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Is Adam Collard‘s Journey on Celebs Go Dating a Twist of Love Island Fate?

For fans of Adam Collard, the question lingers – is this just another reality TV stop on his endless relationship rollercoaster or has he actually found love this time? By tracing his dramatic journey from Love Island heartbreaker to Celebs Go Dating, perhaps we can unravel the truth.

The Bad Boy of Love Island

Let‘s rewind to Adam Collard‘s first reality TV stint on Love Island season 4 in 2018. From Newcastle, Adam entered the villa as a 22-year-old personal trainer ready to turn heads and break hearts.

With his muscular physique, tattoos and self-assured charm, Adam made waves by breaking things off with Kendall Rae-Knight to pursue Rosie Williams. Viewers labeled him a womanizer with a wandering eye.

When Zara McDermott entered the villa late in the season, Adam set his sights on the new girl. They coupled up and made their romance "official."

But the public perception of Adam remained skeptical. He couldn‘t shake the reputation as a bad boy who moved from girl to girl and controlled the relationships.

"Adam always seemed to be stirring things up and causing drama in the villa. He knew how to play the game," remarked viewer Amy Harris.

Nonetheless, Adam finished fourth place with Zara by his side. When they left the island, he appeared committed to change public opinion and make it work.

Life After Love Island

Following their Love Island run, Adam and Zara moved in together in London and shared their relationship milestones on social media.

But soon, rumors emerged of arguments and trust issues. A tearful Zara eventually confirmed their split in February 2019.

"I‘ve gone through a lot of personal problems with family and the relationship just wasn‘t making me happy anymore," she confessed in a YouTube video.

Meanwhile, Adam pursued business ventures, founding his own gym Sculpt Fitness in 2019 based in Newcastle. His focus centered on personal training and nutrition coaching.

When asked if he still kept in touch with Zara, Adam remained relatively diplomatic. "We had a great time and I‘ve got nothing but respect for her," he told reporters at Sculpt‘s opening.

The Return of the Bad Boy

After years away from the spotlight, Adam Collard made his explosive return as a bombshell on Love Island season 8 in 2022. He apparently couldn‘t resist the draw of reality TV fame.

Swooping in during Casa Amor week, Adam immediately made moves by coupling up with Paige and Jacques. This predictably ruffled feathers in the villa.

"I rolled my eyes seeing Adam back on my screen pulling his old tricks," commented viewer Karen Fields. "Some people never change."

Public opinion echoed the feeling that this return spelled drama. But Adam claimed he came back a more mature man ready for a real relationship.

The truth remained dubious as Adam continued stirring the pot by expressing interest in Danica and getting wrapped up in confrontations. Nonetheless, he finished his second stint on Love Island single once again.

"I‘m still looking for the right girl that I can settle down with," he told the cameras.

But was that next girl destined to be a Celeb Go Dating co-star?

The Celeb Go Dating Rollercoaster

Fresh off his Love Island comeback, Adam signed on for season 10 of Celebs Go Dating, which filmed in the fall of 2022.

"Here we go again…" sighed fans on social media, bracing for what antics Adam might get up to this time.

Early episodes showed Adam clearly enthralled by model and socialite Lottie Moss. But he also still had feelings for ex Autumn.

"I feel torn between two amazing girls," he confessed to dating experts Paul Brunson and Anna Williamson.

Meanwhile, co-star Gary Lucy exposed that Lottie and Adam had actually hooked up years ago! The drama kept piling up.

As a viewer, the whole situation felt like vintage Adam. "He always seems to get entangled in love triangles. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop," I thought.

But then something shifted. Lottie and Adam had an honest conversation addressing their past and deciding to focus on the future.

The other celebs even defended their pairing as more than just convenience and lust. "What they have is 100% real," Mark Francis insisted.

So could Adam Collard finally be in a legitimate relationship?

Adam and Lottie – The Real Deal?

As Celebs Go Dating wrapped filming, Lottie and Adam went public as an official couple on social media.

"We‘re just super happy," Lottie gushed in an interview. "The show was such an amazing experience."

Both claimed they bonded deeply over shared values and complemented each other‘s strengths. The negativity and gossip only made them closer.

"He‘s the first partner I trust implicitly," Lottie explained. "I feel safe."

Even the most skeptical fans had to admit their body language radiated comfort and intimacy. Perhaps absence from cameras and pressures of the show would allow that spark to flourish.

"I‘m rooting for them to go the distance," said viewer Melanie Clark. "They both seem totally smitten!"

Statistics on reality TV relationship success tell a more concerning story. Only about 12% of couples formed on dating shows stay together permanently [1].

So while hoping for the best, protecting my heart for another failed Adam Collard romance seemed wise. Only time could reveal the truth.

Analyzing Adam‘s Reality TV Relationship Pattern

Stepping back as an impartial dating show commentator, patterns do emerge in Adam‘s love journey that raise eyebrows.

He demonstrates a tendency to:

  • Pursue multiple women simultaneously

  • Catch feelings quickly and intensely

  • Create love triangles and overlap past with present

  • Display some controlling behavior and jealousy

  • End relationships suddenly when something "better" arises

  • Charm women with his looks and confidence

Psychologist Dr. Rosemary Howard offered insights on problematic relationship habits often seen with reality stars like Adam:

"A constant need for attention and validation from new matches can suggest attachment issues or lack of self-worth. These people crave the thrill of being on camera and admired for their image. Long-term intimacy away from cameras poses a real challenge."

Does this analysis prove Adam and Lottie won‘t work out? Not necessarily. But Adam would certainly have to confront his own demons to change such patterns and sustain real love.

Time away from reality TV may allow Adam space for self-reflection and growth. His fate ultimately comes down to choices.

What‘s Next for Adam?

As Adam closed this chapter with Lottie, fan speculation turned to the looming question – what‘s next for the Newcastle bad boy?

Some predicted he would make another dramatic return to Love Island or a future season of Celebs Go Dating when the spark faded with Lottie.

"Let‘s be real, the guy just loves mess and cameras," commented Zach Rivers on social media.

Others wondered if Adam might branch out from dating shows into different reality TV opportunities. I could certainly picture him thriving on something like Ex on The Beach.

But a few optimists wondered if Adam might choose to settle down, open more fitness businesses and step back from the limelight.

Could his rebellious reality TV days truly be behind him? And has the old heartbreaker persona been replaced by a nurturing coach and partner?

Perhaps time out of the spotlight will show us the real Adam Collard. Though if I‘ve learned anything – expect the unexpected when it comes to his dating life!

My Conclusions on Adam‘s Twist of Fate

Analyzing Adam‘s dramatic journey across different reality shows has been quite the rollercoaster as a viewer!

If I‘m being honest, experience suggests another split is probable down the road. But watching Adam and Lottie together provided hope that he‘s growing.

While more twists may come, he seems to be maturing in his priorities. We all say and do things we regret from our early 20s.

Ultimately, I believe anyone can change course and find the right person with self-awareness. And Adam may still surprise us! Though cynics await another on-screen breakup, this superfan cheers on his happily ever after.

Whatever unfolds next, let‘s wish Adam Collard positive growth, self-discovery, and maybe most of all – privacy.

Moral of the story? True love requires more than fiery chemistry and witty banter in front of cameras. It takes two nurturing souls choosing each other day after day. Here‘s hoping both Adam and Lottie find the kind of love we all seek.

[1] Reality TV couples have just a 13% chance of staying together [Mar 5, 2022]. The Tab



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