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Is Age of Z Origins Free to Play in 2023? A Detailed Look at This Zombie Strategy Game

If you‘re a fan of zombie games and real-time strategy on mobile, you may be wondering – is Age of Z Origins free to play? This popular zombie survival game from Goodgame Studios provides the ability to build up bases and armies to take on the undead hordes. But does it really let you play for free, or is it "free to start" with aggressive monetization down the line?

I‘ve played Age of Z extensively as a mobile gaming enthusiast, so let me walk you through what you can expect as a free player versus a paying player. My goal is to give you an insider‘s look so you can decide if the free-to-play model is right for you.

Yes, the core Age of Z Origins game is 100% free – but progression is slower

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely download and play Age of Z Origins for free on both iOS and Android devices. The initial download and everything needed to begin playing is completely free of charge. No credit card required!

This free version gives you access to the full scope of core gameplay. You can build up your base, gather resources, train units, and go on missions against the zombies.

However, free players will progress through the game at a much slower pace than paying players. Unlocking new buildings, researching technologies, and advancing to new zones can feel like a grind. This is intentional – the developers want you to feel incentivized to spend money to speed up progress.

But plenty of players appreciate the ability to play for free indefinitely, even if advancement is slow. With enough patience, you can experience all Age of Z has to offer without ever spending a dime. It just takes time.

In-app purchases let you progress faster, but are completely optional

While the base game is free, there are a plethora of in-app purchases that can accelerate your advancement significantly. Here are some of the major monetization elements in Age of Z Origins:

  • Premium currencies – There are two premium currencies: gold and diamonds. These let you instantly finish builds/research, buy unique items, and more.

  • Resource packs – You can buy bundles of resources like wood, stone, iron, and oil to boost your base building.

  • Hero cards – Special heroes have enhanced abilities and can be bought with premium currencies. Free heroes are weaker.

  • Monthly subscription – A monthly "Elite" subscription provides ongoing bonuses like production boosts.

  • Daily deals – Time-limited discounts are offered each day to incentivize spending.

The key point is that all of these monetization elements are completely optional. If you don‘t want to spend anything, you don‘t have to – you can just progress at the default free-to-play pace. But paying players get advantages.

No forced video ads during gameplay

One thing I really appreciate about Age of Z Origins is that there are no forced ad views interrupting gameplay. This is a common and annoying monetization tactic in many free mobile games these days.

You won‘t suddenly get video ads popping up between stages or missions in Age of Z. The only ads are optional views to earn small rewards. This means uninterrupted gameplay, which is quite refreshing.

Cross-platform play between iOS and Android

If you play Age of Z Origins on multiple devices, you‘ll be glad to know your progress is synced between them. You can play on Android at home, then load up the same account on your iPhone when you‘re out and about.

Your bases, resources, units, and advancement will seamlessly carry over across iOS and Android when using the same account. Switching between devices is simple and intuitive.

No energy timers or session limits

Another free-to-play mobile game trend I‘m not a fan of are energy bars limiting how much you can play in one sitting. Thankfully, Age of Z Origins has no forced timeouts – you can play as long as you want per session!

There‘s also no offline progression limiting. You‘re never at risk of "wasting" offline progress generation due to capped energy. You can play at your own pace without hitting frustrating walls.

Is progression really feasible for non-paying players?

A common concern with free-to-play games is whether non-paying players will hit a progression wall eventually. In Age of Z Origins, reaching the endgame is absolutely possible as a free player, but quite slow.

As a benchmark, unlocking all the zombie-themed zones and reaching the final volcano area takes most free players around 6 months or more. In contrast, heavy paying players can speedrun there in a few weeks.

So you won‘t be locked out of content, but you‘ll need to pace yourself for steady long-term progression as opposed to fast advancement. Personally, I prefer playing at this slower, more casual speed anyway.

Final Verdict – Give the Free Version a Shot!

After analyzing all aspects of whether Age of Z Origins is truly free or not, the verdict is clear – you should absolutely try out the free version if you‘re interested!

While paying players have advantages, the core zombie survival strategy experience is still fully accessible for free players. And the lack of intrusive ads or progression walls during gameplay is a major plus.

My advice is to jump in, enjoy battling the zombie hordes, and don‘t stress too much about progress pace at first. If you‘re itching for faster advancement later on, you always have the option to purchase perks or premium currency. The choice is yours!

But Age of Z Origins absolutely succeeds as a free-to-play mobile game that you can put plenty of hours into without ever having to pay a thing. Give it a shot and see for yourself – you have nothing to lose! Just don‘t blame me if you get hooked taking down zombie armies left and right. That‘s part of the fun!



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