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How to Use Freeplay Money on BetUS: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Have you ever gotten a bonus from an online sportsbook but weren‘t quite sure how to use it? If so, you‘re not alone! Freeplay money – also called bonus funds or bonus cash – can be confusing for beginners. But it also gives you a huge opportunity to place real wagers without risking your own money.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll teach you everything you need to know about using freeplay funds on BetUS so you can make the most of these lucrative offers. Whether you‘re a total beginner or a betting veteran, you‘ll learn tips and strategies to maximize the value from your freeplay bonuses.

Let‘s get started!

What Exactly is Freeplay Money?

Let‘s start with the basics. Freeplay money refers to bonus cash that online sportsbooks like BetUS provide to customers. It goes by other names too – bonus funds, bonus money, or bonus credit.

Here‘s a simple way to understand it:

  • Freeplay is a separate bonus balance added to your account.

  • You can use freeplay just like cash to place real bets.

  • If you win, you keep the profits as withdrawable cash.

  • If you lose, you don‘t lose any of your own real money.

So in essence, freeplay gives you risk-free betting funds to place wagers. It‘s an incredible deal!

Now let‘s dig into the details of how it works…

How Do Freeplay Bets Function?

When you place a wager using your freeplay balance, the bet works similarly to a normal cash wager. However, there are 2 key differences:

1. The bet amount comes from your freeplay, not cash balance.

This is the "risk-free" part. You aren‘t putting any of your own deposited money at stake.

2. On a winning bet, you keep the profits but not the original freeplay amount.

For example, let‘s say you bet $100 in freeplay on the Browns at +210 odds. The Browns win, earning you $210 in winnings. That full $210 goes into your withdrawable cash balance – but the original $100 in freeplay does not. Essentially, you played with house money!

Now you probably want to know: what happens if you lose the freeplay bet? Simple – you don‘t lose anything! Since you didn‘t risk your own cash, there is no downside or loss. Your cash balance stays the same.

That‘s the beauty of freeplay betting. All of the upside on winners, with no downside on losers!

Common Ways to Get Freeplay

Sportsbooks provide freeplay through various types of bonuses and promotions. Here are some of the most common ways to score these awesome risk-free funds:

  • Deposit Match Bonuses – These give you a match percentage on your initial deposit up to a certain amount. For example, BetUS offers new players a 50% deposit match up to $1000 in freeplay. Deposit $1000 and you‘ll get $500 in bonus funds!

  • Reload Bonuses – Similar to deposit matches, but for subsequent deposits rather than just the initial deposit. Great for re-upping your balance.

  • Referral Bonuses – Get freeplay for referring friends and family to create new accounts. At BetUS you can earn up to $100 in freeplay for each referral.

  • Risk-Free Bets – Some sportsbooks give you a risk-free bet upfront to use however you wish. It‘s basically a single freeplay credit.

  • Prize Giveaways – Follow sportsbooks on social media for chances to win freeplay giveaways and contests.

As you can see, there are tons of opportunities to keep collecting freeplay on an ongoing basis – not just for the initial signup. Take advantage of them!

What‘s the Catch? Understanding Wagering Requirements

I know what you may be thinking: This freeplay stuff sounds too good to be true! What‘s the catch here?

Well, there often is a "catch" in the form of wagering requirements, also called playthrough or rollover requirements. Essentially this means you have to bet a minimum amount before you can withdraw any profits earned from the freeplay.

For example, let‘s say you get $50 in freeplay with a 5x wagering requirement. That means you need to place $250 worth of bets in total before you can withdraw winnings from the freeplay.

Sportsbooks implement playthroughs to prevent people from immediately cashing out freeplay wins without actually using the site. Make sure to check the fine print for any wagering rules before claiming bonuses.

Pro tip: Try to clear bonuses on sports with better odds rather than long shots. This makes hitting the requirements much easier.

Placing Bets Using Your Freeplay Balance

When you have freeplay funds in your account, actually using them to place wagers is straightforward. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Log in to your BetUS account and visit the sportsbook section.

  2. Find a game you want to bet on, add it to your betslip, and enter your wager amount as usual.

  3. Before submitting your bet, click the dropdown next to "Balance" in your betslip and switch it from Cash to Freeplay.

  4. The bet will now be deducted from your freeplay balance when you submit it.

You can also place freeplay wagers directly over the phone. Just call up BetUS customer support and tell them you want to use your freeplay for that particular bet. Super easy!

What Types of Bets Can I Place with Freeplay?

This is a common question – exactly what kinds of wagers can you place using your freeplay funds?

The good news is that most standard bet types are eligible. However, there are some exceptions. Here are the key details on what you can and can‘t bet on with freeplay:

Eligible Wager Types:

  • Straight bets – Spreads, moneylines, totals, and parlays are allowed.

  • Teasers – 6pt (NFL) and 4pt (NBA) teasers accepted.

  • Props – Game props, player props, and futures are generally OK.

  • Live betting – In-game wagering works.

Ineligible Wager Types:

  • Horse racing – Cannot use freeplay on horses.

  • Large parlays – Maximum amount of teams varies by site.

  • Huge payouts – Sportsbooks may cap max payout on freeplay.

  • Certain futures – Check terms as some futures are restricted.

Bottom line – stick to major sports straight bets, spreads, totals, and reasonable parlays. Avoid horses, massive parlays, or niche sports. And of course, be sure to read the terms for each specific bonus.

5 Pro Tips for Using Freeplay Like a Sharp Bettor

Want to maximize the value you get from freeplay and make the most of these lucrative bonuses? Here are my 5 proven pro tips:

1. Take Advantage of Live Betting

The odds and lines shift throughout the game, giving lots of chances to find value with in-game freeplay wagers. Keep that bonus balance handy for live betting opportunities.

2. Focus on Spreads and Totals

Spreads and totals generally have better odds than massive long shot parlays. You‘ll have a better shot at steadily increasing your cash balance.

3. Avoid the Temptation to Make Huge Bets

It‘s risk-free so it‘s tempting to bet really big. But huge wagers lower your chances of actually winning. Make reasonable bets that you are comfortable with.

4. Review the Terms and Conditions

Every freeplay offer is different. Make sure you understand the relevant playthrough, time limits, max payouts, and other rules.

5. Take Advantage of Underdog Moneylines

When possible, use freeplay on moneyline underdogs. This way a win nets you a bigger payout due to the plus odds. More profits = more withdrawable cash for you!

Follow these tips and you‘ll have the skills to crush it with freeplay like a pro.

Does Freeplay Work for Casino Games and Slots?

Great question! I have good news here – freeplay funds can also be used for casino games and online slots in addition to sports wagers.

Similarly, your wins get added to your withdrawable balance while losses are risk-free. It‘s a sweet deal.

Just visit the casino section after logging into your BetUS account. You‘ll see your freeplay balance available to play real money slots, blackjack, roulette, and other games.

Make sure to check if any games are excluded from freeplay before playing. And have fun winning cash on the house!

No Deposit Freeplay vs Freeplay Bonuses

To wrap up the basics, let‘s quickly cover the difference between freeplay you get from bonuses vs no deposit freeplay:

  • No Deposit Needed – As you may guess, no deposit freeplay does not require you to deposit any of your own cash. You get a small freeplay balance just for creating an account.

  • Smaller Amounts – No deposit freeplay tends to be smaller, like $10 to $50 in bonus credit. Deposit bonuses can be hundreds of dollars.

  • Promotional Offers – No deposits are generally part of special promotions rather than the standard welcome offer.

So while similar, they have different uses. No deposit gives you a taste without depositing, while bonuses provide a much bigger bankroll boost.

Now let‘s dive into some key stats and data on freeplay bonuses.

Just How Lucrative are Freeplay Bonuses? The Numbers.

We‘ve covered the basics of how freeplay and sportsbook bonuses work. But exactly how lucrative are these offers in terms of real dollar value to your bankroll?

The numbers tell the story best. Let‘s look at some revealing stats:

  • BetUS provides a 50% match on your initial deposit – up to $1,000 in freeplay! Deposit $1,000 and you get $500 extra to bet with.

  • On a $500 deposit, you‘ll score $250 in freeplay. Enough for lots of solid wagers.

  • The average online sportsbook bonus is around $250 in freeplay according to industry surveys.

  • High value customers report over $2,000 in lifetime sportsbook bonuses.

  • Sportsbooks shell out nearly $5 billion in bonuses annually according to estimates. Big investment!

As you can see, the bonus dollars really add up. Top players routinely get thousands in freeplay comped to their accounts over time.

Don‘t miss out on this extra betting power! Take advantage of freeplay deals and watch your bankroll grow.

Creative Ways Sports Bettors Use Freeplay

With all this talk of freeplay and bonuses, how exactly do savvy sports bettors use them to maximize value? There are some creative strategies at play.

Here are a few clever ways top players use their bonus funds and risk-free bets:

  • Test New Betting Strategies – Use freeplay as practice runs to test theories or models without losing money.

  • Evaluate New Sportsbooks – Try out different sports betting sites risk-free before depositing your cash.

  • Reduce Monetary Risk – Lessen exposure to losses and bankroll variance with freeplay wagers.

  • Lower the Vig – Bonuses help bettors reduce the vigorish costs on wagers over time.

  • Build a Bankroll – Consistently wagering bonuses allows you to steadily build up an account balance.

As you can see, the applications go far beyond just placing random free bets. With the right approach, freeplay can be leveraged strategically in multiple clever ways.

Responding to Some Common Freeplay Concerns

We‘ve covered a ton of ground here. Now let‘s wrap things up by addressing some frequent questions and concerns that players have about freeplay bonuses.

Do I have to accept the freeplay right away?

Nope! Most freeplay bonuses do not have to be claimed immediately. Typically you have 30 days to accept and use the bonus before it expires.

Can I withdraw the freeplay amount directly as cash?

Unfortunately no – sportsbooks do not allow you to withdraw the original freeplay amount directly as cash. You only keep the profits from winning wagers.

What if I don‘t meet the playthrough requirement before the freeplay expires?

If your bonus expires before you complete the wagering requirement, you forfeit the ability to withdraw those profits. Make sure to use it in time!

Do I have to pay taxes on freeplay winnings?

Winnings from any type of sports bet, including freeplay, could be considered taxable income. But the sportsbooks themselves do not report the numbers to the IRS. Consult a tax pro for advice.

Am I guaranteed to make money with freeplay?

There are never any guarantees with sports betting. While freeplay provides great risk-free value, your bonus bets still have to win to earn withdrawable cash. Bet responsibly.

Ready to Score Big with Freeplay? Join BetUS Now!

Thanks for reading my complete guide to mastering freeplay bonuses! I hope you now have the confidence and skills to crush it with freeplay wagers.

To recap, remember these key tips:

  • Understand the difference between cash and freeplay balances.

  • Track your total wagering requirement as you bet.

  • Stick to safer bets like spreads and totals to increase win probability.

  • Take advantage of live betting for better odds.

  • Review terms and pick solid offers with good playthrough rules.

Now just sign up with BetUS using this link to claim the best deposit bonus – 50% match up to a whopping $1000 in freeplay!

Be sure to use the promo code "JOIN125" when creating your new account to activate the offer.

Good luck and enjoy all those free bets courtesy of BetUS! Let me know if you have any other questions. Ready to get started? Join today!



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