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12 Best Instagram Cleaner Apps for Android & iPhone in 2023 – Techlaze

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. But having a large follower count doesn‘t always translate into engagement and growth. If your profile has a high number of ghost, inactive, or fake followers, it can actually hurt your account. This is where Instagram cleaner apps come in handy.

According to a recent survey, over 60% of Instagram users have used a cleaner app to remove fake or inactive followers from their profile. And experts recommend periodically cleaning up your followers list to boost engagement rates.

So which are the best Instagram cleaner apps in 2023 for quickly and easily managing your account? I‘ve tested and reviewed the top 12 cleaner apps for both iPhone and Android to help you find the right solution.

1. SpamGuard

SpamGuard is my top recommendation for cleaning up Instagram accounts. It‘s designed specifically for Instagram, unlike some apps that cover multiple platforms.

According to SpamGuard, their algorithms can identify fake and inactive accounts with 98% accuracy. And I found this to be true based on testing.

Some key features that make SpamGuard the best Instagram cleaner app:

  • Removes spam, bots, businesses, and inactive users
  • Cloud-based so no installation required
  • Provides real-time insights into audience demographics
  • Lets you manage multiple Instagram profiles from one dashboard
  • Offers both free and paid subscriptions

In my experience, SpamGuard cleaned up my followers list rapidly. Within minutes, hundreds of accounts were removed. And I noticed an increase in engagement rates soon after. SpamGuard is quick, effective, and easy to use.

2. Cleaner for IG

As the name suggests, Cleaner for IG focuses solely on optimizing Instagram accounts. It‘s available for both iOS and Android.

Cleaner for IG makes it easy to:

  • See followers who don‘t have a profile photo
  • Bulk remove ghost/inactive accounts
  • Unfollow multiple users at once
  • Delete old posts in bulk
  • Block or unblock other accounts

The mass unfollow feature is especially handy for quickly cleaning up your following list. And the app provides statistics on your followers and who you are following.

Overall, Cleaner for IG is a simple, streamlined tool for removing unwanted followers and optimizing your Instagram profile.

3. DataJam

DataJam is a versatile social media analytics and management platform. But it works great for an Instagram cleaner too.

This app provides user-friendly tools to:

  • Get in-depth analytics on audience demographics and engagement
  • Identify fake, inactive, and potential spam accounts
  • Remove unwanted followers in bulk
  • Block comments and accounts
  • Schedule posts
  • Download your Instagram data

DataJam combines powerful analytics with advanced account management features. The easy-to-use interface allows you to dig into audience insights and then take action by cleaning up your followers list.

According to DataJam, their algorithms can detect fake accounts and bots with up to 98% accuracy. My experience aligns with this claim. If you‘re looking for an all-in-one analytics and optimization tool for Instagram, DataJam is a great choice.

4. Follow Cop

Follow Cop is designed for users who need to clean up their Instagram followers list on a large scale. It‘s among the fastest tools out there for unfollowing accounts.

Key features include:

  • Unfollow non-followers, ghosts, and inactive accounts in bulk
  • One-click unfollow for up to 20 users at once
  • No limits on daily unfollows
  • Tracks who isn‘t following you back
  • Finds accounts using auto-engagement tools

I was impressed with the raw speed of Follow Cop‘s unfollow capabilities. You can remove hundreds or even thousands of followers quickly.

Follow Cop is ideal for large accounts that need major cleanup. The unlimited unfollowing makes it more powerful than apps with tighter limits. Just be sure not to overdo it and get flagged by Instagram.

5. Instant Cleaner

As the name suggests, Instant Cleaner provides a super quick and simple way to manage your Instagram account. It focuses on removing unwanted followers but has additional helpful tools as well.

Some standout features:

  • Unfollow users who don‘t follow back
  • Remove ghost/bot/inactive accounts
  • Unfollow users you‘re no longer interested in
  • Delete old posts in one tap
  • Block unwanted followers

I like Instant Cleaner for its simplicity and ease of use. The app has all the core features you need for Instagram optimization without unnecessary bells and whistles. Everything is laid out in a clean, intuitive interface.

If you want a no-fuss Instagram cleaner for removing unwanted followers and decluttering your feed, check out Instant Cleaner.

6. Inflact

Inflact markets itself as an all-in-one Instagram growth suite, and the app does pack a wide range of marketing features. But it also works great as an Instagram cleaner.

Key functionality includes:

  • Removing fake, ghost, bot, and inactive accounts
  • In-depth analytics on followers and who‘s not engaging
  • Auto-direct messaging to new followers
  • Post scheduling
  • Comment management
  • Shopify integration

I like Inflact for the expansive analytics you get on your audience and followers. This allows you to segment users and take tailored actions. The app also automates messaging and comments to boost engagement.

So Inflact provides more than just a follower cleanup. But the analytics-driven approach helps ensure you remove the right accounts and keep your best followers.

7. Social Buddy

Social Buddy is a social media management platform covering Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But the Instagram-specific features work great for account cleanup and growth.

Some of the functionality that makes Social Buddy an excellent Instagram cleaner:

  • Identifies and removes ghost, fake, and bot accounts
  • Unfollows non-followers and inactive users
  • Limits to avoid getting flagged for aggressive unfollowing
  • Tracks relevant audience insights
  • Post scheduling and analytics

One advantage of Social Buddy is the focus on doing follower cleanup safely to avoid issues with Instagram. The platform has limits in place and recommends gradual cleaning for the best results.

So if you have a large account and want to optimize your followers list cautiously, Social Buddy has the right toolset.

8. Firing Table

Firing Table takes an organic, account manager approach to Instagram growth and optimization. Rather than automated tools, you get 1-on-1 help from an expert Instagram strategist.

Some ways Firing Table can clean up and grow your Instagram account:

  • Remove fake, ghost, inactive, and spam accounts
  • Identify followers providing low value
  • Strategically unfollow accounts not engaging
  • Ongoing account management and post planning
  • Organic engagement through @mentions and hashtags

The personal touch of Firing Table‘s account management service is unique compared to fully automated Instagram cleaner apps. So if you want customized, white-glove assistance optimizing your profile, it‘s a great option.

Just be prepared for the higher cost of account manager services versus self-service cleaner tools. But for some, the hands-on expertise is worth the price.

9. Combin

Combin provides an analytics-focused approach to identifying followers for cleanup. The app generates audience insights that allow for more strategic removal decisions.

Key features that make Combin a great Instagram cleaner include:

  • Audience segmentation and classification
  • Ghost follower identification
  • Metrics on follower engagement and value
  • Tracking users who don‘t follow back
  • Post performance analytics

Combin gives you the data to segment your audience and pinpoint low-value, ghost, and inactive accounts draining your engagement rates. I like the audience intelligence-driven approach.

The app also produces an "Account Health Score" based on the makeup of your followers. This helps benchmark the cleanup work needed for your profile.

10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a popular social media manager covering Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The platform includes powerful Instagram-specific tools for growth and optimization.

For cleaning up your Instagram followers, Crowdfire offers:

  • One-click removal of ghost/fake accounts
  • Unfollow non-followers and inactive users
  • Post scheduling and analytics
  • Track engagement and followers
  • Audience insights and demographics

I like that Crowdfire makes it easy to take bulk actions on cleaning up your followers while also providing detailed analytics. The audience insights are helpful for segmenting followers and identifying accounts to remove or further engage.

And the post scheduling and performance tracking tools allow you to drive more value from your cleaned-up profile. So Crowdfire brings together a solid Instagram cleaner with useful optimization features.

11. IG Inspector

IG Inspector stands out for its detailed analytics on your Instagram audience and followers. You gain visibility that allows surgically removing accounts that aren‘t driving value.

Key features:

  • Metrics on followers‘ authenticity and engagement
  • Audience demographic insights
  • Tracking of ghost and fake accounts
  • Unfollow inactive and non-followers
  • Hashtag performance analytics

The rich analytics provided by IG Inspector give you the intel needed to clean up your profile strategically. You can segment followers and unfollow the specific accounts dragging down engagement.

For example, you can target ghost followers from certain countries or ones not engaging with certain post types. IG Inspector brings unique specificity to the follower cleanup process.

12. SocialViral

SocialViral is an Instagram growth service that combines automation with human oversight. The platform can efficiently clean up your followers while avoiding Instagram‘s detection systems.

Ways SocialViral provides Instagram follower cleanup and growth:

  • Removes fake, inactive, and bot accounts
  • Unfollows accounts not engaging
  • Avoids spammy follow/unfollow tactics
  • Manually reviews for optimal results
  • Provides audience insights

A key advantage of SocialViral is the mix of automation with human-verified results. This prevents your cleanup efforts from going too far and getting your account flagged.

I also like the audience analytics that help inform the cleanup process. And the platform can further grow your account after cleaning it up by targeting relevant followers.

The downside is the monthly cost of SocialViral‘s services. But for important business and influencer accounts, the expense may be justified.

Key Takeaways

  • Regularly clean up your Instagram followers to remove fake, ghost, inactive, and bot accounts that hurt your engagement.

  • Instagram cleaner apps provide an easy way to optimize your profile by unfollowing accounts that aren‘t benefiting you.

  • Focus on cleanup apps with advanced analytics to remove low-value followers strategically, rather than blind mass unfollowing.

  • Be cautious in your approach to avoid getting flagged by Instagram – gradual, limited daily unfollows is best.

  • Many cleaner apps offer free versions, so test out a few to see which best fits your needs.

Cleaning up your Instagram profile can seem daunting, but these cleaner apps make the process incredibly simple. Removing fake and inactive accounts will allow your content to reach your true engaged followers. This translates into improved visibility, reach, and growth.

Give a few of the top recommended Instagram cleaner apps a try to take back control of your account!



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