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How to Use Free Agent Cards Effectively in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

Free agent cards are some of the most valuable and fleeting resources for building your ultimate fantasy team in NBA 2K23‘s MyTEAM mode. But how exactly do you use them? And how do you get the most out of these temporary player boosts?

I‘ve played MyTEAM extensively over the past few years and collected some key tips to share. In this guide, I‘ll explain what free agent cards are, how to obtain them, and strategies to maximize their impact as you take on challenges and opponents. Let‘s jump in!

What Are Free Agent Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM?

In essence, free agent cards give you short-term access to high-rated player cards to provide a temporary boost to your team. Here are the key facts:

  • Each free agent card represents a single NBA player and lasts for only 5 games played. After you use the card for 5 games, poof! – it‘s gone from your collection forever.

  • Free agent cards typically have an overall rating in the high 80s to low 90s range. This makes them much stronger than many of the cards you‘ll obtain when first starting out in MyTEAM.

  • You can acquire free agent cards through certain challenges, locker codes, level rewards, and other means in MyTEAM mode. They let you test drive cards for top-tier players before obtaining the permanent version.

  • Position-wise, you‘ll see free agents at every spot – point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards, and centers.

So in summary, think of free agent cards like high-octane fuel to jet boost your team‘s performance – but only for a limited time. Once those 5 precious games are up, the free agent rides off into the sunset.

This brings us to strategies for maximizing their impact…

7 Tips for Using Free Agents Effectively in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

To get the most bang for your buck from free agent cards in MyTEAM, keep these tips in mind:

1. Use Free Agents Early When Your Team Needs a Boost

When initially building your MyTEAM roster through packs and rewards, your overall team rating will be low. Those first starter cards aren‘t too flashy.

Plugging a 90+ rated free agent into your starting five can give your team a big competitive lift during these early stages. They help you compete against tougher challenges and opponents right off the bat.

But as your MyTEAM improves and you acquire better permanent players, free agents lose their luster as a starting option. Their limited games become less worthwhile.

The time to benefit from free agents is early, when your team is still finding its legs.

2. Match Free Agents to Fill Gaps in Your MyTEAM Roster

Before using a free agent, study his key attributes and skills and decide how he fits with the rest of your players.

Does your team struggle from three-point range? Then add a free agent with a high three-point shot rating and Hot Zone Hunter badge like Buddy Hield or Duncan Robinson.

Is rebounding a weakness? Target a free agent big man like Rudy Gobert who excels at cleaning the glass.

You get the idea. Fill gaps in your roster instead of overloading one position.

3. Prioritize Versatile Positions Like PG, SF, PF When Choosing Free Agents

Some player cards offer dual position eligibility, meaning they can slot into two lineup spots. For example, a point/shooting guard can start at either backcourt position.

When evaluating free agents, prioritize ones with versatile positions like:

  • PG/SG
  • SF/PF
  • PF/C

This lineup flexibility will help you get the most games out of a single free agent.

A PG/SG free agent could start at point guard for 3 games, then shift to shooting guard for 2 more games – extending your usage. Or a SF/PF free agent can swap seamlessly between forward spots as needed.

4. Conserve Free Agent Uses for Harder Challenges

When you first receive a new free agent card, avoid burning through all 5 game uses against weak challenges or lowly online opponents.

Instead, be selective and save free agent boosts for taking on tougher Spotlight, Limited, or Mystery Domination challenges. The extra overall rating lift is more valuable and needed there.

Always check the challenge requirements too. Some may restrict free agent use completely, so you won‘t waste a game.

5. Check Card Ratings and Badges Before Committing

Not all free agent cards are created equal. Before assigning one to your lineup, take a minute to inspect their key attributes and badge upgrades.

Sort your free agents by overall rating to identify the best of the bunch. Then examine attributes like three-point shooting, speed, perimeter defense, etc that are important for their position.

Also check which signature badges they possess, especially Hall of Fame versions like Deadeye, Clamps, and Limitless Takeoff. Higher badge tiers improve those skill areas dramatically.

This player comparison helps ensure you‘re maximizing each of those 5 precious game uses on only the most elite free agents.

6. Obtain Multiple Copies of a Free Agent If Possible

Some MyTEAM objectives and locker codes reward you with a generic "free agent player option pack" rather than a specified player.

In these cases, you can select 1 free agent out of several choices. If you receive multiple packs, consider choosing duplicate copies of your favorite free agent.

Having 2 or even 3 copies of that coveted Giannis, LeBron, or Steph free agent allows you to extend their combined games. You could potentially get 15 or 20 games out of a single elite player.

7. Buy Contracts to Lengthen Free Agent Lifespan

Normally, free agent cards come with 5 non-renewable contracts built in. But there is one sneaky way to extend their lifespan further.

Visit the Auction House and search for the same free agent player. Often you can buy single game contract cards for them at low cost.

Equipping these extra contracts adds to your total games remaining. If you buy 3 contracts for 500 MT each, that‘s 3 more games you can use the free agent.

It‘s costly, but a viable last resort if you want to eke out a few more games from a favorite free agent before they vanish.

Where to Get Free Agent Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

While playing MyTEAM, keep pursuing free agents through these avenues:

Starter Objectives and Challenges

Many beginner objectives and challenges earmark free agent cards as rewards when completed.

For example, the Playoff Stopper group awards a 90 OVR free agent option pack upon finishing the goals. Tip – Toggle to the Lifetime Agendas tab under MyTEAM Agendas to easily track objectives that offer free agents. Knock out as many as possible early!

Locker Codes

Free agent cards are a common prize hidden behind the locker codes that NBA 2K releases on social media.

When you enter a code that contains one, you‘ll often get to pick between 3+ free agents – so choose wisely!

Follow @NBA2K and turn on notifications to stay on top of new locker codes.

Level Rewards

As your MyTEAM collector level ascends, you‘ll earn rewards like packs, tokens, and occasionally, free agent player cards.

For example, Scottie Pippen was available for a limited time as a Level 40 reward in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. Free agents at lower levels pop up too.

Limited and Unlimited Rewards

The competitive Limited and Unlimited modes offer enticing rewards for reaching certain tier levels. Some tiers award free agent card packs – giving you a chance at top players.

In NBA 2K22, the Galaxy Opal (highest gem tier) level for Unlimited included a Limited Use Galaxy Opal Pack with a guaranteed free agent.

Auction House

While less common than other methods, you can sometimes bid for free agent cards auctioned by other MyTEAM users.

The selection is hit or miss, but keep an occasional eye on the Auction House as you may luck into an elite free agent for cheap!

Gamersaloon Power Tip – Filter the Auction House specifically for Free Agent Cards. Sort by Buyout Price to snipe great deals.

Best Free Agent Cards in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

Wondering which players tend to have the most coveted free agent cards in MyTEAM? Based on NBA 2K22, here were some of the top options:

PlayerPositionOverall RatingKey Attributes
Giannis AntetokounmpoPF95Finishing, playmaking
LeBron JamesSF/PG95Playmaking, defense
Kevin DurantSF/PF94Shooting, scoring
Steph CurryPG943pt shooting, ball handling
Kawhi LeonardSF93Defense, shooting
Anthony DavisPF/C93Interior defense, finishing

While ratings and attributes change year-to-year, you can expect these types of elite NBA superstars to again secure the most coveted free agent cards in NBA 2K23.

Gamersaloon Tip – Also keep an eye out for up-and-coming young stars like Ja Morant, Trae Young, and Luka Doncic who could enter the free agent upper echelon soon!

Quick Ways to Earn VC for Upgrading Your MyPLAYER

To increase your MyPLAYER‘s overall rating in MyCAREER, you‘ll need plenty of Virtual Currency (VC) for upgrades. Here are some tips to quickly score VC:

  • Play full games in Play Now Online rather than simming – you earn 1.5x more VC.

  • Knock out MyCAREER objectives which offer hefty bonus VC payouts as rewards.

  • Enter locker codes for free VC gifts. Follow @NBA2K to stay updated.

  • Use the daily wheel spins under MyTEAM for chances at 500, 1000, or 3000 VC.

  • Attempt the NBA trivia challenges inside 2KTV episodes to win up to 3000 VC.

You can also buy VC to fast track your earnings, especially if you scored the 100,000 VC from the Michael Jordan Edition.

NBA 2K23 Pre-Order Bonuses and Special Editions

When pre-ordering NBA 2K23, whether digitally or physically, all standard editions come with 5,000 VC.

But the Michael Jordan Edition and Championship Edition take it further by including:

  • 100,000 VC – Major boost for upgrading your MyPLAYER quickly
  • 10,000 MyTEAM points – Big head start on building your dream team
  • 10 MyTEAM League packs – More chances at top cards and free agents
  • Gatorade Boosts – Better energy and performance in games
  • Exclusive cosmetics – Unique gear, clothing, and accessories

For the ultimate NBA 2K23 head start across MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The Neighborhood, the Jordan and Championship Editions are highly worthwhile.

Final Takeaways

Hopefully this guide gave you a better understanding of how to strategically utilize those coveted free agent cards during your MyTEAM journey.

Be selective in which elite free agents you use and carefully match them to fill gaps in your developing team. Stretch out those precious 5 game limits by saving them as your "secret weapon" for challenging spotlight sims and dom teams.

And don‘t forget – free agents are fleeting, so enjoy them while they last! Once their contracts dry up, it‘s back to the grind to earn the permanent versions.

Let me know if you have any other MyTEAM tips and tricks to share! I‘m always trying to improve my own approach. Maybe I‘ll see you on the virtual courts as we build our dream teams in NBA 2K23.



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