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Is Arcane Quest Legends Free? Everything You Need to Know

Hey friend! If you‘re wondering whether you can play the popular mobile RPG Arcane Quest Legends for free, I‘ve got you covered. In short – yes, Arcane Quest Legends is 100% free to download and play. There are no hidden charges or paywalls locking away gameplay content.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting started with Arcane Quest Legends as a free player, the monetization model, major gameplay features, pros and cons, and more. Let‘s dive in!

Downloading and Getting Started

Getting started with Arcane Quest Legends is easy and straightforward. Just search for it on the App Store if you use iOS or Google Play Store for Android. The download and installation size is around 2GB. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your device.

Once installed, you can immediately log in and start playing for free. There‘s no mandatory tutorial either – you can learn as you go and figure things out at your own pace. The game is friendly for new and casual players but also has depths hardcore gamers can appreciate.

Your first steps will be choosing one of 9 character classes like Knight, Mage, Rogue, and Paladin. Each has their own playstyle and skills to master. You‘ll also get to customize the look of your hero before embarking on your adventure. The entire character creation process is free and unlocking additional classes later on just requires playing through the story.

Exploring the World as a Free Player

The core Arcane Quest Legends experience revolves around exploring its vast open fantasy world and completing quests. There is a massive 200+ quest solo campaign spanning 5 acts to play through with hours and hours of content – all of it available to free players.

The story itself is fully voice acted and features animated cutscenes at key moments. You‘ll meet colorful NPCs and make choices that impact the trajectory of your hero‘s journey. While the plot is pretty standard high fantasy fare, the production values are great for a mobile title. No part of the solo campaign is locked behind a paywall.

In addition to the main story, you can take on side activities like bounties, events, and dungeons. These reward you with valuable loot and resources to upgrade your gear. Some of the dungeons and raids can also be completed cooperatively by teaming up with other players, which we‘ll discuss more in a bit.

Completing daily and weekly challenges is important for progression as a free player. These provide essential upgrade materials, premium currency used to summon new heroes, and other goodies. Setting aside around 30 minutes per day to knock out dailies helps maintain steady advancement speed.

Monetization Model and Purchases

Now you may be wondering – if Arcane Quest Legends is completely free, how does it make money? This is where the monetization model comes in.

The game includes a virtual premium currency called Gems that can be purchased for real money through in-app purchases. Here are the typical pricing tiers:

  • 100 Gems – $0.99
  • 250 Gems – $1.99
  • 750 Gems – $4.99
  • 1500 Gems – $9.99

What can you use these premium Gems for? Here are some examples:

  • Instantly finishing task timers
  • Acquiring cosmetic skins and pets
  • Unlocking new heroes earlier than normal
  • Purchasing limited-time bundles for gear and items
  • Refilling energy needed to keep playing beyond the cap

Importantly, nothing that impacts combat strength or competitive advantage requires real money – premium purchases are primarily for convenience and cosmetics. For example, you can slowly earn enough Gems as a free player to unlock new hero classes through regular gameplay after a few weeks.

Other monetization elements include:

  • $4.99 Monthly Pass – Grants daily gems, resources, and items
  • $4.99 Battle Pass – Seasonal pass with exclusive cosmetic rewards
  • Bundles – Special package deals offering heroes, skins, items, etc

Again, these are completely optional for impatient players who want to speed up unlocking cosmetics. But no content that affects gameplay progress is locked exclusively behind real money payments.

Co-op, Competitive, and Social Play

Although you can play through the entire story campaign solo, Arcane Quest Legends opens up when you team up with others.

Certain dungeons and raids support co-op for up to 4 players. Teaming up lets you take down much tougher bosses and earn better loot than going alone. You can either party up directly with friends or get auto-matched with other players.

Joining an active guild unlocks even more social gameplay elements. Guilds in Arcane Quest Legends can have up to 50 members. You can participate in guild raids, climb the competitive leaderboards together, and chat in real time.

For more competitive play, the 3v3 Arena allows you to battle against other players in asynchronous PvP matches. You form a team of 3 heroes and fight against enemy player teams controlled by AI. As you win matches, you climb the ranked tiers just like MOBA games.

Between co-op PvE content and competitive PvP, there are lots of fun multiplayer social dynamics to experience as a free player that enhance the core single player questing.

Satisfying Progression System

An important aspect of any RPG is a satisfying progression system that gives you a sense of constant growth. Arcane Quest Legends delivers this through multiple upgrade paths.

As you play, your character increases in overall level up to a cap of 120. Each new level earns you points to invest into your skill tree. With hundreds of nodes, you can customize exactly how your hero plays. Dual class specializations are also possible for advanced builds.

Gear also plays a big role. You can discover and equip a wide variety of swords, armor, rings, amulets, relics, and more. These items provide raw stat boosts and bonus perks and abilities. Upgrading their rarity and level is crucial.

Crafting and enchantments are other key progression features. You can craft new gear with materials earned in-game or apply enchantments that add special effects. Advanced players can really dive deep min/maxing their setup.

The result is a varied and always rewarding sense of growth on your journey from a novice adventurer to legendary hero. There‘s such a wide range of upgrades to aim for that progression stays consistently satisfying.

Reviewing the Pros and Cons

Now that you understand what makes Arcane Quest Legends special, let‘s briefly recap some of the major pros and cons.


  • Fully free-to-play friendly, no content locked behind paywalls
  • 200+ quest solo story campaign with voiced NPCs
  • Co-op multiplayer boss raids and dungeons
  • Competitive asynchronous 3v3 PvP arena battles
  • 9 classes each with deep skill trees and gearing
  • Constant events, updates, and new content
  • Addictive progression system with lots to upgrade
  • Works great on both mobile and tablets


  • Story is fairly generic high fantasy fare
  • Graphics and animations are good but not AAA console quality
  • Can feel repetitive and grindy at times in late game
  • Some randomized gacha elements for cosmetics
  • Occasional bugs and balancing issues

Considering Arcane Quest Legends is a mobile game, the production values are fantastic. There‘s so much content and gameplay variety packed in. The co-op and competitive multiplayer integrate smoothly with the solo journey.

While the storytelling isn‘t groundbreaking, it does more than enough to provide context for the fast paced dungeon crawling action. Overall Arcane Quest Legends overdelivers compared to many other mobile RPGs.

Minimum System Requirements

Before downloading, it‘s good to know what devices can properly run Arcane Quest Legends:

  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Snapdragon 410 chipset or equivalent
  • 1GB of RAM minimum
  • Open GL 3.0 or higher
  • At least 2GB of free storage space

You‘ll have the best experience playing on a newer device with high performance chips like the Snapdragon 865. Make sure you are also updated to the latest OS version. Playing on tablets is great thanks to the larger screen real estate.

The game is reasonably well optimized and should run fine on most modern smartphones or tablets from the last 2-3 years. Just keep the minimum requirements in mind.

Can You Play on PC?

Since Arcane Quest Legends is a mobile game, there is no official PC version. However, it can be played on Windows and Mac computers using an Android emulator. I‘d recommend BlueStacks which is free and easy to set up.

Once installed, you can access the Google Play store through BlueStacks, download Arcane Quest Legends, and get to playing. The controls automatically map to your mouse and keyboard in a sensible way. You can even sync your mobile progress since it uses the same account.

Performance depends on your PC hardware but I found it runs very smoothly on a decent gaming laptop or desktop. While not a true native PC experience, playing via emulator works surprisingly well and can be nice on a larger monitor. It also enables capturing gameplay footage easily.

Is Arcane Quest Legends Worth Playing in 2022?

If you enjoy classic hack and slash RPGs like Diablo and Torchlight but want something to play on the go on your phone or tablet, Arcane Quest Legends is absolutely worth jumping into.

It nails the addictive loot grind formula and adds the ability to play cooperatively with others – which really helps break up the repetition. The production values are top notch for a mobile title.

Considering the solo campaign takes over 50 hours to fully complete, and competitive PvP and guild activities can entertain you for hundreds more, it‘s impossible to run out of content anytime soon. Especially with frequent events and updates adding even more regularly.

Unless you absolutely refuse to play mobile games, it‘s hard to find many faults in Arcane Quest Legends. It‘s one of the most content rich and polished RPG experiences currently available on Android and iOS.

Arcane Quest Legends Review Summary

To summarize, here are the key points:

  • Arcane Quest Legends is 100% free-to-play friendly. No content or gameplay activities are locked behind a paywall.

  • Optional in-app purchases provide cosmetics, convenience boosts, and premium currency.

  • The solo story campaign features 200+ quests spanning 5 acts with fully voiced NPCs.

  • Co-op boss raids, 3v3 PvP arenas, and guild play enhance the multiplayer experience.

  • With 9 classes, deep gearing, and constant progression, it‘s incredibly addictive.

  • Excellent production values for a mobile RPG rivaling AAA console and PC games.

  • Regular content updates and lively community keep things feeling fresh.

So in closing, if you enjoy classic action RPG gameplay, there‘s really no reason not to try Arcane Quest Legends. It raises the bar for the genre on mobile and is completely free to play. Download it today and be prepared lose hours crafting the ultimate hero, no money required!

Related Questions:

1. How does Arcane Quest Legends make money?

Arcane Quest Legends makes money through optional in-app purchases for premium currency, cosmetics, progression boosts, and bundles. However, no gameplay content is locked behind paywalls.

2. How much free storage space does Arcane Quest Legends require?

You need around 2GB of available storage to install Arcane Quest Legends. The download size is close to 2GB as well.

3. Can you play Arcane Quest Legends offline?

No, Arcane Quest Legends requires an internet connection. There is no offline single player mode available.

4. Does Arcane Quest Legends have controller support?

Yes, Arcane Quest Legends has built-in controller support and plays great with Bluetooth controllers. This includes Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile gaming controllers.

5. Is there a stamina or energy system in Arcane Quest Legends?

Yes, there is a stamina system that limits the amount of dungeons, raids, and quests you can attempt in a single play session before needing to recharge. Premium purchases can instantly refill stamina.

I hope this guide helps explain everything you need to know about getting started with Arcane Quest Legends as a free player. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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