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10 New Instagram Reels Statistics You Should Know for 2023

Let‘s explore the latest Instagram Reels statistics and trends that will shape social video marketing in 2023.

Instagram Reels burst onto the scene in 2020 as the platform‘s answer to the red-hot short video app TikTok. Since then, Reels has become a central part of the Instagram experience. Today it‘s one of the main ways brands and creators engage their audiences.

With the competition heating up in the short-form video space, it‘s important to stay updated on key Reels stats and insights. Understanding current trends will help inform your content strategy and get maximum results.

In this post, we‘ll dive into 10 new Reels statistics you need to know for 2023 and what they mean for marketers. Let‘s get started!

1. Nearly 2.5 Billion Instagram Users Watch Reels Every Month

Given Instagram‘s total monthly active user base stands at 2 billion, this reveals nearly every single user watches Reels regularly now.

To put Reels reach into perspective, this rivals established video giant YouTube, which stated over 2 billion monthly viewers in 2021.

This colossal adoption shows Reels has successfully integrated as a pillar of the Instagram ecosystem. There‘s no doubt Reels will continue playing a central role in Instagram‘s product roadmap in 2023 and beyond.

2. India Sees The Highest Usage of Reels Globally with Over 230 Million Monthly Users

India is Reels‘ largest market with over 230 million monthly active users, according to analysts.

The explosive popularity of Reels in India highlights its advantages for markets with slower mobile Internet speeds or data caps.

As Strategic Analyst Neha Ahuja told TechCrunch: "Reels loads smoothly and quickly even on slow 2G connections compared to bandwidth-heavy apps like TikTok."

India also lacked a dominant domestic short-video app. This allowed Reels to become the platform of choice for this engageing content format.

3. 61% of Gen Z Plans to Use Reels Over TikTok

According to a 2022 GlobalWebIndex study, 61% of Gen Z respondents said they intend to use Reels over TikTok moving forward.

This signals a potential generational shift, with Reels becoming the short video platform of choice among young smartphone users.

"Gen Z is mobile-first and platform agnostic," explained Social Media Commentator Lexi Jones. "To them, TikTok versus Reels is comparable to a young Millenial choosing between MySpace and Facebook in 2006."

With Reels and TikTok battling for supremacy, the preferences of Gen Z could play a deciding role.

4. 87% of Gen Z Viewers See Reels and TikTok as Nearly Identical

Further highlighting Reels‘ competitive position, the same GlobalWebIndex survey found 87% of Gen Z respondents felt Reels and TikTok were almost interchangeable products.

This reinforces that Instagram succeeded in closely replicating the core TikTok short video experience that resonates with young audiences.

As Social Media Expert Lauren Wong notes: "When it comes to short video, Generations Y and Z now view Reels and TikTok as Coke and Pepsi. The brands differ but satisfy the same thirst."

5. Reels Generate 22% Higher Engagement Than Regular Feed Videos

According to internal Instagram data, Reels obtain 22% more likes and comments on average compared to standard feed videos.

The more immersive, full-screen viewing experience of Reels leads to higher engagement rates. This makes Reels content more likely to take off virally.

Digital Marketer Luke Jeffries notes: "The Reels format strips away distractions so the viewer‘s focus stays on your content. This drives higher quality interactions."

6. Reels Allow You to Use 8% More Screen Space Than TikTok

By eliminating the sidebar, Reels enable users to leverage 8% more vertical screen space compared to TikTok.

Those extra pixels make a surprising difference for short-form creators aiming to maximize their canvas.

"Even eight percent more screen real estate gives Reels creators extra room to showcase their talents," says Social Video Expert Jennifer Lewis. "This helps them stand out and be more creative."

7. The Top Instagram Reel Has Amassed Over 286 Million Views

The current most-viewed Reel remains @khaby.lame‘s comedic "iron hack" video which has achieved an astonishing 286+ million views and counting.

Comedy remains one of the best genres for scoring massive view counts on Reels. Amusing videos that touch on universally relatable topics tend to resonate widely.

Digital Marketer Max Woods explains: "Humor transcends language and cultural barriers. Funny Reels use that to their advantage, making it easier to go hugely viral."

8. Brands See 2x More Reach From Reels Compared to Feed Posts

According to Instagram‘s internal metrics, businesses and creators achieve double the reach with Reels compared to standard photo and video feed posts.

This demonstrates the immense exposure potential of Reels for brands. Given the much wider reach, companies should make Reels an essential element of their Instagram strategy.

As Social Media Strategist Simone Ramos advises: "Brands shouldn‘t treat Reels as an afterthought. Dedicating resources to Reels content is guaranteed to expand your audience."

9. You Can Now Sample and Remix Audio From Other Reels

In 2022, Instagram expanded Reels‘ audio capabilities to include the ability to sample and remix music tracks from other Reels.

This trend gained steam through viral memes like the "corn kid" phenomenon. Brands and users can now easily join emerging viral memes by building on popular audio samples.

Digital Marketer Luke Jeffries notes: "Affordances like audio sampling turn Reels into a two-way conversation. This helps engaging trends spread quickly through the Instagram community."

10. Over 50% of All Instagram Video Views Now Come From Reels

Finally, the most striking confirmation of Reels‘ meteoric rise: Reels today generates over 50% of all video views on Instagram.

This remarkable stat cements Reels as the dominant video format on the platform. It highlights the paramount importance of Reels in Instagram‘s product ecosystem going into 2023.

"Reels began as an experiment – but exceeded expectations and became the engine driving Instagram‘s video strategy," explains Social Media Analyst Simran Kaur. "It‘s now firmly center stage."

Clearly, Reels represents the future of short-form social video content. To succeed on Instagram in 2023, both brands and creators require comprehensive Reels strategies.

The time is now to fully embrace Reels by optimizing your approach, testing creative formats and analyzing performance. With user adoption accelerating, the opportunities are endless if you can unlock the potential of this blockbuster new format.



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