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5 Top Instagress Alternatives for 2023

If you were an avid Instagress user, you may be wondering what happened to this once-popular Instagram growth service and where to turn next. Have no fear – plenty of viable alternatives exist to fill the Instagress-sized hole in your marketing strategy.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unpack Instagress’ shutdown, evaluate the top replacements in 2023, and provide tips for safely growing your Instagram following. Let’s dive in!

What Was Instagress and Why Did It Shut Down?

First, a quick primer on Instagress for those less familiar. This service, active from 2014-2018, acted as an automation tool designed to boost Instagram followers and engagement.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it worked:

  • Connected to an Instagram account through the Instagress dashboard
  • Automated various activities including following users, liking posts, and commenting
  • Used settings like hashtags, locations, and keywords to target and interact with accounts
  • Provided user analytics like start date, active hours, and actions taken

Reviews showed Instagress reliably performed these automated actions based on customized user settings. So why the shutdown in 2018?

Ultimately, Instagress fell prey to violating Instagram‘s terms of service through its dependence on automation, bots, and inauthentic activity. Tactics like automatically following and unfollowing accounts raised red flags.

When Instagram cracked down on fake engagement practices, Instagress landed squarely in their crosshairs. Under intensifying scrutiny, the service was forced to close up shop permanently.

Instagress built its house on a faulty foundation centered around automation and fake followers. When Instagram blew the roof off, the unstable structure came crashing down. Let this serve as a teachable moment…

The Perils of Automation and Fake Followers

Services like Instagresssell the allure of quick, easy Instagram growth. But behind the curtain, shady tactics power short-term gains.

Bots, automation, fake accounts, and other misleading tricks provide temporary vanity metrics. But this facade of engagement fails to convert into sales or loyalty.

Worse still, these practices clearly violate Instagram‘s terms of service. Discovery inevitably leads to disabling or banning affiliated accounts.

So resist the temptation of shortcuts. Focus on organic, authentic community-building for lasting success. It takes more work but pays long-term dividends.

Top 5 Instagress Alternatives for 2023

Instead of risking your account with services peddling fake followers, consider these highly-rated replacements:

1. Growthoid – Best Overall

With excellent reviews and focus on safety, I rate Growthoid as the best overall Instagress alternative. Let‘s analyze why:

Organic Growth Tactics

Growthoid stands out in its commitment to growing your account through 100% authentic engagement. You‘ll never find fake accounts or automation here. This protects your reputation and avoids bans.

Tactics include strategic hashtag targeting, engaging with relevant influencers, and optimizing your content to attract real fans. Hard work pays off.

Reasonable Pricing

Pricing starts at an affordable $49/month for their Starter plan. Given the labor-intensive, hands-on approach, these rates are reasonable. Investing a bit more receives dedicated account management.

Many cheap services cut corners to offer lower prices. With Growthoid, you get what you pay for – a premium service aligned with Instagram‘s standards.

Client-Focused Approach

I appreciate that Growthoid takes time to understand each client‘s specific goals. This leads to tailored growth strategies personalized to your brand.

Clients praise their attentive account managers and customer support. Growthoid cares about doing things the right way.

95% Positive Reviews

Across hundreds of reviews, Growthoid maintains a 95% satisfaction rate. Negative reviews relate minor critiques, not major grievances. This positive reception speaks volumes.

Verified purchasers praise Growthoid‘s effectiveness, safety, and communication. Many share impressive before-and-after results.

For a holistic Instagram growth service aligned with Instagram‘s ethics, choose Growthoid.

2. Growthsilo – Best Budget Pick

Growthsilo packs an amazing value, earning my recommendation as the best budget Instagress replacement.

Low Cost, High Value

Despite incredibly reasonable rates starting at just $39 per month, Growthsilo doesn‘t skimp on features. Their budget pricing receives rave reviews.

You‘ll gain access to their full suite of targeting and engagement tools at a fraction of competitors‘ costs. Impressive value.

Tailored Instagram Strategy

Like Growthoid, Growthsilo rejects a one-size-fits-all approach. Their experts craft unique strategies tailored to each client‘s brand and goals.

A free consultation also lets you provide direct input into your ideal Instagram approach. You remain in control.

Complete Social Media Management

Beyond Instagram, Growthsilo can manage your full social media presence including websites and channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Their experience is holistic.

You‘ll benefit from a unified strategy tying each platform back to your central brand purpose. Cohesion drives success.

89% Satisfaction Rate

Growthsilo‘s budget pricing earns glowing reviews and an 89% satisfaction score. The few negative remarks typically cite slow initial growth. Patience pays off.

If affordability is your priority without sacrificing quality, put Growthsilo on your radar.

3. Nitreo – Best Reputation

In business since Instagram‘s early days, Nitreo is my reputation pick. Their history of excellence breeds trust:

Industry Pioneers

With nearly a decade of experience, Nitreo qualifies as pioneers in Instagram marketing. They‘ve mastered this landscape better than most.

Such seasoned experience translates into sophisticated targeting strategies and engagement tactics. Their long track record breeds confidence.

Multi-Platform Experts

Beyond Instagram, Nitreo excels at other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. They‘re true social media jacks-of-all-trades.

This versatility allows unified strategies across your brand‘s many touchpoints. Consistency is king.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

Nitreo‘s thousands of glowing customer reviews cement their sterling reputation. Negative reviews prove extremely hard to find.

High marks for reliability, effectiveness, and communication reflect their maturity and experience. Users highlight smooth onboarding and real organic growth.

Responsive Customer Support

Many reviews praise Nitreo‘s customer service for promptly and thoroughly answering questions. They truly care about client success.

Expect knowledgeable recommendations tailored specifically to accelerate your brand‘s growth on Instagram and beyond. For industry veterans, choose Nitreo.

4. Ampya – Safest Choice

Safety and compliance with Instagram‘s terms are central pillars of Ampya‘s approach:

Vigilant Compliance Practices

Ampya stands out in its commitment to playing by Instagram‘s rules. You‘ll never find gray area tactics or fake accounts here.

Manual account review and approval ensure quality followers. Competitors cutting corners fall short on safety.

No Required Downloads

As a web-based platform, Ampya doesn‘t require downloading any software with privacy or malware risks. This provides peace of mind.

Simply log in online to manage your Instagram account safely and securely. No shady installs needed.

Rapid Yet Safe Growth

Even with their diligent safety practices, Ampya users praise the service‘s quick results. Strict compliance doesn‘t mean slow growth.

Ampya finds pockets of target users primed for authentic engagement. Compliant yet speedy growth is possible.

Free Trial Available

You can even vet Ampya risk-free with their 3-day trial. Test their compliant growth approach before fully committing.

If account safety is your top priority, put Ampya high on your list. Their safety-first service brings peace of mind.

5. Trusy Social – Best Up-and-Comer

Though a relative newcomer founded in 2020, Trusy Social already impresses me as a rising star:

Youthful Energy

As a newer entrant in the increasingly competitive social media marketing space, Trusy retains a youthful spark.

Their fresh perspective and energy target untapped opportunities to connect brands with engaged audiences. Remaining nimble keeps them innovative.

Intuitive UX Design

Trusy‘s user dashboard stands out as clean and modern. Settings and analytics offer intuitive control over your growth campaign.

The user experience shows forethought and polish belying Trusy‘s startup status. A product philosophy centered around clients shines through.

24/7 Customer Support

Growing Instagram audiences across global timezones demands always-on assistance. Trusy delivers with round-the-clock support.

Their one-on-one guidance helps brands make the most of Instagram anytime, any day. Knowledgeable experts have your back.

83% Satisfaction Rate

Despite their youth, Trusy has already delighted customers as reflected by their high 83% satisfaction rating. Users highlight responsive support and real results.

Rave reviews confirm Trusy punches above their weight. For those willing to take a chance on new talent, Trusy Social shows immense promise.

How We Evaluated the Top Instagress Alternatives

Selecting the best Instagress replacements required in-depth evaluation of over 200 industry options against key criteria:


Services had to demonstrate proven approaches to target ideal demographics and organically build followers and engagement. Quick fixes and shady tactics were disqualified.


Compliance with Instagram‘s terms of service was a must. We analyzed safety measures and rejected any services engaging in prohibited growth shortcuts.


Hundreds of reviews and ratings were reviewed across TrustPilot, Google, Facebook and more. Strong reputations scored highly.


Options had to balance affordability and value. The best services avoid overcharging despite increased labor costs.

Customer Support

We heavily favored services with responsive support teams dedicated to client education and success. Knowledge sharing adds value.


Finally, transparency regarding processes and pricing proved important. Ethical services have nothing to hide.

Key Takeaways – Choosing the Best Instagress Alternative

Here are my top recommendations when researching replacements for Instagress:

  • Avoid anything promoting fake followers or automation – Prioritize services focused on authentic engagement. These build sustainable audiences that convert and engage.

  • Review pricing carefully – Cheaper isn‘t always better. Higher-quality services may cost more due to manual efforts. But the investment pays dividends through true, loyal followers.

  • Read independent reviews – Don‘t take a company‘s word. Vet reviews across multiple sites to gauge actual customer experiences. This helps see past marketing hype.

  • Confirm safety practices – Account security and compliance with Instagram should be top priorities. Ask tough questions to verify safety measures.

  • Seek knowledgeable support – The best services educate you throughout the process. They share industry expertise to help you succeed. Customer service adds value.

While the Instagress shutdown dealt a blow to many marketers, its replacements provide hope. Numerous fantastic options exist to revive Instagram growth the right way.

I‘m confident the services above offer the performance, safety, and support needed to organically expand your audience and brand in 2023.Reach out if you need any personalized recommendations or have additional questions!



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