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Incogni or Kanary: Which Data Privacy Service Should You Choose in 2023?

Living in the digital age means our personal data is constantly being tracked and shared by data brokers around the web. But services like Incogni and Kanary aim to help you take back control of your information.

So should you choose Incogni or Kanary for better online privacy in 2023? In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll compare the two platforms in-depth so you can decide which one is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Let‘s start with an overview of how each service approaches privacy protection…

An Introduction to Incogni and Kanary

Incogni and Kanary have some similarities – they both help you manage your online privacy by removing personal data from people search sites and data brokers. But they go about it in very different ways.

Incogni‘s Specialized Data Deletion

Founded in 2019, Incogni is specifically focused on finding and deleting your personal information from as many online sources as possible.

Incogni combs through its database of over 180 data broker sites to find pages that may contain your info and submits individual opt-out requests. According to the company, Incogni successfully removes data from an average of 134 sites per person.

Once you sign up and submit your info, Incogni handles the data removal process automatically. You just sit back while your data gets delisted from people search websites, data brokers, ad platforms, and other services.

Incogni user interface screenshot

Incogni‘s simple dashboard shows pending and completed data removal requests.

Some key features offered by Incogni:

  • Customized data removal requests to over 180 sites
  • Tracks responses and repeatedly requests opt-outs
  • Affordable pricing starting at $6.49/month
  • Regulatory compliance (CCPA, GDPR)

Kanary‘s Comprehensive Privacy Protection

Founded in 2020, Kanary takes a broader approach to online privacy. In addition to automated data removal tools, Kanary also provides dark web monitoring, identity theft protection, password management, a VPN, and other features.

Kanary‘s core package includes:

  • Data deletion from over 260 sites
  • Dark web scanning for exposed credentials
  • Identity theft protection and monitoring
  • Password manager
  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Kanary positions itself as an all-in-one privacy suite. While it offers data removal like Incogni, it goes far beyond just opting you out of data brokers.

Kanary mobile app and dashboard

Kanary provides mobile apps and a dashboard to manage your privacy.

Comparing Privacy Protection Features

Now that you understand the basics of what Incogni and Kanary do, let‘s dive into how they compare across some key categories.

Data Removal Capabilities

Since data deletion is the core focus of Incogni, it‘s no surprise that Incogni has the edge when it comes to removing your info from data brokers and people search sites.

Incogni identifies and submits opt-out requests to over 180 sites. And it continues requesting removals until confirmed by each site.

Kanary offers more limited data deletion capabilities. While it claims to cover over 260 sites, Kanary only automates the opt-out process for about 70 sites. For other sites, you need to manually submit removal requests.

So Incogni definitely seems more effective if deleting your data from as many sources as possible is your main goal.

Comprehensive Privacy Protection

While Incogni focuses specifically on data removal, Kanary aims to provide complete, 360-degree online privacy protection:

Kanary features

Kanary‘s identity theft monitoring alerts you if your personal info appears on suspicious sites. The built-in password manager helps you improve login security. And the VPN allows you to browse more anonymously.

If you want an all-in-one privacy suite, Kanary provides much more robust protection. But the core value still lies in its data deletion capabilities.

Ease of Use

In terms of user experience, both Incogni and Kanary aim to make privacy protection as easy as possible.

Incogni has an extremely simple dashboard focused solely on data removal. The Kanary dashboard is more complex due to the breadth of features it provides access to.

However, both platforms offer intuitive user experiences. Kanary also offers mobile apps, which some may find more convenient for managing privacy on-the-go.

So ease of use is a draw between the two services. But Incogni‘s simplicity may appeal to less tech-savvy users.

Pricing and Value Comparison

One of the biggest considerations for most consumers is pricing. Incogni positions itself as an affordable data privacy solution, while Kanary charges a premium for its privacy suite.

Here‘s how the pricing shakes out:

Starting Monthly Price$6.49$14
Annual Price$77.88$150
Free TrialNo free trial, but "Getting Started" plan available for $17-day free trial of Premium plan
Key FeaturesData removal from 180+ sites
Regulatory compliance
Removal tracking and repeats
Data removal from 260+ sites
Dark web monitoring
ID theft monitoring
Password manager

Incogni offers better value for money if data deletion is your primary concern. But Kanary may be worth it for those wanting complete, proactive privacy protection.

For budget-conscious consumers focused on data removal, Incogni is likely the better bargain.

Incogni vs. Kanary: Pros and Cons

Based on capabilities, features, and pricing, what are the main pros and cons of Incogni and Kanary? Let‘s summarize it:

Incogni Pros

  • Very affordable, starting at $6.49/month
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Focus on data deletion from 180+ sites
  • Good customer support

Incogni Cons

  • Limited to data removal features
  • May request opt-outs from irrelevant sites

Kanary Pros

  • Comprehensive privacy protection
  • Additional security tools like dark web monitoring
  • Feature-packed mobile app
  • 7-day free trial available

Kanary Cons

  • Fairly expensive, starting at $14/month
  • Mixed reviews on effectiveness
  • Dashboard can feel cluttered

Which Is Better for You: Incogni or Kanary?

So when considering these two privacy platforms, which one should you choose?

Choose Incogni If:

  • You specifically want to delete your data from people search sites, data brokers, and online platforms
  • You value simplicity and ease of use when managing privacy
  • You want an affordable way to protect your information
  • You care most about data removal rather than additional security features

Choose Kanary If:

  • You want comprehensive privacy protection including dark web monitoring, ID theft protection, password manager, etc.
  • You don‘t mind paying a premium for an all-in-one solution
  • You value the convenience of Kanary‘s mobile apps
  • You want the most proactive protection against security threats

Try Incogni‘s Starter Plan or Kanary‘s Free Trial

If you‘re still undecided, trying out either service first can help you determine which you prefer:

  • Incogni offers a limited "Getting Started" plan for just $1 to test out data removal
  • Kanary provides a 7-day free trial of their Premium plan

Taking advantage of these risk-free options is a great way to experience each platform before committing.

Take Control of Your Data in 2023

In an age where online privacy is increasingly valuable, services like Incogni and Kanary empower you to manage your personal information. While both offer useful options for data protection, Incogni‘s specialized focus on data deletion provides better value in most cases.

But assessing your specific needs and budget will determine whether Incogni or Kanary is the right pick. Hopefully this guide gave you the insights needed to decide which platform best meets your privacy goals for 2023 and beyond. The choice is yours!



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