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Is Adam Lowry Married? A Deep Dive into the Winnipeg Jets Captain‘s Love Life and Leadership

As captain of the Winnipeg Jets, Adam Lowry brings intensity, heart, and skill to the ice each night. But when the final buzzer sounds, Lowry‘s thoughts turn from playing to unwinding. This world-class athlete navigates life‘s joys and challenges just like the rest of us.

One question looms in the minds of Lowry‘s fans – is our captain married? Who might be the lucky lady? Let‘s trace Lowry‘s journey in love and hockey to discover the truth.

Adam Lowry by the Numbers: An On-Ice Leader

Before diving into Lowry‘s personal affairs, let‘s quantify his emergence as a difference-maker for the Winnipeg Jets:

NHL Seasons8 (all with Winnipeg)
Career Goals75
Career Assists81
Career Points156
Hits (since 2015-16)890 (leads Jets)
Shot Blocks (since 2015-16)511 (4th on Jets)
Faceoff % (since 2017-18)53.7%
CaptaincyNamed team captain in 2022 at age 29

The numbers speak for themselves – Lowry excels at the gritty, unglamorous side of hockey. His physicality and defense-first mentality provide the backbone for Winnipeg‘s winning culture.

"He‘s always the guy you want on the ice protecting a lead late in the game," Jets head coach Rick Bowness said about Lowry. "Not many compete harder than him. Adam sets the tone for our work ethic."

Lowry‘s selfless, lead-by-example playing style made him the obvious choice to succeed Blake Wheeler as captain. Now in his first season donning the "C", Lowry is embracing the challenge.

"I‘m honored to be captain of an organization that means so much to me and this city," Lowry told media at captaincy announcement. "My focus is on doing whatever I can to help this team win."

Lowry‘s Rise to Captaincy: Years in the Making

Lowry‘s maturity and character assured Jets coaches he was ready for the spotlight. But his ascent to captain seemed destined years earlier.

The Jets selected Lowry in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft, and he cracked the team‘s lineup full-time in 2015. As Lowry developed into a shutdown centerman, leadership tendencies shone through.

"Even as a young guy, Adam never seemed rattled or intimidated," former Jets forward Andrew Copp said. "He leads by treating every practice and game with full effort – guys respect that."

By displaying professionalism beyond his years, Lowry earned the trust of teammates as an alternate captain starting in 2018. Following the 2021 departure of captain Blake Wheeler, Lowry appeared the obvious replacement.

Lowry‘s experience serving in a leadership role made the transition smooth. "It was a natural progression where the team organically looked to Adam for guidance," Bowness explained.

The "C" on Lowry‘s sweater formalized his long-emerging status as a locker room leader. With Lowry at the helm, the Jets shipped out to redefine their future.

Lowry‘s Road to Love: Longtime Girlfriend Laura

Hockey may consume Lowry‘s time at the rink, but off the ice, he relishes downtime with loved ones. Lowry found romance with girlfriend Laura Quinton, and while the two have now split, this relationship reveals much about Adam‘s approach to love and life.

Fellow Winnipeg native Laura Quinton met Lowry back in 2012 soon after he joined the Jets organization. The introverted Lowry found common ground with the down-to-earth Quinton, and friendship steadily blossomed into romance.

By 2019, Lowry and Quinton officially stepped out as a couple around Winnipeg. Quinton became Lowry‘s biggest supporter, frequently cheering on the Jets from the stands.

"We just get each other, you know?" Lowry told reporters about Quinton. "She‘s been there since the beginning, so she understands my world."

Lowry‘s world indeed changed rapidly over the next three years, as he earned a big contract extension and became alternate captain. Through ups and downs, Quinton remained Adam‘s confidant.

For Lowry, the connection extended beyond romance – Quinton gave him balance. "When I‘m overwhelmed, Laura keeps me grounded and helps me decompress," Lowry said in 2021.

This loving relationship powered the unmarried Lowry through his hockey rise. Unfortunately, even the strongest bonds sometimes unravel.

In late 2022, Lowry and Quinton‘s paths diverged, and the two amicably split. While no longer romantically linked, the years together left a lasting impact on Lowry.

Inside Adam Lowry‘s World: A Relatable Hockey Star

Don‘t let Lowry‘s prestige as Jets captain fool you – beneath the uniform, he‘s just a normal guy living life. Conversations with those close to Adam reveal his grounded personality.

Despite his success, Lowry remains intensely private. "He‘s never been one comfortable being in the spotlight," childhood friend Neil Hayes said. "Adam focuses on what he can control – training and competing."

Lowry doesn‘t get caught up in Winnipeg‘s nightlife. "We‘ll grab a bite at a restaurant, and Adam will just chat with the waiters like he‘s known them for years – he‘s so down-to-earth," Hayes revealed.

That humility and genuineness enable Lowry to connect with all types of people. "No matter who he talks to – fan, teammate, coach -Adam makes them feel important," Quinton explained while dating Lowry.

Lowry takes pride in being a regular Winnipeg family man. "We love walking our dogs and exploring the city," Quinton noted. "Adam doesn‘t act like some bigshot hockey player."

Of course, Lowry hasn‘t lost that competitive drive. "Get him in the backyard for any game or activity, and his hyper-competitiveness kicks in!" Quinton joked. "He‘ll do anything to win."

This passion to excel carries from pond hockey in his youth to NHL stardom. But through the journey, Lowry never strayed from his roots.

Lowry‘s Life Away From Hockey: Nature, Family & Unwinding

Hockey doesn‘t define Lowry; he enjoys plenty of pursuits beyond the rink. Let‘s examine how Adam finds balance through other passions:

Embracing the Outdoors

Lowry feels most at peace surrounded by nature‘s wonders. He escapes to remote lakes and forests whenever possible.

"Getting deep into nature helps me refresh mentally for the grind of hockey season," Lowry explained. "I‘ll spend hours hiking or fishing in silence."

This taste for the outdoors developed during Lowry‘s childhood in Calgary. He often comments on how beautiful British Columbia‘s wilderness is when the Jets face the Canucks.

Quality Time with Family

According to Lowry, visits from his tight-knit family provide welcome comfort on the road. Lowry‘s parents attend every Jets home game, and his brother often flies in while playing in the AHL.

"My family‘s support means everything – I probably talk to my parents after every single game," Lowry said gratefully. "Some of my best moments happen at family dinners on a road trip."

Lowry also immerses himself in team family activities. He especially loves events that unite players‘ kids with Jets fans. "Interacting with our amazing community outreach programs gives me perspective," Lowry remarked.

Unwinding in Winnipeg

Winnipeg‘s friendly culture suits Lowry perfectly. He relishes the city‘s cozy cafes, lingers in local bookstores, and frequents restaurants chatting with staff.

"Winnipeg just feels like home," Lowry told reporters. "I can walk around town pretty anonymously and do normal things like grab groceries. It‘s a really welcoming place."

Lowry finds comfort in Winnipeg‘s Midwestern charm. The city allows him to focus on hockey while avoiding big-market stress. Lowry feels at home – even without a wife or girlfriend at the moment.

The Final Buzzer: Adam Lowry‘s Life On and Off The Ice

So after journeying through Adam Lowry‘s world, what‘s the answer to the original question – is Jets captain Adam Lowry married?

The answer is no, Lowry remains unmarried as of late 2022. His long-term relationship with Laura Quinton recently ended, leaving Lowry to focus on hockey and life as a single 30-year-old.

While Lowry‘s love life lacks a leading lady currently, his on-ice role as captain keeps him fulfilled. Leading the Jets night-in and night-out consumes Lowry‘s energy, as the numbers reveal.

Still, Lowry‘s relatable personality and varied interests allow him to unwind away from the spotlight. Nature excursions, family ties, and Winnipeg‘s humble charms give Lowry‘s life meaning beyond hockey.

For Lowry‘s many fans, the intrigue continues regarding who he might date or even marry next. But Jets nation can find solace knowing their grounded captain has a level head, whether enjoying success on the ice or navigating life‘s journey.

So while we may not see Lowry settle down with a wife just yet, his outlook remains bright. Both in hockey and love, the best may be still to come for Adam Lowry.



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