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Is AirDroid PC Free? A Complete Guide to Using AirDroid‘s Free Features

AirDroid is a popular app that allows you to wirelessly manage and access your Android device from your desktop. With AirDroid installed on your phone or tablet, you can transfer files, view notifications, send texts, and much more—all without needing any cables.

But is AirDroid completely free to use on your PC or Mac? What capabilities come included with the free version? And what limitations or downsides should you be aware of? This guide will explain everything you need to know about getting started with AirDroid‘s free offerings.

An Overview of AirDroid and Its Core Features

First, let‘s quickly cover what exactly AirDroid is and does. At its core, AirDroid provides:

  • Wireless file transfers between your Android device and computer – easily drag and drop photos, videos, documents and more to transfer in either direction.

  • App and notification mirroring – get notifications from your phone or tablet displayed on your desktop screen.

  • SMS management – read, send and organize text messages right from your computer.

  • Screen mirroring – view and control your Android‘s screen on your computer.

  • Remote app control – launch and use Android apps and services from your desktop.

  • Device management tools – find your phone, manage files and storage, uninstall apps and more.

So in summary, AirDroid acts as a bridge between your Android phone or tablet and a Windows PC or Mac. It allows you to remotely access, control, and manage your Android device without needing any cables.

Free vs Paid AirDroid Plans

AirDroid comes in both a free and paid version. Here‘s an overview of what‘s included with each:

AirDroid Free

  • Wireless file transfer
  • App and notification mirroring
  • Basic SMS management
  • Limited remote control features
  • Supported on Windows and Mac
  • 2 device connections

AirDroid Premium

  • Everything in free version
  • Unlimited SMS management
  • Full remote screen control
  • Screen recording and mirroring
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Priority customer support

The paid version unlocks additional capabilities like full remote control as well as the ability to connect more devices. But the free plan still provides a lot of useful functionality.

Using AirDroid‘s Free PC Features

Now let‘s take a deeper look at what you can do for free with AirDroid on your Windows PC or Mac.

File transfers

One of AirDroid‘s core features is wireless file sharing between devices. This is fully supported in the free version. You can easily:

  • Transfer photos or videos from your Android to computer
  • Send documents from your PC to your phone or tablet
  • Sync folders between devices
  • Import phone images directly into editing apps like Photoshop

File transfers are fast, easy, and work reliably in the free version. This alone makes AirDroid worth using for many.

Notifications and SMS

With AirDroid installed, you can view app notifications and SMS messages from your Android device directly on your computer screen.

The free version allows you to view, read, and reply to messages. Useful notifications like incoming calls or calendar events can also popup on your desktop.

However, advanced SMS management like backing up full message history requires a premium account. But basic messaging is still a handy free feature.

Remote app control

To a limited extent, AirDroid lets you remotely launch and use Android apps from your desktop browser or PC client. For example, you can open the camera app and view or take pictures.

Remote app control is mostly useful for simple tasks like toggling settings or quickly accessing info. Full fluid control of the device‘s screen requires paid remote screen mirroring and control.

Device management

AirDroid provides various device management tools like:

  • Storage cleaning and analysis
  • Battery monitoring
  • Finding your phone (makes your device ring)
  • App uninstalling and information
  • Hardware info and specs

These utilities for managing your Android device‘s files, apps, and system are fully accessible for free. They offer an easy way to remotely manage your phone without picking it up.

Usage limits

AirDroid free does have some restrictions to be aware of:

  • Max file size per transfer capped at 30MB
  • 200MB monthly data transfer allowance
  • Can only connect 2 devices to one account

So you can‘t go wild sending massive files or syncing hundreds of gigabytes back and forth. But for general everyday usage, the caps pose little restriction.

And remote features like notifications and messaging have no hard usage limits.

Is AirDroid Safe to Use?

With any app that provides remote access to your device, security is a valid concern. The good news is that by all accounts, AirDroid is safe and secure to use even with the free version.

Some key security aspects to note:

  • Uses end-to-end encryption for all file transfers and device communication.
  • No personally identifiable data is collected or stored by AirDroid‘s servers.
  • Includes robust authorization protocols to prevent unauthorized access.
  • No security vulnerabilities or breaches have been reported.
  • Widely used globally with strong reviews and reputation.

So you can comfortably use AirDroid without significant security risks, especially if taking basic precautions like using a strong account password. Many security firms have vetted and approved AirDroid‘s safety protocols.

Uninstalling AirDroid

If you ever want to remove AirDroid from your devices, it‘s a quick and straightforward process:

On Android:

  • Open your phone Settings > Apps > AirDroid > Uninstall

On PC:

  • Open control panel > Programs > Uninstall AirDroid

This will completely remove the app and any associated files from your systems. Your account itself can then be deleted through the AirDroid website if desired.

Top Alternatives to AirDroid

While AirDroid is a great option, especially when using the features available for free, there are also some other top choices to consider:

  • Pushbullet – Simple file transfer and notification syncing across devices.
  • Join – Share files and texts across devices tied to a single account.
  • Portal – Lightweight way to transfer content between Android and PC.
  • Snapdrop – Easy web-based file transfers between devices via web browser.

These all provide streamlined file management capabilities for connecting Android and PC. But none match the fuller device control features of AirDroid‘s free version.

Get Started Using AirDroid on Your PC

Ready to give AirDroid a try on your Windows or Mac machine? Get started following these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the AirDroid app from the Google Play store on your Android device.

  2. Create a free AirDroid account or sign in with Google or Facebook.

  3. On your PC, go to and log into your account.

  4. Ensure your Android phone and PC are on the same WiFi network. The desktop client will then detect your device.

  5. You‘re all set! AirDroid is ready to use between your devices.

  6. Explore the different features like file transfers, notifications, remote control and more.

The desktop interface is accessible and intuitive to use. And connecting devices takes just minutes.

So give AirDroid a shot to enjoy wireless Android management for free! The capabilities included even without paying make it a helpful tool for many users.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirDroid

Here are answers to some common questions about AirDroid:

Is AirDroid completely free to use?

AirDroid has a free version with core features available. But advanced functionality requires a paid subscription.

Does the free version work on PC?

Yes, AirDroid can be used on Windows and Mac for free. You just need to create an account.

What are the limitations of the free version?

File size limits, monthly transfer caps, and only 2 device connections allowed. But no restrictions on things like notifications or remote commands.

Is my data secure using the free AirDroid app?

AirDroid implements robust end-to-end encryption and authorization protocols to keep your data safe, even in the free version.

Can I access my phone‘s content when offline?

No, an internet connection is required on both devices for AirDroid to work. It does not sync data locally.

How much does the paid AirDroid Premium plan cost?

An AirDroid Premium subscription currently costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Discounts are offered for longer plans.


In summary, AirDroid offers useful free functionality for managing your Android device from a desktop including file transfers, notifications, messaging and basic remote control. While limits exist on elements like file sizes and number of devices, the core capabilities work great without paying. So it‘s definitely worth installing AirDroid even if you don‘t plan to upgrade to premium. Enjoy wirelessly accessing your phone or tablet from your computer!



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