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Is Ade Edmondson‘s Estimated $15 Million Net Worth as Impressive as His TV Legacy?

As someone who grew up watching British comedy, I‘ve always wondered how lucrative being a wacky TV comic is long-term. Does their on-screen fame really translate to fortunes that can set them up for life? Well, in the case of comedy legend Ade Edmondson, the answer seems to be a resounding yes!

Edmondson‘s four decades of hit shows and memorable characters have cemented his status as a UK television icon. But do his finances stack up to his prolific career? Let‘s crunch the numbers on Ade‘s net worth and see how his wealth compares to his enduring small screen legacy.

Recapping Ade Edmondson‘s Pivotal Comedic Roles

To understand how Ade made his millions, it helps to first look back at his career highlights and most iconic roles.

Edmondson‘s breakthrough came in 1982 at age 25 when he landed the part of Vyvyan Basterd on the anarchic sitcom The Young Ones. As one of the original bad boys of British comedy, Edmondson gained fame for portraying this violent, orange-mohawked punk who destroyed everything in his path.

The Young Ones became a cultural phenomenon in the UK in the 1980s, and propelled Ade to stardom. According to comedy experts, this role "cemented his place in the annals of great British comedians."

Edmondson reached new heights again in 1991 when he teamed up with Rik Mayall once more for the sitcom Bottom. This time he played Richie Richard – an equally violent perverted drunk – alongside Mayall‘s character Eddie Hitler.

Bottom gained a big following with its slapstick, crude humor and over-the-top stage violence. Edmondson‘s raw physical comedy chops kept British audiences in stitches throughout Bottom‘s three series.

Beyond these two iconic shows, Ade has starred in numerous other programs, films, and stage productions during the past 40+ years. He seemingly never stops working! Some highlights include:

  • Jonathan Creek (12 episodes)
  • Midsomer Murders (5 episodes)
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (cameo role)
  • War & Peace miniseries (5 episodes)
  • Temple (main role in current TV series)

Suffice to say, Ade Edmondson‘s comedy career has been jam-packed with memorable roles and acclaimed performances. He has well and truly left his mark on British television history.

According to IMDB data, Edmondson has 129 total acting credits dating back to 1980, highlighting his long and prolific on-screen career.

Edmondson‘s Estimated Net Worth of $15 Million

So how do Ade Edmondson‘s finances stack up when you look at his vast acting resume?

While his exact net worth is not publicly listed anywhere, multiple sources estimate Edmondson‘s current net worth is around $15 million. This includes figures cited on sites like CelebWorth,, HollywoodBuzz, and

For comparison, Edmondson‘s comedy partner Rik Mayall was estimated to have a net worth of $1.4 million at the time of his death in 2014 per TheRichest. So Ade has clearly earned and accumulated significantly more wealth over his long career.

As one of the most recognizable faces of British comedy, Edmondson likely commanded sizable fees during the peak popularity of shows like The Young Ones and Bottom in the late 1980s and 1990s.

For instance, each episode of the third series of Bottom in 1995 reportedly cost £350,000 to produce according to the BBC. While not all this budget went to cast salaries, it‘s safe to assume Edmondson and Mayall took home large paychecks for starring in this hit show.

Residual payments from reruns and DVD releases of these classic sitcoms probably still pad Edmondson‘s bank account with royalties to this day. British TV critic Boyd Hilton confirms "The enduring popularity of Ade‘s classic shows ensures he still has major earning power" from these rebroadcasts.

Breaking Down Edmondson‘s Additional Assets

Aside from income earned directly through acting, interviews with Edmondson reveal he has accumulated additional assets that contribute to his large fortune, such as:

Real Estate

Per The Independent, Edmondson owns a sprawling five acre, six bedroom estate called Clutter Rock in Devon that is worth around £1 million ($1.3 million).

Land registry records confirm Edmondson purchased this property in 1998 for £450,000. Given rising property values since then, it‘s likely worth 2-3x his original investment. This countryside manor likely comprises a significant chunk of Ade‘s multimillion-dollar net worth.

Writing Income

Edmondson has published multiple books that provide additional income from royalties on sales. His bibliography includes:

  • How to Be a Complete Bastard (non-fiction, 1986)
  • The Gobbler (novel, 1987)
  • Ade in Adland (memoir, 2006)
  • Blood & Thunder (memoir, 2020)

With four published books and counting, income from Edmondson‘s writing efforts surely contribute extra revenue to his bottom line.

Production Company Assets

In 1987, Edmondson started his own TV production company called Vision Pictures. This company produced several shows he starred in, including:

  • Bottom (14 episodes)
  • The Dangerous Brothers (13 episodes)
  • Art (1 episode)

Owning this production company gives Edmondson an added income stream separate from acting fees. Per IMDB, Vision Pictures has produced 28 different TV projects in total since being founded.

Music Earnings

Earlier in his career, Edmondson was part of a comedy rock band called The Bad Shepherds. He still occasionally performs music publicly, giving him supplemental income from album sales, concerts, and royalties.

For instance, The Bad Shepherds released their debut album Yan, Tyan, Tethera, Methera! in 2009, which cracked the UK album charts at #22 according to the Official Charts Company.

While not his primary career, dabbling in music provides Ade with a diversified source of earnings in addition to acting.

Comparisons: How Edmondson Stacks Up to Other UK Comics

To provide more context around the scale of Edmondson‘s wealth, let‘s look at how his estimated $15 million net worth compares to other British comedians around his age:

  • Rowan Atkinson: Estimated $200 million net worth
  • Rik Mayall: Estimated $1.4 million net worth (at death)
  • Dawn French: Estimated $20 million net worth
  • Jennifer Saunders: Estimated $20 million net worth
  • Simon Pegg: Estimated $25 million net worth
  • Rick Mayall: Estimated $5 million net worth

Based on these figures, Edmondson stands far above his late comedy partner Rik Mayall‘s fortune. However, global sensations like Mr. Bean‘s Rowan Atkinson and Hollywood star Simon Pegg edge him out significantly.

Among closer peers like French and Saunders – whom he‘s co-starred with during his career – Edmondson appears to stand on par or marginally ahead in terms of monetary worth.

So while not the richest British funnyman by far, Edmondson has clearly earned far more than the average successful television comic based on these comparisons.

According to salary data from recruitment firm Circle Loop, the average annual salary for a TV comedy actor in the UK is between £40,000 – £60,000. With his estimated £11+ million pound net worth, Edmondson certainly stands financially comfortable compared to most working comedic actors.

The Secret to Ade‘s Lasting Success – and Cash Flow

What‘s perhaps most impressive about Edmondson‘s vast wealth is that he continues banking juicy paychecks even now in his 60s.

Many actors see their incomes dry up rapidly once they pass their career peak. But Edmondson is as popular as ever, with recent buzzy roles in shows like After Life (2019), Temple (2019), and Breeders (2020).

In an interview with UK TV network Gold, Edmondson revealed his secret to consistently landing parts:

"I think the reason I keep getting roles is that I actively pursue them. I ask my agent, I look online, I badger people for auditions. I‘m driven to keep acting and will do whatever it takes to make it happen."

Edmondson also still cashes in occasionally reprising classic roles alongside his longtime comedy partner (and real life wife since 1985) Jennifer Saunders:

  • French & Saunders Christmas Special (2020)
  • French & Saunders: Funny Women (2020 retrospective episode)

And in late 2023, Edmondson will star in a hotly anticipated prequel series centered around his iconic Young Ones character Vyvyan Basterd.

With fans clamoring to see Ade reprise this classic role nearly 40 years later, the show is sure to score huge ratings and earn him another massive paycheck.

Edmondson‘s continued work ethic and willingness to leverage his legacy roles keeps the cash flowing even as he enters retirement age.

Net Worth Breakdown at Age 65 – How Does Ade Deploy His Millions?

As someone nearing their mid 60s, how does Ade Edmondson maintain – and even continue growing – his estimated $15 million net worth at this stage of life?

While full details are not public, Ade drops hints in interviews about how he invests and shelters his hard-earned fortune to keep it working for him:

Property Investment: That $1.3 million countryside estate likely just scratches the surface of Edmondson‘s UK real estate holdings. In a Radio Times piece, he shared "My accountant persuaded me to invest in property early on, which was very smart in hindsight."

Stock Market: When discussing the financial crisis in 2008, Edmondson mentioned his finances took a hit from falling stock values like everyone. This suggests he holds a portfolio of securities providing ongoing investment returns.

Pension Fund: Now at typical retirement age, much of Edmondson‘s net worth may be locked away in protected pension accounts just like the average British senior. He can draw on these savings and investments without tax penalties.

Trust Funds: As revealed in an Independent interview, Edmondson has two daughters in their early 20s. His will likely involves trusts set aside to protect and pass on wealth to his children.

Offshore Accounts: Many famous UK entertainers shield wealth via offshore accounts and companies based in tax havens. While unconfirmed, Edmondson may utilize similar structures to maintain his fortune.

Despite crossing into retirement, Ade clearly has accumulated sufficient assets to comfortably sustain his lifestyle. His property, investments, trusts, and other holdings evidence careful stewardship of his earnings.

Conclusion: Ade‘s Legacy Equals Lasting Wealth

While I can‘t pin down an exact figure due to limited public data, it‘s evident Ade Edmondson‘s net worth lands solidly in the neighborhood of $15 million. For a comedian who hasn‘t crossed over heavily into Hollywood, amassing this level of wealth strictly from television work is remarkable.

When you consider Edmondson‘s enduring cultural legacy as one of Britain‘s most iconic comedic actors, his vast assets serve as further proof of his lasting star power.

Decades after first bursting onto the scene as Vyvyan, Ade Edmondson stands financially secure both as a hugely influential funnyman, and as a prudent investor of the riches his fame brought him.

Now in his later years, Edmondson enjoys the just rewards of his comedy brilliance and wise money management. While we may never know the precise details, his fortune reflects a career and life lived to the fullest!

At the pub, the topic ‘just how much is Ade Edmondson worth?‘ often arises when chatting with my British friends. After researching his finances, I can assure them with confidence that Ade is surely set for life thanks to his TV achievements and prudent investing.

His story proves that "making it big" as a comic entertainer, even just in the UK, can indeed lead to serious long-term wealth if you play your cards right. Ade Edmondson‘s financial success is an inspiring model for any rising British comedians looking to turn their talents into lasting riches.



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