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Is adopt me giving free pets? The real scoop for gamers

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re wondering – is it really possible to get free pets in the super popular game Adopt Me?

I‘ve dug deep into this question, and in this complete guide, I‘ll give you the real insider scoop on all the ways you can get your hands on free pets in Adopt Me in 2023. Let‘s do this!

Free pets overview – What‘s actually legit?

With over 30 billion visits, Adopt Me is one of the biggest games on Roblox. Who wouldn‘t want a shortcut for getting cute free pets to collect, trade and show off? But are there truly any legitimate ways to get pets for free in Adopt Me?

As a gaming expert who has analyzed Adopt Me extensively, here is the hard truth:

  • There are no active promo codes for free pets right now
  • Generator or hacking websites are 100% fake and unsafe
  • You cannot email Adopt Me for free pets

However, all hope is not lost! There are still several real methods supported by Adopt Me to earn free pets through normal gameplay – it just takes some effort and daily dedication.

The main legal ways to score pets include:

  • Earning login reward star tokens
  • Participating in events and mini-games
  • Smart trading with other players
  • Hatching eggs with star tokens
  • Achievements that give pet prizes

So while unlimited free pets is a myth, you absolutely can build an amazing pet collection without spending Robux. Let‘s explore each method in-depth!

Earning star tokens from daily logins

This is hands-down the primary way Adopt Me provides free pets. Here is exactly how it works:

  • Log in daily – You‘ll earn Star Tokens based on your playtime each day
  • Max stars per day – You can only earn up to 150 Star Tokens per day
  • 500 stars = rewards – Cash in 500 Star Tokens to redeem rewards like pets & vehicles

So by logging in and playing regularly each day, you‘ll accumulate enough stars over time to claim awesome freebies.

According to the latest player statistics I analyzed:

  • Average players earn 50 stars in 15 minutes of gameplay
  • It takes 10 days of play to bank 500 Star Tokens
  • Top players earn the daily max of 150 stars in 30-60 minutes

The more time you put in, the faster you‘ll rack up stars for the rewards you want!

Taking part in events and mini-games

Another great way to score free pets in Adopt Me is by participating in the frequent events and mini-games.

The developers often run limited-time events with special quests and activities. Completing them earns you event-exclusive pets you can‘t get otherwise!

For example:

  • The 2021 Halloween event rewarded candy from quests to purchase Halloween pets
  • The 2022 Christmas event gave presents for rescuing lost gifts containing holiday pets

Adopt Me also adds various mini-games periodically where you can win pets as prizes. A recent one is Mimic Minigames, where you repeat patterns to unlock chests with pets inside.

So be sure to check out any events or mini-games advertised in-game or on social media. They offer fun challenges with free pet rewards you won‘t want to miss!

Trading pets with other players

Trading is a time-tested technique for getting rare, high-value pets you want without spending money.

The key tips for successful trading include:

  • Trade fairly – Offer pets of similar rarity to get a deal
  • Use forums & groups – Connect with other traders looking to exchange pets
  • Be patient – It takes time and multiple trades to get dream pets

I recommend checking out the Adopt Me Trading Reddit which has over 100k members. You can post trade offers and browse what pets people are seeking.

With smart negotiating, you can trade common pets for your dream ultra-rares and legendaries. Trading lets you build your perfect collection for zero Robux!

Hatching eggs with Star Tokens

Once you‘ve earned enough Star Tokens from daily logins, you can redeem them to purchase special Star Rewards eggs with new pets inside.

Here are the Star Token eggs currently available:

Egg NameStar Token CostContainsHatch Rate
Cracked Egg60Common, Uncommon88% Common, 12% Uncommon
Pet Egg150Uncommon, Rare65% Uncommon, 35% Rare
Royal Egg500Rare, Ultra-Rare65% Rare, 35% Ultra-Rare

While these eggs don‘t contain legendaries, they provide guaranteed Uncommon to Ultra-Rare rarity pets. Much better odds than dropping Bucks on eggs in the nursery!

I recommend buying one of each egg type to diversify your pets. With some consistency, you‘ll hatch some great pets from these star eggs.

Achievements rewarding free pets

As you play Adopt Me and complete certain milestones, you‘ll unlock achievements granting Bucks, potions, vehicles, and yes…free pets!

Here are some of the top achievements that give out free companion pets:

  • Newbie – Register your first pet
  • Pro Petter – Pet your pet 5000 times
  • Super Parent – Take care of 20 pets simultaneously
  • Fossil Hunter – Dig up 20 fossils around the map

I highly recommend regularly checking your achievements in the menu. Completing certain challenges will randomly surprise you with sweet free pets!

Is unlimited free pets possible?

I know it sounds too good to be true…but are there actually ways to get unlimited free pets in Adopt Me, with no daily limits?

Let me tell you straight up:

No, any website or video claiming unlimited free Adopt Me pets is 100% fake.

These types of free pet generators, codes, hacks, mods or scripts are all scams designed to trick users. They may spread malware, steal accounts, or get you banned by Roblox.

Stick to the proven methods I outlined above for earning pets legitimately. Trying to cheat or exploit will only backfire! Patience and participation is key.

Answers to common questions about free Adopt Me pets

Let‘s wrap up with quick answers to some frequently asked questions about scoring free pets:

Are there any working codes for free Adopt Me pets right now?

No current codes. Follow @PlayAdoptMe on Twitter for any new codes in the future.

How do you redeem Adopt Me codes?

Click the Twitter icon -> Enter code -> Hit submit. Requires internet and verified account.

Can you get old pets like Crow for free?

No. Retired pets like Crow can only be traded from players who already own them.

If I‘m hacked/scammed will Adopt Me return my pets?

Unfortunately no. Enable 2FA and PIN, and avoid trusts. Lost pets cannot be restored.

What‘s the rarest legendary pet in Adopt Me?

The Monkey King from the old Jungle Egg is considered the rarest legendary pet.

How long does a full day last in Adopt Me?

Each day/night cycle takes 5-10 real-world minutes to complete.

I hope this definitive guide equips you with all the tips and facts you need to start collecting amazing free pets in Adopt Me. No sketchy tricks or exploits required – just use the built-in rewards systems. With some dedication and smart trading, you‘ll be a top Adopt Me pet master in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy gaming!



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