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Is A Way Out Game Free? The Complete Guide on Playing Co-op for Free

The short answer is:yes, A Way Out can be played co-op for free thanks to the friends pass trial system. Only one player needs to own the game, and they can invite a friend to download a trial and play through the entire co-op story mode together.

With innovative forced co-op gameplay and a cinematic narrative, A Way Out provides a special shared gaming experience. But does it justify the purchase, and is it fun to play co-op for free? Let‘s take a deeper look at what this unique title offers.

An Intimate Co-op Adventure Game

Developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts, A Way Out launched in 2018 exclusively as a split-screen co-op game. There is no single player mode – it requires two players to control Leo and Vincent as they break out of prison and go on the run.

This purposeful co-op design makes A Way Out stand out. Playing a story-driven action-adventure game together in split screen creates a more intimate and engaging experience.

As you work together in various gameplay sequences, from stealth to shooting segments, you need coordination, teamwork and communication. The barriers between single player and co-op evaporate as you share in the urgent prison break scenario and confront challenges together.

Hollywood Blockbuster Vibes

Beyond the co-op innovation, A Way Out also impresses with its cinematic presentation and compelling characters. It‘s set in the 1970s with all the fashion, music and cars you would expect. The camera work and choreography have a real movie feel.

The complex relationship between Leo and Vincent evolves naturally through their reluctant alliance and daring escape. The story remains gripping as they go on the run from the authorities while pursuing personal vendettas.

With fun light-hearted moments balanced with drama and emotion, A Way Out draws you into its buddy adventure just like a summer blockbuster film. It‘s an interactive game that retains that cinematic atmosphere.

Accessible Co-op with Friends Pass

While most story games require each player to purchase their own copy, A Way Out makes co-op accessible to everyone with the friends pass free trial system.

Here‘s how it works:

  • Only one player needs to own the full game
  • They can invite any friend to play the full co-op story with them
  • Friends join for free through the friends pass demo

So even if you and a buddy only buy one copy between you, you can still enjoy the entire co-op experience together. This innovative approach removes the barrier to playing together.

Well-Paced Story Campaign

A Way Out provides a meaningful co-op campaign that doesn‘t outstay its welcome. Most players report finishing the full story in around 6-8 hours.

The pacing feels well-judged, taking you between different environments and gameplay scenarios. There‘s a good variety of activities like sneaking past guards, car chases, shoot-outs, quick-time events, and even some fun mini-games you can play together like baseball and connect-four.

With two possible endings based on your choices, the story gives you reasons to come back for a second playthrough and see what you missed. For the price, A Way Out delivers a satisfying co-op adventure.

Reviews and Reception

A Way Out received generally positive reviews upon release, with critics praising the successful co-op gameplay, visuals and compelling characters.

Here‘s an excerpt of what reviewers said:

"A Way Out is a cinematic, buddy-cop adventure with very light puzzle elements. And it‘s absolutely fantastic, if you‘ve got a couch co-op partner handy." – IGN

"Beautifully designed and incredibly rewarding in co-op, it‘s among the fresher and more memorable games I‘ve played." – GameSpot

"This is Hazelight‘s debut, and it‘s a daring one – a visually sumptuous procession of prison-break cliches that‘s refreshingly focused on cooperation between friends." – Eurogamer

Critic scores averaged in the mid 70s, with praise for the innovation and Hollywood-style presentation slightly offset by issues with pacing and shallow gameplay. But most agreed it succeeds at creating a memorable shared adventure.

Is It Fun Playing Co-op for Free?

Thanks to the friends pass trial system, playing A Way Out co-op for free is absolutely enjoyable.

Some key appeals of playing together for free:

  • No barriers to co-op – you don‘t need 2 copies to enjoy the full experience.

  • Easy to arrange – just set a time and jump into the trial.

  • Social experience – you go through the story together from start to finish.

  • Teamwork – overcoming challenges requires coordination and communication.

  • Interactivity – you actively participate in cutscenes and quick time events.

  • Replay value – see the second ending by swapping roles.

For the cost of one purchase, two players can share in the fleshed out 6-8 hour co-op adventure and story, interacting in fun ways. It‘s a great option for gaming together on a budget.

Is It Worth Buying?

While the free co-op trial is appealing, is A Way Out ultimately worth purchasing?

If you plan to play with a friend or significant other, the game is definitely worth buying. Key reasons:

  • One purchase unlocks the full co-op game.
  • Delivers a quality 6+ hour shared experience.
  • Entertaining characters and Hollywood-style presentation.
  • Innovative forced co-op creates intimate gameplay.
  • Meaningful choices impact the ending.

For a single purchase price (usually $30 USD or less on sale), you receive an engaging co-op journey tailored to two players, complete with solid production values. This makes it great value compared to buying two copies of a game.

Playing A Way Out co-op results in laughs, fun gameplay moments, and a story you experience together – exactly what you want from co-op. It may have some flaws, but the overall creativity and memorable adventure make it worth buying.

Game Details Overview

Here‘s a quick overview of key details about A Way Out:

  • Developer: Hazelight Studios

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts

  • Release date: March 2018

  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

  • Game genre: Action-adventure, co-op

  • Game modes: Local split-screen and online co-op

  • Number of players: Exclusively 2 player

  • Average playtime: 6-8 hours

Final Take – An Innovative Co-op Experience

At a time when many big games provide co-op as an afterthought, A Way Out‘s dedication to shared screen gameplay makes it special. It‘s best enjoyed with a friend or loved one.

Forcing cooperation, teamwork, and joint decision making result in a more meaningful adventure. The characters, storytelling, and presentation create a cinematic atmosphere that keeps you engaged.

While it has some rough edges, A Way Out succeeds as an experiment in co-op-focused narrative. Being able to download the full trial for free makes it easy to try the innovative gameplay.

If you‘re looking for a well-crafted co-op experience to share with someone, A Way Out is absolutely worth playing. The affordable price tag also means you get great value from just a single purchase, avoiding the need to buy two copies.

Give A Way Out a shot with your co-op buddy and enjoy the memorable Hollywood-style adventure it offers. Just make sure you communicate so you can break out of prison in one piece!



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