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Is Adriana Lima‘s Daughter Following in Her Footsteps? Yes, and She Has Her Mother‘s Full Support

Valentina Lima Jaric, the teenage daughter of supermodel Adriana Lima, appears to be walking a similar path as her famous mother. With guidance from Lima, 13-year-old Valentina is dipping her toes into the modeling world and getting a taste for the spotlight. While her career is just beginning, she shows promise to succeed like her mother.

As a friend, let me walk you through the budding modeling career of Adriana‘s talented daughter Valentina. I‘ll provide some history on Adriana‘s rise to supermodel status, then analyze how she mentors her daughter based on her own experience. We‘ll glimpse some of Valentina‘s modeling experiences so far, and ponder what the future may hold. Stick with me for an inside look at the Lima family‘s modeling legacy.

Adriana Lima‘s Trailblazing Modeling Career Paves the Way

To understand Valentina‘s modeling ambitions, it helps to examine her mother‘s modeling success. Adriana Lima stands as an icon in the fashion world after rising to prominence as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 through 2018. She earned her heavenly wings just two years after beginning modeling at age 15 in her native Brazil.

Through talent and determination, Lima gained access to the most prestigious runways and photo shoots worldwide. She has modeled extensively for powerhouse brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Versace. From 2003 to 2010, she consistently ranked as one of the top-earning models according to Forbes’ “World’s Highest-Paid Models” list.

Lima’s career highlights include:

  • Modeling in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows from 1999 to 2018
  • Appearing on 7 different Vogue covers, including Vogue Brazil, Vogue Spain and Vogue Turkey
  • Walking the runway of over 700 fashion shows across the globe
  • Serving as a brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009

The Brazilian beauty even earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017 in recognition of her modeling success.

After stepping back from Victoria’s Secret in 2018, Lima shattered assumptions about age limits for models. She returned to the brand at age 41 in 2022, stunning the runway in VS’s latest fashion show. Her comeback underscored her drive to open modeling opportunities for women of all ages.

Lima’s Guidance Grooms Valentina for Life in the Spotlight

With such an impressive legacy, it’s no surprise that Adriana Lima wants to guide her daughter’s prospective modeling career. She provides advice and inspiration to Valentina based on her decades of experience.

“She‘s been doing something since she was 8,” Lima told Vogue Arabia. “I work with her. I give her tips and advice.”

This insider mentoring gives Valentina invaluable preparation for the realities of professional modeling. Lima provides pointers on posing, walking runways, engaging with photographers and handling publicity.

At the same time, Lima aims to keep Valentina’s schedule balanced. “Right now, I am letting her be a child,” Lima explains. She wants Valentina to enjoy activities like playing sports.

The supermodel also urges her daughter to value traits beyond appearance. As she told Harpers Bazaar, "What I tell Valentina is that true beauty is what’s inside, it’s in your heart.”

Early Modeling Experiences Spotlight Valentina‘s Promise

At just 13 years old, Valentina Lima Jaric already shows dynamism worthy of her supermodel mother. She has started gaining modeling experience through select publicity events with Lima.

In 2022, Valentina made headlines for her poise and presence at the Los Angeles premiere of Cirque du Soleil‘s Corteo show. She dazzled on the red carpet in an elegant black ensemble with Lima and her younger sister. Photographers marveled at how she embodied her mother‘s signature model looks and gestures.

According to Lima, Valentina ate up the attention at the event. “She loves it,” Lima told People. “That‘s her thing … She knows what she‘s doing.”

Valentina also revealed maturity beyond her years by opting to keep her hair natural rather than conforming to straight-haired beauty norms. The move garnered praise for showing individuality.

Earlier in 2022, she also made an impression at the Mugler Couturissime exhibition in Paris. She posed flawlessly in designer Thierry Mugler gowns next to her mother for photographers.

While few professional jobs so far, these appearances accentuate Valentina‘s comfort in front of the camera. She exhibits versatility to adapt across formal events, exhibition openings and more.

Mother-Daughter Model Duos Through the Years

Adriana and Valentina Lima are hardly the first mother-daughter pairing to take the fashion world by storm. Looking across modeling history reveals many examples of legacies passed from one generation to the next:

Yolanda HadidGigi & Bella Hadid
Cindy CrawfordKaia Gerber
Vanessa ParadisLily-Rose Depp
Kim BasingerIreland Baldwin
Jerry HallGeorgia May Jagger
Isabella RosselliniElettra Rossellini Wiedemann
Lisa BonetZoe Kravitz
Andie MacDowellMargaret Qualley
Kate MossLila Moss

In 2022, four mother-daughter duos even walked the runway together at Versace’s spring/summer fashion show. The event celebrated togetherness between icons like Naomi Campbell and her mother Valerie Morris.

This kind of lineage leaves a strong imprint on the fashion and cultural landscape. As critic Vanessa Friedman observed, “the specific mother-daughter visual legacies underscore the enduring power of genetics and serve as reminders of fashion’s endless capacity to reference itself.”

Insiders See Strong Potential in Valentina‘s Modeling Pursuits

Within the fashion industry, insiders clearly see Adriana Lima‘s daughter having what it takes to succeed in modeling. Her evident poise and comfort in front of cameras at a young age matches her mother’s precociousness starting her career at 15.

“She’s a very beautiful young girl and she has the genes of one of the most stunning women in the world," celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch told Page Six Style after seeing Valentina and Lima at a recent event.

He expects that Valentina has absorbed loads of knowledge just growing up with an iconic supermodel for a mother. Combined with her natural good looks, the teenager seems primed to thrive in modeling or fashion if she desires.

Other observers note how Valentina artfully mimics her mother’s signature poses and mannerisms in front of photographers. She appears to have learned by example from her mom.

“She’s just a natural; posing comes easily to her” commented one fashion blogger after analyzing photos of Valentina. The young Lima “clearly knows her angles already.”

So while not yet working full-time, Valentina Lima Jaric demonstrates nascent ability to follow her mother‘s footsteps.

Away from Spotlight, a Close Parent-Child Bond Anchors Their Lives

For all of Adriana Lima‘s fame and fortune, family always remains her top priority. She maintains a close relationship with her two daughters in their daily lives off the modeling scene.

The supermodel gushes that Valentina has grown into “my little best friend” as they bond during activities like baking cupcakes or watching movies. She never hesitates to post loving photos with her girls on social media.

During a 2022 interview, Lima emphasized that “my priority will always be my daughters‘ happiness and well-being.” She insists her girls behave respectfully like normal kids, without depending on family privilege.

Lima also fuels Valentina’s other interests, like singing and playing guitar. “I want her to follow her passions,” Lima told Vogue India.

This down-to-earth parenting highlights why Valentina seems so level-headed. Her mother grounds her in reality and self-confidence beyond modeling.

Looking Back on the Whirlwind of Motherhood

To fully appreciate young Valentina‘s journey requires looking back on when she first entered Adriana Lima’s life. The model gave birth to her first daughter with ex-husband Marko Jarić on November 15, 2009.

The pregnancy surprised fans and even Lima herself, as she was at the pinnacle of her modeling success. She had to drop out of that year‘s Victoria’s Secret fashion show at nearly 9 months along.

Becoming a mother profoundly changed Lima‘s outlook. As she told Vogue, “It put so many things in perspective. It’s a different way of seeing life.”

During the pregnancies and new motherhood phase, Lima somehow continued extensive modeling work. She walked runways again by 2 months after giving birth to Valentina.

“Pregnancy made me feel even more powerful,” the supermodel shared. Rather than slowing her down, motherhood fueled her dedication.

The Future Looks Bright for Valentina’s Modeling Pursuits

What will the years ahead hold for Valentina Lima as she comes into her own? The possibilities seem wide open.

If professional modeling remains her passion, Valentina already has a perfect mentor in her mother. Adriana Lima can provide priceless wisdom and connections to help launch her career.

And the thirteen-year-old certainly has inherent potential. As family friend and designer Riccardo Tisci observes about Valentina: “She’s tall, stunning, and has her mamma’s exact same attitude.” High praise from the creative director at Burberry.

But Valentina may also explore other creative outlets like acting, singing or fashion design. She reportedly loves revamping clothes from her mother’s closet into new styles. And she has natural artistic flair.

“She’s an extremely talented artist…she can pretty much pick up any musical instrument and know how to play it,” Lima shared with Vogue India.

No matter what path she takes, this bright young woman has positive role models and support from her loving family. Her future looks as limitless as her talents.

Conclusion: Legacy Secured with Adriana Lima‘s Guidance

In summary, Adriana Lima’s teenage daughter Valentina appears more than ready to follow in the famous footsteps of her mother. Yet Lima provides the guidance and grounding to help Valentina forge her own path, whether or not modeling is her true calling.

This Brazilian mother-daughter duo represents a powerful fashion legacy, but also an inspiring bond. With Lima’s support, Valentina Lima Jaric has the drive and determination to achieve her dreams.



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