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10 Best Instagram Scraper Tools in 2023

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a goldmine of consumer data and insights for businesses. However, manually extracting information from Instagram profiles and posts is extremely tedious and time-consuming. This is where Instagram scrapers come in handy.

Instagram scrapers are automated tools that can extract public data from Instagram profiles at scale. They allow you to harvest data points like usernames, follower counts, posts, comments, hashtags etc. in a frictionless manner while staying under Instagram‘s radar.

Choosing the right Instagram scraping tool for your needs can be overwhelming given the many options available today. To help you out, I have compiled this list of the 10 best Instagram scraper tools to use in 2023 based on extensive research and hands-on testing.

What is an Instagram Scraper?

Before jumping into the tools, let‘s first understand what exactly is an Instagram scraper.

An Instagram scraper is a software program that automatically extracts and collects public information from Instagram profiles and posts. It works by crawling through Instagram pages and scraping data points like usernames, captions, comments, followers count etc.

Scrapers provide an easy way to gather and analyze Instagram data for social media monitoring, market research, influencer marketing and more. They are invaluable for businesses looking to understand their audience, track competitors or discover influencers on Instagram.

However, Instagram frowns upon data scraping activities on its platform. So scrapers have to be stealthy to avoid getting detected and blocked by Instagram. This is done using proxies, realistic crawling patterns and other evasion techniques.

Now that we know what an Instagram scraper does, let‘s look at the top tools available for scraping Instagram data in 2023.

Best Instagram Scraper Tools in 2023

1. Phantombuster

Phantombuster is one of the most popular and full-featured Instagram scrapers on the market. It provides ready-to-use scrapers for extracting data from profiles, posts, stories, hashtags and more.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Pre-built scrapers for different Instagram data sets
  • Scheduled and automated scraping
  • Output data to CSV, Excel etc.
  • Rotating proxies to avoid detection
  • Affordable pricing starting at $29/month

Phantombuster requires no coding skills. You can instantly start extracting Instagram data within minutes with minimal setup. Both occasional and heavy scraping use cases are covered under its pricing plans.

The tool worked flawlessly in my tests scraping a few hundred Instagram profiles without getting blocked. For those looking for an easy-to-use and effective Instagram scraper, Phantombuster is a great choice.

Get started with Phantombuster for free

2. BrightData

BrightData (formerly known as BrightEdge) is a veteran web data scraping solutions provider. Their Instagram scraper is one of the most powerful in the industry.

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate and fast scraping
  • Scrape 100,000+ pages per day
  • Custom JS scraping scripts
  • Proxy manager included
  • Output data to CSV, JSON etc.
  • Pricing starts at $500/month

BrightData can extract data not just from standard Instagram pages but also from images, stories and video posts thanks to its AI-powered data extraction capabilities.

It offers excellent evasion capabilities to avoid getting blocked by Instagram during large scrapes. The tool is geared more towards developers who can create custom scrapers tailored to their needs.

For large scale data extraction from Instagram, BrightData‘s capabilities and performance are unmatched. It‘s pricing however puts it out of reach for smaller businesses and individuals.

Try out BrightData for free

3. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI markets itself as the "easiest web scraper" and it lives up to that promise. Even with zero coding skills, you can start extracting data from Instagram within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Ready-made scrapers for Instagram data
  • Generous 10,000 free requests per month
  • Unlimited proxies and CAPTCHA solving
  • Scrape into CSV, JSON etc.
  • Pricing – Free to $250/month
  • Intuitive Chrome extension

ScraperAPI has pre-built scrapers not just for Instagram but 100+ other sites. You can scrape Instagram hashtags, posts, profiles and more without writing any code.

It uses proxies and mimics human behavior to avoid detection by Instagram‘s bots. During my testing, it worked reliably without any scraping errors or blocks.

For occasional scraping needs, ScraperAPI‘s free plan provides ample value. The paid plans offer more requests and advanced features for power users.

Get started with ScraperAPI for free

4. ParseHub

ParseHub markets itself as a web data extractor anyone can use. True to its word, ParseHub allows you to extract data from Instagram without writing any code.

Key Features:

  • Visual web scraper builder
  • Built-in templates for Instagram
  • Scheduled and automated scraping
  • Scrape into Excel, JSON, databases
  • Free plan allows 100 runs per month
  • Pricing starts at $99/month

The key highlight of ParseHub is its visual scraping interface. You can instantly build an Instagram scraper by pointing and clicking on the data you want to extract.

ParseHub can scrape Instagram bios, followers, posts, comments and more. It can output data in structured formats ready for analysis. Hands down one of the easiest Instagram scrapers for non-coders.

During my testing, it did not face any blocks or captcha prompts on Instagram. For ease of use and the generous free plan, ParseHub is worth a try for occasional Instagram scraping needs.

Get started with ParseHub for free

5. is a versatile web scraper with some handy templates specifically for Instagram data extraction.

Key Features:

  • Ready-made Instagram scraper templates
  • Point and click scraping interface
  • Schedule and automate scraping
  • Extract data into CSV, Excel, JSON
  • Integrates with Zapier and Integromat
  • 14-day free trial

With Dexi, you can scrape an Instagram profile in a few clicks without writing any code. It can extract profile details, posts captions & comments, followers and more.

The tool worked reliably in extracting small Instagram data sets in my testing. However, for larger scrapes you may need to additionally use proxies to avoid blocks. starts at $29/month which is quite affordable. For occasional, small-scale Instagram scraping, Dexi provides good value. But more serious scrapers may find it limiting.

Try for free

6. Octoparse

Octoparse is a well-established web scraping tool that makes data extraction easy for non-programmers. It offers specific support for scraping Instagram profile pages and posts.

Key Features:

  • Ready-made templates for Instagram scraping
  • Visual point-and-click interface
  • Convert scraped data into Excel, CSV etc.
  • Cloud-based scraping
  • 14-day free trial
  • Paid plans start at $99/month

Octoparse provides click and select type templates tailored to scrape Instagram bios, posts, comments etc. It worked reliably when scraping a few dozen Instagram profiles in my tests.

However, Octoparse lacks more advanced proxy configurations and tools to handle large scrape volumes. It‘s best suited for occasional, small-scale Instagram scraping needs.

For its ease of use and affordable pricing, Octoparse is a decent option for non-technical folks to try basic Instagram data extraction.

Get started with Octoparse for free

7. OutWit Hub

OutWit Hub is a veteran web scraping tool focused on simplicity and ease of use. It allows extracting data from Instagram with point-and-click scrape templates.

Key Features:

  • Visual web scraping interface
  • Built-in Instagram templates
  • Scrape into Excel, CSVs etc.
  • Affordable one-time license fee
  • On-premise installation

OutWit Hub worked reliably in extracting profile and post information from Instagram during testing. The tool is beginner-friendly but lacks more advanced evasion features for large scrapes.

You have to buy a licensed copy of OutWit Hub priced at $69 for the Standard version. There is no free trial but the vendor provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

For light Instagram scraping needs, OutWit Hub is an affordable option worth considering. But serious scrapers may find it limiting.

Get OutWit Hub scrape templates

8. 80legs

80legs is a cloud-based web scraping solution suited for developers. It offers an Instagram scraper API along with libraries for Python, Java, PHP and Node for building scrapers.

Key Features:

  • APIs and libraries for custom scraper coding
  • Integrated proxy manager
  • Advanced bot detection evasion
  • Scale to large data volumes
  • Output data to databases, cloud storages etc.
  • Pricing starts at $149/month

With 80legs, you get fine-tuned control to develop highly customized Instagram scrapers tailored to your needs.

It offers advanced proxy configurations, headless browsers and other tools to manage large scale scrapes without getting blocked. However, coding skills are required to leverage 80legs scraping capabilities.

For tech teams that need to extract large volumes of data from Instagram, 80legs provides a robust scraping platform albeit at a premium price.

Get started with 80legs 7-day free trial

9. Dexecure

Dexsecure is an up and coming web scraper that makes Instagram data extraction easy through point-and-click templates.

Key Features:

  • Built-in templates for Instagram scraping
  • Visual scraping interface
  • Cloud-based scraping
  • Export data to Excel, CSVs etc.
  • 14-day free trial
  • Affordable pricing starting at $25/month

It provides templates to extract Instagram profile information, followers, posts and comments without writing any code. During testing, it managed to scrape a few hundred Instagram profiles successfully without blocks.

Dexsecure is still a young product but shows good promise. For the affordable pricing and ease of use, it merits consideration for basic Instagram scraping needs.

Get started with Dexsecure free trial

10. offers visual web data extraction targeted at non-technical users. It features ready-made extractors for scraping Instagram profile pages.

Key Features:

  • Point and click Instagram scraper builder
  • Scrape into Excel, CSVs, databases
  • Free plan allows 250 scrapes/month
  • Paid plans start at $499/month

You can launch an Instagram scraper by visually selecting the data fields to extract with a few clicks. reliably scraped a few dozen Instagram profiles during my testing.

However, for larger scrapes, you would need more advanced proxy configurations which lacks. On pricing, cheaper Instagram scraping alternatives are available.

That said, for straightforward Instagram profile scraping offers a free option worth trying out.

Start scraping Instagram with

Setting the Data Criteria

When using an Instagram scraper, you need to carefully set the data criteria – what Instagram data you want to extract. This includes:

  • Data fields – Profile name, biography, posts caption, comments, followers etc.
  • Number of profiles – Start small with a few hundred profiles for initial tests
  • Scraping schedule – Scrape times and frequency. Don‘t overdo it.
  • Output file format – CSV, Excel, JSON etc.

Also, use relevant keywords, hashtags and locations to target profiles aligned with your business interests.

It‘s advisable to start by scraping no more than a few hundred profiles per day. This allows you to fly under Instagram‘s radar if you are using a brand new tool. You can gradually increase the number of profiles scraped as you better understand the scraper‘s evasion capabilities.

Why You Need an Instagram Scraper

Here are some of the key reasons businesses use Instagram scrapers:

  • Market Research – Analyze audience interests, behavior and competition
  • Influencer Marketing – Discover relevant influencers for campaigns
  • Customer Intelligence – Identify and understand your customers
  • Ad Targeting – Find relevant interests, demographics to target ads
  • Social Listening – Monitor brand mentions, sentiments, trends
  • Lead Generation – Reach out to potential leads for sales

Web scraping allows you to leverage Instagram data at scale for actionable insights. Manual data collection simply won‘t cut it given Instagram‘s massive size.

However, you need an effective scraper that blends into Instagram to avoid getting blocked. The tools covered in this post are proven solutions to scrape Instagram data swiftly and seamlessly.

Summing Up

I hope this detailed rundown of the top 10 Instagram scrapers equips you to pick the right tool for your needs. Here are my closing thoughts:

  • Prefer scrapers like Phantombuster and ScraperAPI if you want something easy to use and affordable
  • For large scale scraping go with BrightData or 80Legs despite higher costs
  • Use ParseHub or Dexi for occasional scraping if you prefer visual interfaces
  • Start with 100-500 profiles per day, then gradually increase volumes based on performance
  • Use proxies, cooling-off periods and randomized crawling to stay under the radar

Instagram scraping can transform the way you leverage Instagram‘s data goldmine. With a bit of care, you can extract tons of value from Instagram while playing nice with their terms of service.

Have you used an Instagram scraper before? I would love to hear your experiences and tool recommendations in the comments!



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