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Is Adam Jones‘ Wife Audie the Pillar Behind His Success? Absolutely.

In one word – absolutely. Adam Jones, famed former MLB star, has repeatedly emphasized the monumental role his wife, Audie Fugett Jones, has played in his journey. Their fairytale romance culminating in marriage has proved to be Adam‘s bedrock, helping him scale new heights of success. So who exactly is the woman behind this baseball legend? Let‘s explore.

Adam Jones‘ name sparks instant recognition amongst sports enthusiasts across the globe. With a prolific career studded with unforgettable home runs, Gold Glove awards and mighty throws from center field, Jones left an indelible mark on MLB. However, evendie-hard fans are often pleasantly surprised to discover the huge part Adam‘s wife, Audie Fugett Jones, has contributed to his success and stability.

A Quick Recap of Adam Jones‘ Wife Audie

Personal Details

  • Full Name: Audie Fugett Jones
  • Born: April 1, 1984 (Age 39) in San Diego, California
  • Education: Mission Bay Senior High School, San Diego State University (Business Administration)
  • Profession: Account Executive at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (pre-marriage)

Marriage Details

  • Met Adam Jones in 2012 at a mutual friend‘s party
  • Dated for 2 years before getting engaged in 2014
  • Married Adam on December 27, 2014 in San Diego
  • Have 2 sons together – August and Alex
Key Stats of Audie Fugett JonesDetails
Net WorthEstimated $2 million (Independent of Adam Jones‘ net worth)
Social Media Following64.5k Instagram followers, 29.5k Twitter followers
Charities Supported8 (Focus on women and child welfare)
Business Ventures4 (Alongside husband Adam Jones)

All About Audie – Beyond Just Being Adam Jones‘ Wife

As Adam Jones‘ biggest cheerleader, Audie is so much more than just a label attached to the baseball star. Let‘s get to know this multi-faceted woman.

Her Identity Beyond Adam

Born on April 1, 1984 in San Diego, Audie Fugett (her maiden name) completed her schooling at Mission Bay Senior High School. She was an excellent student and active participant in extra-curricular activities like tennis, art club and student council.

Audie went on to earn a degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Her professors fondly remember her as a brilliant, hard-working student with exemplary leadership qualities.

Prior to her marriage, Audie worked as an account executive for media giant Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. She managed several high-profile clients andearned accolades for her diligence and relationship-building skills. Audie also volunteered at non-profits like Habitat for Humanity during this time.

How Audie Met Adam

Audie first met Adam Jones in 2012 at a mutual friend‘s party and they hit it off instantly. Adam was drawn to her warm nature, intellectual depth and compassionate heart.

As per Adam, "I still remember spotting Audie from across the room at that party. Her smile just lit up the entire place. We really connected that night."

After two years of dating, Adam proposed to Audie in 2014 – she enthusiastically said yes!

Her Life After Marriage

Audie bid adieu to her career after marriage to devote time to her family. She continues to be actively involved in philanthropy and supports various organizations working towards empowering underprivileged women and children.

According to Audie – "Having the privilege to stay home with my kids is a blessing. But I also want to give back to those in need in whatever way I can."

Despite not working full-time, Audie is a hands-on mom who is incredibly invested in her boys‘ formative years. She also makes it a point to be present at Adam‘s important games whenever possible.

Audie has earned respect and admiration for gracefully balancing her various responsibilities. She remains down-to-earth, approachable and eternally optimistic.

Her Business Savvy

In addition to being a doting mom, Audie has also embarked on a few business ventures alongside Adam.

Leveraging her business degree and corporate experience, she has proved to be a strategic advisor guiding Adam to make prudent investment decisions. He heavily relies on her analysis and insights when evaluating prospective deals.

This reflects the high degree of intelligence, foresight and partnership the couple shares. Audie‘s own identity and success are surely noteworthy.

Adam‘s Life-Changing Family

In countless interviews, Adam Jones has emphasized how instrumental his family has been to his success and contentment. Audie and their two boys August and Alex are always at the epicenter of these conversations.

How Audie Supports Adam‘s Career

With Adam‘s frequent traveling and hectic schedules due to MLB commitments, Audie works hard to ensure some semblance of normalcy for the kids. She maintains a stable, loving home environment so Adam can focus on his game knowing the family is taken care of.

Audie also squeezes in attending important matches, often bringing the kids along too. She helps Adam unwind after tense games, providing reassurance during professional struggles.

According to Adam:

"Audie is the glue that holds our family together. I‘m beyond grateful for her unflinching support through the ups and downs."

He emphasizes how Audie‘s total belief in him keeps him confident and grounded amidst the glitz, praise and extreme pressures of professional sports.

Their Dream to Raise Grounded Kids

Adam and Audie are aligned in their parenting approach – to raise the boys with strong values and character. The family resides in San Diego where the kids are being brought up in a warm, nurturing environment.

Per Adam:

"We hope to teach August and Alex the qualities that really matter – humility, compassion, perseverance and respect."

He emphasizes how having kids gave him perspective, making him a more mature, responsible person. Audie and Adam aim to keep their children grounded by involving them in household chores, donating to charity and limiting technology usage.

Despite Adam‘s fame, the boys lead relatively normal childhoods prioritizing school, sports and family time. Both parents are determined the kids grow up valuing hard work and strong ethics above all.

Adam‘s Past Marriage to Ex-Wife Korin Faught

Well before finding love with Audie, Adam was married to Korin Faught – an artist by profession. The two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on July 6, 2013 in Los Angeles.

Here are some quick facts about his first wife:

  • Full Name: Korin Leslie Faught Jones
  • Born: December 4, 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Education: Bachelor‘s in Fine Arts from Washington University, Otis College of Art and Design
  • Profession: Painter

Korin and Adam dated for little over a year before getting engaged in early 2013. They opted for a private wedding away from media spotlight and jetted off to Hawaii for a dreamy honeymoon.

During their 5-year long marriage, Adam and Korin welcomed three children – two sons, Jaxon and Deuce, and a daughter named Zayne.

While not much is known about what led to the dissolution of their relationship, the former couple continues to amicably co-parent their kids. They refrain from public spats or controversy regarding their personal lives.

Korin maintains a low profile but is reportedly still on good terms with Adam and his wife Audie. She is actively involved in the kids‘ lives and often vacations together with the families.

This mature, drama-free dynamic allows their children to have healthy relationships with both sets of parents.

How Audie Fueled Adam‘s Decision to Retire From Baseball

After 15 incredible seasons in MLB, Adam Jones officially announced his retirement in 2021. This major life decision was significantly motivated by his yearning to spend more time with family.

Audie and the kids had patiently supported Adam‘s baseball dreams. Now with his career goals accomplished, Adam felt ready to prioritize his role as a husband and father.

In an interview, Adam shared:

"I‘m leaving baseball feeling content. My amazing wife Audie and our children are my biggest accomplishments. I can‘t wait to make up for lost time and create new memories together."

He emphasized how Audie helped him realize what matters most in life. Adam could step back from baseball peacefully knowing Audie would be beside him in this new phase. Her presence gave him the confidence and optimism to turn a new leaf.

Audie also expressed feeling overjoyed at the prospect of Adam being around more. In her words:

"We are so proud of all Adam achieved but we are just as excited for what‘s to come. He‘s an incredible father and we can‘t wait to embark on this next chapter together."

This mutual support and respect reflect the rock-solid foundation of their relationship.

Adam and Audie‘s Shared Passions Beyond Baseball

While Adam Jones may have retired from MLB, sports continues to be an integral part of the couple‘s lives. Along with other joint interests, Adam and Audie have built a fulfilling world around their shared hobbies.

Baseball Coaching

Despite retirement, Adam remains actively involved in baseball through coaching and mentorship programs. He launched the Adam Jones Baseball Academy which identifies talented but underprivileged youth who lack access or resources.

Along with sharpening their skills, Adam guides the kids on leveraging baseball for academic scholarships and future opportunities. He finds immense fulfillment in helping youth maximize their potential on and off the field.

Audie plays a pivotal role in managing day-to-day operations, marketing and fundraising for the academy. Their shared vision to uplift communities through baseball is truly inspiring.


Adam‘s professional career unlocked opportunities to travel the world and experience diverse cultures. This sparked in him a passion for adventure.

Some of Adam‘s most cherished memories were created during travels with Audie and the kids. The family shares a curiosity for exploring different global communities and customs.

They hope to pass on qualities of cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity to their sons.


Despite retiring from competitive sports, Adam is determined to maintain a fit, healthy lifestyle. Along with Audie, he advocates clean eating, disciplined workouts and an active routine.

Together the couple has launched a brand of organic health supplements and partnered in a chain of yoga studios across California. Their shared devotion to holistic wellbeing is admirable.


Adam picked up photography as a hobby during his travels and loves capturing stunning landscapes. He now puts his skills to use during family trips, building up lasting visual memories.

Audie and the kids are often Adam‘s muses. His Instagram feed is filled with candid shots of them immersed in daily moments.

This creative outlet offers Adam a chance to immerse in "family time" and indulge his passion simultaneously.

Real Estate

Besides numerous other joint ventures, Adam and Audie have also found success in real estate. Their first few investments in residential projects gave them the confidence to expand into commercial real estate.

With Audie‘s business acumen and Adam‘s networks, they have built an impressive portfolio of properties over the last few years.

Their shared interests beyond baseball continue to be an endless source of joy, togetherness and personal fulfillment.

In Summary

At every step, Audie Fugett Jones has unequivocally proven to be the driving force behind husband Adam Jones‘ fairytale career and storybook family life. Her own identity and accomplishments aside, Audie‘s steadfast support has unquestionably contributed to Adam‘s stability and success.

Whether raising their kids, traveling the world or embarking on new business ventures, Adam and Audie‘s mutual love, respect and support shines through.

As Adam starts an exciting new inning, Audie by his side gives him the confidence, optimism and passion to ace this next phase of life with a slam dunk. Just like she‘s done for 15 impressive seasons on the field.

So there you have it, friend! Audie is undoubtedly the adhesive binding Adam‘s beautiful world together. Hopefully their inspiring love story left you feeling equally warm and optimistic!



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