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Is 3ds Max Free or Paid? (Spoiler: It‘s Paid)

Let‘s be clear upfront – the powerful 3D animation software 3ds Max from Autodesk comes with a price tag. There is no permanently free full version available.

But that doesn‘t mean you can‘t access 3ds Max without paying in some cases. In this detailed guide, we‘ll compare the different licensing options, bust some common myths, and look at capable free alternatives.

Overview of 3ds Max

First, what exactly is 3ds Max and why do people pay for it? 3ds Max is a professional 3D computer graphics program used across industries like:

  • Movies and Television – Special effects and 3D animation
  • Video Game Development – Game environments, assets and cinematics
  • Architecture – Interior and exterior visualizations
  • Product Design – Packaging, prototypes and 3D models
  • Advertising – 3D virtual scenes and product shots

Developed by Autodesk over 30+ years, 3ds Max boasts powerful modeling, rendering and animation tools that allow users to create stunning 3D visuals, environments and effects.

Some key features include:

  • Advanced polygon, NURBS and subdivision surface modeling tools
  • Character rigging and animation tools for realistic movement
  • Detailed texture mapping and extensive materials options
  • Real-time physically based rendering engine with shaders
  • Hair, fur, cloth and fluid simulation for added realism
  • Custom scripting and automation through maxscript

3ds Max is part of the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection suite used by leading film, television, architecture and game studios globally. It seamlessly integrates workflows with apps like Maya, MotionBuilder and Arnold Renderer.

According to a CG Spectrum survey, 3ds Max holds a 24% market share amongst CG artists and animators. It edges out free alternatives like Blender (22%) in usage and trails just behind Autodesk Maya (27%) in popularity.

3D software usage amongst CG artists

Its ubiquity in the 3D industry is why Autodesk can command premium pricing for 3ds Max, which we‘ll explore next.

3ds Max Licensing Options and Pricing

Autodesk offers some flexibility in how you access 3ds Max. Let‘s break down the major licensing options and their cost.


The most popular way to access 3ds Max is through a subscription directly from Autodesk. This gives you:

  • Full version of the latest 3ds Max
  • All updates and new features
  • Cloud documents storage
  • Technical support
  • On-demand online training content

You can choose from:

  • Monthly – $185/month
  • Annual – $1,470/year (equivalent to $122.50/month)

Note the 34% discount on the annual plan. Pay month-to-month if you only use it some of the time. But for regular users, the annual subscription offers the best value.

Autodesk also offers short term 1-3 month subscriptions at a slight discount, typically around 10-15% off standard pricing.

Perpetual License

Up until 2016, Autodesk offered a perpetual license purchase option. This was a once-off upfront payment that gave you ongoing access to that 3ds Max version – no ongoing subscription required.

But perpetual licenses are now only available for older versions if you can find them. The last 3ds Max perpetual license in 2016 cost $3,675 for commercial use. Users can still upgrade old perpetual licenses to new versions via a subscription.

Perpetual license advantages:

  • One-time upfront cost
  • Own the license indefinitely
  • No ongoing payments


  • No updates or new features
  • Limited support options
  • Can‘t be transferred to a new PC

For companies or individuals wanting to stick with an older version that suits their needs, grabbing an old perpetual license can save money long term. But most users will outgrow the missing updates and limited support.

3ds Max Indie

This program launched in 2021 offering discounted access to 3ds Max for:

  • Independent game developers
  • Freelance 3D artists and animators
  • Students earning less than $100k annually

3ds Max Indie costs just $295/year – an 85% discount versus standard pricing. It provides:

  • Full version of the latest 3ds Max
  • All updates and features
  • Technical support included
  • Cloud documents storage


  • No usage for commercial projects by companies over $100k annual revenue
  • Single user license – no network rendering
  • No access to previous software versions

Indie is ideal for individuals starting out their career in 3D animation and visual effects. The price makes 3ds Max finally affordable for low budget indie games and passion projects.

According to Autodesk, over 6,500 users have taken advantage of the 3ds Max Indie license since launch.

Educational Licenses

Students studying architecture, engineering, game development, animation and other relevant fields can access a free educational license. These provide:

  • Full version of the latest 3ds Max release
  • All features enabled
  • Renewable for 3 years

Educators and accredited academic institutions teaching classes using 3ds Max are also eligible for free licenses. These need to be renewed after 3 years.

The educational licenses are designed to give students industry-relevant skills for their future career. Graduates are encouraged to continue using 3ds Max with attractive 20% subscriber discounts.

Autodesk reports over 7 million students globally accessing its software through educational licenses. For budding 3D animators, this free access while studying removes the cost barrier to start learning.

Pricing Comparison Table

Here‘s a quick comparison of the major 3ds Max license pricing:

License TypeCost
Monthly Subscription$185/month
Annual Subscription$122.50/month (paid yearly)
3ds Max Indie$295/year
EducationalFree (renew every 3 years)

Common Myths Around 3ds Max Pricing

There‘s some misconceptions about accessing 3ds Max floating around online forums and communities. Let‘s dispel some common myths:

Myth: Student licenses work forever

Reality: Educational licenses expire after 3 years and need renewing while enrolled.

Myth: Torrents provide full illegal copies for free

Reality: Torrents often have malware. Plus robs hard-working developers.

Myth: 3ds Max upgrades are mandatory for subscribers

Reality: You can keep using older version as long as you keep paying.

Myth: Buying an old license transfers ownership permanently

Reality: Licenses can‘t be transferred to a new user or PC.

The key takeaway – there‘s no secret loopholes or cracks to get 3ds Max permanently without paying. Only trials and education licenses provide legal free access.

Free Alternatives to 3ds Max

If the pricing is beyond your indie budget, consider using free 3D creation software with similar capabilities:


Blender is a popular open source alternative with professional-grade modeling, texturing, animation and rendering capabilities.


  • Completely free and open source
  • Powerful modeling and animation toolset
  • Real-time rendering viewport
  • Extensive materials and texturing options
  • Python scripting and customizability


  • Steep learning curve, less intuitive UI
  • More limited documentation and training resources
  • Smaller community than commercial options

For patient learners not afraid to utilize online tutorials, Blender is extremely capable 3D software, comparable to expensive commercial tools. It‘s used for indie games, 3D printing models and even Hollywood films like Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.


Focused on architectural modeling and visualization, SketchUp offers a fast, easy workflow for constructing 3D environments.


  • Free version available with core features
  • Very short learning curve
  • Intuitive drawing/modeling workflow
  • Huge library of 3D models to download


  • Limited animation and rendering capabilities
  • More basic tools than full suites like 3ds Max

SketchUp excels where modeling speed and ease of use matters most. The online 3D Warehouse provides ready-made models for quick scene building. While less capable for 3D animation, it‘s a great starting point for architects and designers.

Daz Studio

Specialized in creating human figures and characters, Daz Studio is free to download and use.


  • Focused tools for human figures
  • Large library of customizable models
  • Intuitive interface for posing and animation
  • Capable rendering engine included


  • Animation and rendering still limited vs 3ds Max
  • Not for architectural/engineering modeling

For anyone creating virtual people, Daz Studio removes the cost barrier with their free offering. The large model library lets you skip straight to character posing and scene setup.

Maya LT

Maya LT is a lower cost version of Autodesk‘s Maya 3D software with reduced capabilities.


  • $30/month subscription ($285/year)
  • Smooth workflow between Maya and 3ds Max
  • More affordable entry to Autodesk ecosystem


  • Missing many advanced Maya features
  • Still costs 10x more than Blender

For indie developers already familiar with Autodesk‘s user interface, Maya LT provides a lower-cost on-ramp compared to 3ds Max. But Blender likely offers greater value given the zero cost.

Is 3ds Max Worth the Cost?

Given capable free alternatives exist, is 3ds Max worth paying for? Here are the key benefits 3ds Max provides:

  • Reliability – Proven, rock-solid software used on big budget Hollywood films over decades.
  • Ecosystem – Integrates closely with Maya, Arnold and other Autodesk tools.
  • Speed – Optimized codebase gives great performance on modern hardware.
  • Ease-of-use – Interface designed around efficient workflows.
  • Support – Direct technical support from Autodesk team.
  • Resources – Extensive learning materials and huge community.

For professional studios where time is money, 3ds Max accelerates work and provides reliability at scale. The cost can be easily justified through productivity boosts and quicker project turnaround.

But for students, hobbyists and cash-strapped indies, investing time mastering free software like Blender offers a better return on investment. Only consider 3ds Max if you outgrow what‘s possible with free tools.

Tips for Getting 3ds Max on a Budget

If investing in 3ds Max makes sense for your professional work, here are some tips for minimizing the cost:

  • Only pay for months when you need it – cancel unused subscriptions
  • Take advantage of short term discounts – sales around 20% off are common
  • Look for discounted perpetual licenses of older versions on eBay/Craigslist
  • Upgrade PC hardware – faster renders repay the investment
  • Leverage free models from online libraries
  • Learn online – wealth of expert tutorials available
  • Use free renderer like Blender Cycles if possible
  • Qualify for the indie or educational license if you can

With some savvy buying strategies, you can reduce the effective cost of 3ds Max significantly.


Access to the professional grade 3ds Max comes at a price – with subscriptions starting at $185 monthly. Perpetual licenses are no longer sold, but educational and indie versions can provide discounts or free access in some cases.

Before paying, evaluate free software like Blender which can achieve similar results at no cost. But for serious professional use, 3ds Max remains a sound investment given its reputation for quality and reliability.

Hopefully this detailed guide has provided lots of helpful information to understand the pricing structure, benefits and alternatives – so you can determine if 3ds Max is worth the cost for your needs.



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