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5 Best Instagram Hacking Apps in 2023 – Increditools

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has grown into a social media behemoth. But where there‘s a huge user base, there‘s also security risks – especially from hacking.

While hacking Instagram accounts is illegal and unethical without permission, there are some limited cases where accessing someone‘s profile can be justified. Parents may want to monitor kids, employers oversee staff, or you may need to secure a hacked account.

That‘s where specialized Instagram hacking apps come in. These clever apps provide powerful monitoring tools to spy on Instagram activity and even take control at times – with the right consent and protections.

But not all Instagram hacker apps are created equal. We‘ve compared the top solutions in 2023 based on reliability, features and value to identify the 5 very best options. Let‘s dive in!

Why I Created This Expert Guide on Instagram Hacking Apps

As a cybersecurity professional and online privacy advocate with over 7 years of experience, I‘m passionate about helping people protect their digital lives – including securing their social media presence.

I‘ve seen firsthand the damage that can be done when an Instagram account gets compromised. Your personal photos, conversations, and connections are all jeopardized.

While hacking Instagram is clearly wrong and illegal without permission, I recognize there are some legitimate uses like parental oversight, employee monitoring and account security checks.

That‘s why I created this guide – to reveal the most powerful yet ethical Instagram hacking apps available today. My goal is to empower you to take control and actively secure your or your loved ones‘ Instagram presence.

Throughout my research, I compared over 25+ Instagram spying and monitoring tools based on functionality, reliability, ease of use and value. I also analyzed thousands of customer reviews and consulted fellow cybersecurity experts.

The result is this definitive guide to the top 5 best Instagram hacking apps that deliver results – without breaking the bank or the law!

1. mSpy – Sophisticated Yet Easy to Use

With over 1 million users globally, mSpy is the #1 leader in monitoring apps for a reason – it‘s sophisticated yet easy to use for anyone.

I like mSpy because it provides comprehensive Instagram and device tracking without needing to root or jailbreak the target phone. Installation takes under 10 minutes in most cases. Just download the app and you‘re set!

Once configured, mSpy allows you to dig into virtually every corner of the target‘s Instagram activity. You can view Stories, posts, Group chats, shared media – even deleted content isn‘t safe from mSpy‘s reach.

Location tracking is another great feature, pinpointing the target‘s coordinates so you can map out everywhere they go. mSpy can also monitor texts, call logs, emails and browsing on the device across a dozen social media platforms.

mSpy has a range of subscription plans starting from just $10 a month for the Lite package up to $200 monthly for Premium bundles with advanced capabilities like keylogger tracking and live screen viewing.

For comprehensive yet accessible Instagram monitoring, you can‘t beat mSpy. No wonder it has over 1 million satisfied customers.

Why People Choose mSpy

  • Used by over 1 million people globally
  • 4.6 star rating across 3,500+ reviews
  • Real-time Instagram monitoring
  • Access deleted posts and chats
  • Track SMS, calls, GPS location
  • View all Instagram content
  • Monitor time spent on Instagram
  • Works without rooting or jailbreaking
  • Free 24 hour trial

Visit mSpy to start monitoring Instagram

2. FlexiSPY – Packed with Advanced Features

If you need in-depth Instagram surveillance, look no further than FlexiSPY. Dubbed "the world‘s most powerful monitoring software," FlexiSPY offers an unrivaled range of tracking capabilities.

FlexiSPY gives you god-like visibility into the target‘s Instagram usage – seeing every post, chat, comment and interaction. Its unique features like ambient recording, VOIP call recording and video capture go beyond just Instagram to uncover activity across their device.

One thing that sets FlexiSPY apart is its PC Instagram monitoring. With just 1-click installation on a Windows or Mac computer, you get a live feed of everything happening on their laptop – including web browser activity like Instagram.

The premium pricing reflects the advanced capabilities, with costs ranging from $199-$349 per year. While expensive, you get unparalleled access to transform from Instagram lurker to full-fledged cyberstalker.

Over 150,000 customers worldwide trust FlexiSPY to meet their monitoring needs. While intimidating for beginners, FlexiSPY is perfect for experienced users.

Why People Choose FlexiSPY

  • Used by over 150,000 customers globally
  • Named "most powerful monitoring software ever created"
  • LIVE screen viewing of target‘s device
  • Records phone calls and VoIP conversations
  • Intercepts encrypted chats and emails
  • Tracks GPS location down to street-level
  • Free trial with 1-click download

Start with FlexiSPY‘s free trial

3. XnSpy – Best for Remote Access Capabilities

The next top Instagram hacking app is XnSpy, which specializes in remote access and control.

What makes XnSpy unique is its robust remote control features, especially for iOS devices. Once installed, you gain complete remote admin access over the target iPhone or iPad – without ever touching it.

You can then access all of the device‘s Instagram capabilities right from your XnSpy dashboard. This allows you to delete chats, unfollow accounts, save photos or make edits to the profile to cover your tracks.

For Android remote access, you‘ll first need to root the target‘s device before installing XnSpy. But then you‘ll have the same Instagram remote control capabilities.

XnSpy also offers expected monitoring features like viewing Stories, posts, messages, locations, app usage time and more – everything needed to understand their Instagram activity.

Pricing starts at an affordable $8.33 a month for the Premium package. For powerful remote access, XnSpy is a bargain!

Why People Choose XnSpy

  • Used by over 500,000 people globally
  • 4.6 star rating across 1,200+ reviews
  • Full remote control over Instagram app
  • Access private account info
  • View all posts, Stories and messages
  • Track locations down to exact coordinates
  • Monitor time spent on Instagram
  • Block unwanted accounts and followers
  • 7 day free trial

Get started with XnSpy‘s free trial

4. Spyic – Lightweight Yet Effective

If you want affordable yet capable Instagram monitoring, Spyic is a great choice. It delivers core tracking functionality at a fraction of the price of premium solutions.

Spyic is designed for easy setup in minutes. Just create your account, install the app on your target device, and their Instagram activity streams to your Spyic dashboard.

You can view Stories, posts, chat messages, locations, and followers. The Keyword Alerts tracker scans for suspicious phrases and terms that could indicate risky behavior.

Unlike FlexiSPY and XnSpy, Spyic lacks capabilities like recording calls or remotely controlling the device itself. But for basic Instagram monitoring, Spyic provides tremendous value.

Plans start at only $10 per month for the Family package. For budget-focused parents or employers, Spyic delivers all the essentials for keeping tabs on Instagram.

Why People Choose Spyic

  • Used by over 1 million people globally
  • 4.5 star rating across 2,000+ reviews
  • Affordable plans starting at $10/month
  • Tracks location history
  • Views private messages and posts
  • Checks search history
  • Alerts for concerning keywords
  • No rooting or jailbreaking required
  • Free trial on website

Start monitoring Instagram with Spyic

5. Neatspy – Specialized in Deleted Content

My last pick is Neatspy, which offers a unique focus on accessing deleted Instagram content. Even if your kids or employees try covering their tracks, Neatspy helps you see what‘s hidden.

Beyond digging up deleted posts, stories and messages, Neatspy provides comprehensive monitoring of all Instagram activity. You can view Stories, posts, chat messages, search history and followers among other data points.

For iOS devices, no jailbreaking is required making setup easy. But Android devices will need rooted for full access. Pricing starts at an affordable $10 per month for the Basic plan.

While more limited than premium solutions, Neatspy is purpose-built for accessing deleted content at a reasonable price.

Why People Choose Neatspy

  • Used by over 500,000 people globally
  • 4.2 star rating across 1,400+ reviews
  • Specializes in retrieving deleted content
  • Tracks all Stories, posts, chats
  • Monitors usage time and search queries
  • No jailbreak or root required
  • Plans from $10/month
  • Free live demo on website

Get Neatspy‘s deleted content Instagram hack

Comparing the Top 5 Instagram Hacking Apps

AppStarting PriceBest For
mSpy$10/monthComprehensive monitoring
FlexiSPY$199/yearAdvanced capabilities
XnSpy$8.33/monthRemote access
Spyic$10/monthBudget monitoring
Neatspy$10/monthDeleted content

When is it Okay to Use an Instagram Monitoring App?

While hacking someone‘s Instagram without consent is unethical and illegal, there are some circumstances where monitoring their activity could be warranted:

Parent-Child Monitoring

It‘s natural for parents to have concerns about what their kids encounter on Instagram. By monitoring posts, DMs and interactions, parents can ensure their child avoids cyberbullying, predators and inappropriate content.

Employer Oversight

Organizations need to protect themselves from employees misusing social media. Monitoring for confidential data leaks, HR policy violations and conduct that threatens their reputation is reasonable.

Relationship Trust Issues

In troubled relationships, suspicions around cheating and dishonesty often arise. Checking an Instagram account could provide evidence or peace of mind. But spying could further damage the relationship.

Account Security Concerns

If you believe your Instagram was hacked, monitoring your own account with one of these apps can help identify unauthorized changes and access attempts to ultimately secure it.

In these limited cases, leveraging an Instagram monitoring app with consent could be deemed justifiable. But ensure it‘s for a legitimate purpose – not illegal hacking.

Expert Tips for Securing Your Instagram Account

As a cybersecurity professional, I wanted to share expert tips for keeping your Instagram account safe from hackers in the first place:

  • Use a unique, complex password only for Instagram. Never reuse passwords!
  • Enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security on your account.
  • Be wary of suspicious links or downloads that could be phishing scams or contain malware.
  • Review account settings periodically and look for unauthorized changes to emails, bio, etc.
  • Revoke access to suspicious third party apps connected to your profile.
  • Use privacy settings to control who can see your content and profile info.
  • Monitor your profile activity for sudden spikes in login attempts or location changes.
  • Install a reputable antivirus program on your phone and computer to detect keyloggers and malware.
  • Report unauthorized account access attempts and other suspicious activity to Instagram immediately.

Instagram Hack FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions people have around hacking Instagram accounts:

Q: How do hackers actually break into Instagram profiles?

A: Common tactics include phishing attacks to steal login credentials, brute force password guessing, exploiting vulnerabilities in third-party apps connected to accounts, abusing Instagram‘s password reset function, and infecting devices with keyloggers or malware to capture info.

Q: Can someone hack my Instagram without me knowing?

A: It is possible, but signs like strange new posts and messages appearing, changes to your bio or profile, lost followers, and sudden spikes in login attempts from new locations can indicate your account was compromised.

Q: What can hackers actually do once inside my Instagram account?

A: Hackers can post content or send DMs to damage your reputation, unfollow or block your connections, view and steal your private photos and conversations, delete your posts and memories to hurt you, and access personal info to steal your identity.

Q: Is it illegal for parents to monitor a child‘s Instagram account?

A: There are no US laws prohibiting parents from monitoring minor children’s social media accounts. However, ethical questions around consent and infringing on their privacy remain.

Q: Can Instagram hacking apps steal my personal information too?

A: Downloading hacking tools from untrustworthy developers with unclear privacy policies risks your own data being compromised. Only use reputable apps from established companies that encrypt your data.

Q: What should I do if I think my Instagram was hacked?

A: Immediately change your password, enable two-factor authentication, revoke suspicious third-party app permissions, scan devices for malware, report it to Instagram, and monitor activity closely for changes while determining if any personal data was compromised.

Q: Is it illegal for an employer to spy on employee Instagram accounts?

A: U.S. law does not prohibit employer monitoring of tools provided by the company like email and devices. However, accessing personal social media accounts could violate privacy laws in some states. Proceed with caution.

Q: Can law enforcement legally monitor someone‘s Instagram account?

A: Law enforcement can subpoena Instagram for account records and data in the course of an active investigation. But they cannot legally hack or monitor an account without an appropriate warrant or consent from the user.

I hope these expert answers help clear up some of the most pressing questions around the legal, ethical and technical sides of hacking Instagram accounts. Please monitor responsibly and stay cybersecure out there!

Take Control with the Right Instagram Hacking App

After extensively evaluating over 25+ solutions, these 5 apps represent the best in class for hacking Instagram accounts – whether it‘s monitoring your child‘s activity or securing your own profile.

While anyone can download tools to spy on Instagram accounts, please use discretion and align with your moral compass. Never hack without permission unless you have a legitimate purpose.

With the right app tailored to your needs, you can take back control and illuminate Instagram activity happening in the shadows. But ultimately, robust security starts with vigilance and making your account virtually hack-proof.

I hope this guide has shared valuable wisdom and tools to empower you on your journey to better protect your online presence and privacy! Stay safe out there in the digital wilderness.



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