shaggy.

  • Play during his weekly free rotation periods.

  • Slowly earn Gleamium from daily missions to buy him.

  • Catch him when he‘s 50% off in the daily deals.

  • Watch Twitch drops in case he‘s included.

Shaggy is absolutely top tier and worth the effort it may take to add him to your roster for free. Whichever method you choose, enjoy unleashing his overpowered moveset on your unfortunate foes once you‘ve unlocked him!

I hope this guide gives you everything you need to know to get Shaggy without spending any money. Let me know if you have any other questions, and happy brawling!



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