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Got Instagram Email Marketing? 6 Scrapers to Skyrocket Your Outreach

Hey there! If you want to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, I‘ve got just the thing – email scraping.

I know, I know – "email scraping" sounds kinda spammy. But when done right, it‘s a totally legit and crazy effective tactic for finding and engaging potential customers.

In this post, I‘ll compare the top 6 Instagram email scrapers on the market today so you can start building targeted email lists in minutes.

I‘ll also give some pro tips to avoid common beginner mistakes that can get you flagged or banned. Read on to become an Instagram email scraping pro!

Why Email Scraping is a Must for Instagram Marketers

Let‘s get one thing straight – marketing on Instagram without email is leaving tons of money on the table.

Just look at these mind-blowing stats:

  • Email delivers 38x more revenue than Facebook and Twitter combined (McKinsey).
  • Influencer marketing emails have open rates of up to 30% compared to 20% for typical retail emails (SocialPubli).
  • 70% of Instagram users say they have purchased a product or service after seeing it on Instagram.

But here‘s the thing – collecting emails one-by-one from your followers or cold DMs is a slow and painful process.

That‘s where email scrapers come to the rescue.

These nifty tools let you quickly extract any public Instagram profile‘s email address so you can:

  • Blast influencers for sponcon and get 3X higher response rates
  • Build custom email lists by targeting hashtags or locations
  • Import email lists into your CRM and email platform for campaigns
  • Drive conversions by reaching customers exactly where they like to engage

Pretty awesome right? Now let‘s dive into the top tools to try.

6 Best Instagram Email Scrapers for Powerful Lead Gen

Through extensive testing, I found these 6 scrapers give you the best bang for your buck. Take a peek:

Scraper Showdown

ToolFree TrialCostProxiesExportsEase of Use
Phantombuster14 days$29/moBuilt-in auto proxy rotationCSV, Google Sheets, other CRMsSteep learning curve
ScraperAPI1000 free emails/moPay per scrapeAutomatic with high uptimeJSON, CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MySQLVery beginner friendly
BrightData7 days$50/mo40M+ residential IPsSQL, MySQL, Postgres, RedshiftUser-friendly email bot
Octoparse7 days$399/lifetimeLimited proxy supportExcel, CSV, JSONVery easy, visual bot creation
ScrapingBee7 daysPay per scrapeRotating proxy networkJSON, CSV, Excel, Google SheetsEasy API but requires coding
ProfileMateFree version$39/moBuilt-in auto proxy rotationCSV, individual photo downloadsSpecialized for Instagram

1. Phantombuster – For Experts Wanting Auto-Piloted Email Scraping

If you‘re technically savvy and want maximum scraping power, Phantombuster is a top choice.

It offers specialized bots for different Instagram scraping tasks like email extraction, follower collection, auto-messaging, and more.

You can target profiles by location, followers of other accounts, even specific hashtags. This level of customization really lets you laser focus your email outreach.

While Phantombuster is extremely powerful, it does have a steep learning curve. Expect to invest some time reading docs and watching tutorials to master its capabilities.

Some key details:

Price – $29/mo after 14 day free trial

Features – Email, followers, posts, auto-messaging bots. Highly customizable targeting.

Exports – Google Sheets, CSV, integrates with CRMs like Salesforce

Ease of Use – Powerful but very complex. Definitely not a tool for beginners.

Verdict – Perfect for seasoned marketers who know exactly what emails they need. The ultimate automation tool.

Ready to become a Phantombuster power user?

πŸ‘‰ Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

2. ScraperAPI – Dead Simple Instagram Scraping

If you want to start scraping emails fast without dealing with complexity, ScraperAPI is a fabulous choice.

It makes Instagram data extraction incredibly easy. Just sign up, add your targets, and download the results. No coding or technical know-how required.

ScraperAPI also stands out for offering a forever free plan. You can extract up to 1000 emails per month at no cost. A great way for beginners to test the waters.

For high volume scraping,ScraperAPI‘s pay-as-you-go pricing is quite reasonable too.

Some key details:

Price – Free 1000 emails/month or pay per scrape starting at $7 for 5000 emails

Features – User friendly and fast. Also scrapes profiles, followers, biography text

Exports – JSON, CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL

Ease of Use – Beginner friendly. No coding or technical expertise needed.

Verdict – Perfect for marketers who want fast, unlimited email scraping without complexity.

Ready to start scraping Instagram emails the easy way?

πŸ‘‰ Sign up for ScraperAPI‘s forever free plan

3. BrightData – Reliable Data Extraction Bot for Instagram

BrightData is a web scraping tool with a handy pre-built bot perfect for extracting Instagram emails, usernames, and profile info.

The bot lets you search by usernames, hashtags, or locations and exports results directly to your database tools like SQL, MySQL, Postgres, or Redshift.

It uses a pool of over 40 million residential IPs to ensure reliable scraping at high volumes without getting blocked.

While BrightData scrapes less profile fields than some alternatives, its email scraping reliability is truly top-notch.

Some key details:

Price – $50/month after 7 day trial

Features – Pre-built email and username scraper bot. Decent targeting options.

Exports – SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift

Ease of Use – User-friendly bot setup. Limited customization capabilities.

Verdict – A great fit if you just need consistently accurate email extraction at scale.

Ready to scrape Instagram with precision?

πŸ‘‰ Try BrightData‘s Instagram Bot Free for 7 Days

4. Octoparse – Visually Build Your Scraper Without Coding

I love tools that make complex things simple. Octoparse does exactly that for web scraping.

Octoparse lets you visually build scrapers by clicking instead of coding. It offers a pre-made Instagram bot template to customize.

Just set up the workflow to extract emails, usernames, posts, bios – whatever Instagram data you need.

Octoparse will handle the scraping heavy-lifting in the background. All you need to do is export the results.

Some key details:

Price – 7 day free trial, then $399 lifetime fee

Features – Visual, code-free scraper building. Decent customization options.

Exports – Excel, CSV, JSON

Ease of Use – Extremely beginner friendly. Arguably the easiest tool reviewed.

Verdict – Perfect for non-coders who want total scraping simplicity.

Ready to scrape Instagram visually?

πŸ‘‰ Get Started with Octoparse‘s 7 Day Free Trial

5. ScrapingBee – API Scraper for Developers

For developers needing scalable Instagram scraping, ScrapingBee hits a real sweet spot.

It offers an API endpoint specifically tailored for extracting Instagram profile data including emails, usernames, and bio info.

You can set up automated scraping workflows to extract and store data without dealing with captchas, blocks, or proxies.

ScrapingBee uses a large network of residential proxies to avoid detection. Pricing is based on the number of requests.

Some key details:

Price – Pay per request starting at $9 per 1000 requests

Features – Scalable API-based scraping. Ideal for developers.

Exports – JSON, CSV, Excel, Google Sheets

Ease of Use – Requires coding skills to leverage API

Verdict – A great choice for devs who need scalable, hands-off Instagram scraping.

Ready to integrate email scraping into your code?

πŸ‘‰ Sign Up for ScrapingBee‘s 7 Day Free Trial

6. ProfileMate – Specialized Tool for Scraping Instagram Emails & Profiles

If you want a scraper focused 100% on Instagram data, check out ProfileMate.

As its name indicates, ProfileMate excels at extracting profile info like emails as well as downloading users‘ public photos.

It offers slick tools to scrape and export Instagram profile directories or individual profiles as PDFs or spreadsheets.

I like that ProfileMate has Unlimited plans so you can extract as many emails as needed once you pay the flat monthly fee.

Some key details:

Price – Free version. Unlimited plan $39/month.

Features – Specialized Instagram scraping tools for emails, profiles, photos

Exports – CSV, PDF profiles, individual photo downloads

Ease of Use – Very easy to use. Desktop app only.

Verdict – Ideal for marketers who just need Instagram data. Simple and affordable.

Ready to become an Instagram scraping expert?

πŸ‘‰ Start Scraping Instagram with ProfileMate

Which Tool is Right For You?

With many solid Instagram scraping options, choosing the right tool for your needs is essential.

Here are some key questions to consider:

  • What data do you need? Just emails? Profile info? Photos? Identify must-have fields.
  • What‘s your budget? Pay-as-you-go or monthly subscriptions? Factor in email volume.
  • How tech savvy are you? Seek user-friendly tools if you‘re not coding-inclined.
  • What are your email/CRM workflows? Pick export formats that integrate with your stack.
  • How much do you value simplicity? Some tools trade features for ease – decide what matters most.

I always recommend starting with free trials of 2-3 options to get hands-on.

But you really can‘t go wrong with any of the tools above. Each brings unique strengths to the table.

Pro Tip: Avoid Getting Flagged While Scraping Instagram

Since scraping toes the line of Instagram‘s Terms of Service, you‘ve got to be smart to avoid getting flagged or banned:

  • Use burner Instagram accounts – Don‘t scrape directly from your personal/business profile.
  • Enable private browsing – Prevent cookies/cache exposing your scraping activities.
  • Limit scrape size and frequency – Gradual, modest scraping is safest.
  • Vary your patterns – Don‘t repeatedly scrape the same profiles. Mix it up.
  • Check extracted data accuracy – Some tools are glitchy. Confirm quality before importing.
  • Never spam – Only email users who have expressly permitted it. No exceptions!

Scraping responsibly takes a bit more work but it‘s 100% worth it to grow your Instagram following ethically and legally.

Scrape Smarter, Convert More

Well there you have it – everything you need to take your Instagram marketing to the next level with email scraping!

No more crossing your fingers that potential customers stumble on your profile. Now you can go to them directly with targeted outreach.

Just remember to:

  • Use the right tool for YOUR needs and skills
  • Tread cautiously and respect Instagram‘s guidelines
  • Always get explicit consent before emailing scraped contacts

Scraping is powerful but with great power comes great responsibility. Wield it wisely!

Have any other questions about how to leverage Instagram email scraping successfully? Let me know in the comments!



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