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Is Angry Birds AR Free? A Friendly and In-Depth Guide

Hey friend! If you‘re an avid Angry Birds fan like me, you may have heard about the new Angry Birds augmented reality (AR) games and wondered – are they free to play? It‘s a great question, so let‘s jump right in and I‘ll tell you everything you need to know about what Angry Birds AR has to offer and whether you can play for free.

What Exactly is Angry Birds AR?

For those who don‘t know, Angry Birds AR brings the iconic slingshot-style mobile game into the real world using augmented reality technology. AR allows you to use your phone‘s camera to overlay digital objects and characters onto your actual surroundings – so it looks like the pigs and towers are right there in your room!

The Angry Birds characters you know and love like Red, Chuck, Bomb and the rest of the flock appear in 3D on your screen. You can walk around them, view them up close, and slingshot birds into the piggy structures just like the classic game. How cool is that?!

There are currently 3 main Angry Birds AR titles:

  • Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs – The original AR game released in 2019. Fire birds at piggy islands and structures placed in your real environment.

  • Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs Reloaded – A sequel with new levels and gameplay options including boss battles!

  • Angry Birds AR: Jumpty Dumpty – A brand new AR title featuring egg-stealing pigs. Help rescue the eggs!

So in summary, Angry Birds AR takes the basic gameplay we know and love but elevates it with awesome augmented reality powers. You become fully immersed in the zany Angry Birds world!

Let‘s Answer the Big Question: Is Angry Birds AR Free to Play?

I know you‘re dying to know, so here‘s the simple answer about whether you can play Angry Birds AR for free:

Yes, the Angry Birds AR games are 100% free to download and play!

There are optional in-app purchases you can make if you want to unlock more content like episodes and power-ups, but they are not at all required. You can progress through the games and have hours of fun with the "freemium" base version downloaded from the app store.

Here‘s a quick breakdown of what‘s free and paid with each title:

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

  • Download and play for free
  • 10 free episodes
  • Free bird roster and power-ups
  • Optional paid unlock of all episodes for $3.99

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs Reloaded

  • Free download with 5 free episodes
  • Free characters and powers
  • Full game unlock for $4.99 (optional)

Angry Birds AR: Jumpty Dumpty

  • Free app download
  • Multiple free gameplay modes
  • Free starting roster of birds
  • $4.99 full game unlock (optional)

Additionally, all 3 games let you purchase coins starting at $1.99 for getting more bonuses and power-ups. But again, absolutely not required to progress or enjoy the games!

So in summary, 100% free-to-start and tons of content available without spending money. That‘s awesome!

Gameplay Features and Modes Galore

Now that we‘ve covered the cost question, let me tell you more about the incredibly fun gameplay and modes you‘ll get to experience with Angry Birds AR.

The core slingshot mechanics you know and love from the original mobile game translate flawlessly into AR. You‘ll get that same satisfaction of flinging birds into teetering pig towers and watching them topple over. But the AR element makes it feel like you‘re right there alongside your feathered friends!

Some of the many awesome gameplay features include:

  • AR Levels – over 300 to conquer! Spot the piggies, take aim, and let birds fly through 100+ hours of gameplay.

  • AR Targets – Put your slingshot skills to the test against tricky moving targets.

  • Daily Challenges – Unique piggy towers available for just 24 hours – come back daily!

  • AR Photo Mode – Pose birds around real objects and share pics with friends.

  • Power-Ups – Special abilities like Sling Scope for enhanced aiming. Make things go BOOM!

  • Levels Editor – Create and share your own elaborate pig structures.

I don‘t know about you friend, but my head is spinning with all the awesome ways there are to play! No matter which AR title you choose, you‘ll find so much variety to keep you challenged and entertained for hours on end.

Immersed in Your Surroundings with Interactive AR

One of my absolute favorite things about Angry Birds AR is the way it transforms your real environment into the crazy Angry Birds universe. There‘s something so cool about seeing a detailed pig fortress right there on your kitchen table, you know?

The AR technology really fools your brain and eyes into thinking the structures and characters are tangible objects in your space. You can walk all around them, view from different angles, and get up close to see small details.

You‘re encouraged to explore your indoor and outdoor areas while hunting for the perfect open spot to place pigs. Finding a flat surface like the floor or driveway works great. But you can get creative and balance those precarious piggy towers on couch cushions, table tops, backyards – anywhere is fair game!

Seeing the adorable birds superimposed in your living room or yard makes it feel like you‘re living in an Angry Birds cartoon. It‘s seriously the coolest thing ever.

My tip? Take lots of photos with your AR setups and share the fun on social media. Who doesn‘t love seeing Chuck perched on top of a real mailbox getting ready to demolish pigs? Hashtag #AngryBirdsAR and compare with other players worldwide!

Competitive and Social Features Bring Players Together

On top of the single player fun, Angry Birds AR has some multiplayer components that let you connect with fellow players around the world:

  • Duels – Take turns flinging birds at the same AR structure against another player online to see who scores higher.

  • Mini Battles – Quick head-to-head AR matches of pig demolition against random opponents. Race to destroy them fastest!

  • Leaderboards – Check rankings to see who has the highest scores and complete levels the quickest.

  • Replay Sharing – Save and share your most epic bird flinging replays online.

So if you‘re feeling competitive, you can easily jump into these social features and go head-to-head with other gamers. It adds a whole new dimension on top of the standard solo gameplay!

Of course, you can keep things completely offline and private too. The choice is yours!

Key Advantages and Disadvantages: The Verdict

Now that you know all about the gameplay features, AR capabilities, and more, let‘s summarize the key pros and cons to determine if Angry Birds AR is worth your time:


  • Completely free-to-play – No money required for unlimited access!

  • Fun, familiar gameplay – Satisfying slingshot mechanics enhanced by AR.

  • Interactive environments – Structures and characters overlayed right in your real-world.

  • Hundreds of levels – Tons of content across multiple game titles.

  • Social competitions – Duel and battle other players worldwide.


  • Data storage – Large file sizes require free device storage space.

  • Power Drain – More battery usage with camera-based AR features.

  • Visual issues – Occasional digital flickering or misalignment.

  • Active Play – Need enough safe space to walk around and interact.

When you weigh it all together, I think the pros drastically outweigh any potential downsides. The fact you can download and play completely free makes Angry Birds AR a must-try!

Sure, you‘ll need a decent amount of free storage space and battery life. And the AR effects might hiccup based on your device‘s camera and sensors. But being able to slingshot birds directly into your real life surroundings? That‘s an absolute blast!

For Angry Birds fans of any age, it‘s a fresh new way to play a beloved mobile game franchise. Download Angry Birds AR today and start demolishing pigs in augmented reality!

Answering Common Angry Birds AR Questions

To wrap up this guide, let me quickly answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these awesome AR titles:

Which devices and operating systems are supported?

Angry Birds AR is available on both iOS and Android. You‘ll need a relatively modern device from the last 2-3 years for the best AR experience. Specific requirements are listed on the app store pages.

How much storage space is required?

The file size ranges from 500MB to over 1GB depending on the title. So make sure you have plenty of free device storage!

Do I need an internet connection?

You‘ll need a WiFi or mobile data connection for the initial game download, as well as accessing social features. But internet is not required for standard solo play once downloaded.

Can I play offline?

Definitely! Not counting the install, you can fully enjoy Angry Birds AR games anywhere, anytime without an internet connection required.

How good is the AR technology?

The developer Rovio has done an impressive job translating Angry Birds into augmented reality. The 3D structures and characters appear very convincingly overlaid into your real surroundings through the camera viewfinder.

Will my kids love it?

Absolutely! Angry Birds AR is perfect for children who want more interactivity beyond just tapping a screen. Running around the living room demolishing piggy towers will thrill kids endlessly.

Is there a free trial or demo available?

Nope – the full Angry Birds AR games are free to download right from the app store with no trial required. Give them a spin for the ultimate test run at no cost!

Well friend, that about covers everything you could want to know about whether Angry Birds AR is free and what insanely fun augmented reality gameplay it offers. I don‘t know about you, but I‘m ready to start slingshotting some birds into pigs right in my apartment! Thanks for reading – go enjoy those AR antics!



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