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10 Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps in 2023

Hey there! As an avid Instagrammer, keeping up with your follower count is crucial. But the Instagram app itself doesn‘t give you much data on who‘s following you, who unfollowed you, or how engaged your followers really are.

That‘s where Instagram follower tracker apps come in super handy!

In 2023, over half of Instagram‘s 2 billion monthly active users use the app every single day. With all that activity, it‘s impossible to keep up with followers manually. Follower trackers give you the inside scoop on your follower stats so you can grow your account and delight your audience.

Based on expert testing and reviews, I‘ve compiled this list of the 10 best Instagram follower tracking apps for 2023. I‘ll give you the run-down on their stand-out features, pricing, and how they compare to competitors. Let‘s dive in!

A Quick Intro to Instagram Follower Trackers

Before we get to the apps, let‘s quickly go over the core benefits of using an Instagram follower tracker:

  • See who unfollowed you and identify lost followers
  • Discover new followers and view follower growth graphs
  • Segment followers by location, gender, age group, interests
  • Analyze engagement metrics for each post
  • Identify and remove fake/inactive followers
  • Unfollow users who aren‘t following you back
  • Benchmark performance against competitors
  • Optimize your Instagram strategy for growth

Follower trackers give you precious insights into your audience so you can create the type of content they love. You can also benchmark against competitors to adopt their best practices.

The top apps even integrate directly with Instagram to pull data in real-time. This saves you time and gives more accurate, up-to-date analytics. Now let‘s get into the list!

Best Instagram Follower Tracker Apps for 2023

1. SocialInsider

I‘m starting with SocialInsider because it‘s the most comprehensive and user-friendly app I‘ve found. Here‘s an overview:

  • Real-time tracking of new/lost followers, ghost followers
  • Follower demographics with breakdowns of age, gender, locations
  • Engagement metrics for every post like reach, saves, comments
  • Analytics for Instagram stories and reels too
  • Competitor benchmarking to compare performance
  • Easy-to-use interface with visual graphs and maps

SocialInsider pulls data directly from Instagram so you don‘t need to manually input anything. Their insights are so detailed – you can even see what times your followers are most active.

Pricing starts at $29/month for individuals. They also offer a free 7-day trial so you can test it out.

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another very popular Instagram analytics app. It‘s been around for a while and offers great tracking and reporting. Here are some notable features:

  • Follower and unfollower tracking with time filters
  • Post engagement insights for last 20 posts
  • Metrics for Instagram stories and reels
  • Audience map showing followers by location
  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Free basic plan, Pro plan starts at $9.99/month

While Iconosquare doesn‘t pull in as much data as SocialInsider, their reports and charts are beautifully designed. The audience map is definitely a standout.

3. Combin

Combin is perfect for social media managers who handle multiple Instagram accounts. You can connect unlimited Instagram profiles for consolidated reporting.

Combin gives you:

  • A unified dashboard for all connected accounts
  • Real-time tracking of followers and unfollowers
  • Post, story and reel engagement metrics
  • Ghost follower detection across profiles
  • Easy account switching from the app

Pricing starts at a flat rate of $15/month per connected profile. So it can be more affordable than apps charging per profile.

4. Social Blade

With over 3 million registered users, Social Blade is a popular option. Their Instagram follower tracker shows:

  • Real-time follower counts and unfollowers
  • Projected future follower growth
  • Likes per post and comments per post
  • Limited demographic details on followers

The free account only lets you track 1 Instagram profile. To remove this limit, pricing starts at $15/month. Social Blade also tracks YouTube channel stats which is a nice bonus.

5. Inflact

Inflact is an Instagram and TikTok analytics app with some great visual data. For Instagram, they offer:

  • New and lost follower tracking
  • Engagement rate and reach tracking
  • Post performance analytics
  • Audience demographic data
  • Ghost follower detection
  • Starts at $10/month for individuals

Inflact‘s Social Trends map beautifully displays changes in followers and engagement over time. This makes it easy to see the impact of your posting strategy.

6. SocialTracker

SocialTracker is a dedicated Instagram analytics app. It provides:

  • Automatic tracking of followers and unfollowers
  • Metrics for posts, stories and reels
  • Benchmarks against similar Instagram accounts
  • Segmentation of followers by engagement levels
  • Starts at $9.99/month for up to 5 profiles

Having the ability to compare with similar accounts is a handy tool for improvement. You can adopt content strategies from competitors who are excelling.

7. Follower Insights

Follower Insights has an easy-to-use interface that beginners love. Their core features include:

  • Stats on followers, unfollowers and growth
  • Audience analysis by location and gender
  • Post analytics to optimize content
  • Starts at an affordable $6.99/month
  • Provides a free 3-day trial

While their reports aren‘t as detailed as premium apps, Follower Insights nails the basics for an approachable price.

8. Social Report

Social Report is focused on Instagram follower tracking for business pages and creator accounts. They offer:

  • Identification of ghost followers
  • Discovery of mass unfollowers
  • Audience demographic reports
  • Post analytics for engagement
  • Pricing from $29/month

Having an audience demographic breakdown is invaluable for tailoring content to your target groups. And Social Report makes this easy to digest.

9. Upleap

Upleap is a social media management platform with built-in analytics. Their Instagram reporting provides:

  • Automatic tracking of followers and unfollowers
  • Engagement metrics for posts and stories
  • Breakdown of followers by age, gender and location
  • Ghost follower detection
  • Pricing starts at $99/month

Upleap also has publishing, UGC curation and competitor benchmarking features. So it can handle your full Instagram marketing workflow.

10. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a social media analytics company. Their Instagram follower tracker offers:

  • Identification of fake and inactive followers
  • Analysis of audience authenticity
  • Demographic data on followers
  • Engagement metrics for posts
  • 14-day free trial, then $29/month

Removing fake followers is crucial for creating an authentic profile. HypeAuditor specializes in this area to optimize your follower quality.

So those are my top picks for the 10 best Instagram follower tracking apps! Each has unique strengths catering to different users‘ needs and budgets. I hope this breakdown helps you decide on the right match.

Now let‘s go over the key reasons to use a follower tracker for your Instagram account.

4 Reasons You Need an Instagram Follower Tracker

Here are the main benefits follower trackers provide:

1. Identify Your Best Followers

Follower trackers allow you to segment your audience by engagement level. You can identify your absolute best followers who watch all your stories, like posts right away, and comment often.

Engage these VIP followers directly to turn them into loyal brand advocates. This word-of-mouth promotion brings in more genuine, long-term followers.

2. See What Content Resonates

Analyzing your posts‘ performance over time shows you what content types, captions and filters attract the most engagement. Follower trackers make this easy.

You can fine-tune your content strategy to feature more of what your audience responds to. Satisfied followers will stay loyal and may tag friends who have similar tastes.

3. Remove Bot and Spam Accounts

Fake and inactive accounts inflate your follower count without adding value. Follower trackers like HypeAuditor easily identify these accounts so you can remove them.

Your follower-engagement rate will improve. Plus, you protect your brand reputation by preventing bot and spam accounts from commenting.

4. Benchmark Against Competitors

The best follower trackers let you compare your performance to competitors. Seeing where you fall behind guides your strategy.

For example, a competitor has better story engagement than you. You can adopt their practices of using interactive polls and geo-tagged locations in stories.

These kinds of adjustments can rapidly grow your account. Follower trackers provide the intel to know exactly where to improve.

Get the Most Value from Your Instagram Follower Tracker

To wrap things up, here are my top tips for choosing and using a follower tracker app:

  • Pick an app that integrates directly with Instagram. This gives you accurate, real-time data without manual work.

  • Focus on apps with visual reports. Charts, graphs and maps make data easier to digest.

  • Choose based on your budget. Some apps are just a few dollars per month while enterprise platforms can be hundreds.

  • Use historical data to set goals. Look at past growth and engagement rates to set realistic targets.

  • Analyze competitor performance and steal their winning ideas!

  • Regularly remove fake/inactive followers so your metrics stay clean.

  • Use audience insights to shape content topics and styles.

  • Engage your top fans for organic word-of-mouth promotion.

The right Instagram follower tracker will take your account to the next level! Figure out your key needs, try out some apps, and put the data to work.

Here‘s to growing your Instagram the smart way in 2023! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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