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Is ARK Fjordur Free? Yes, Here‘s Why You Should Download This Exciting New Map!

If you‘ve played ARK: Survival Evolved at all over the past few years, you may have heard chatter about an incredible new Nordic-themed map called Fjordur releasing in mid-2022. As a fellow ARK fan, I‘m sure you‘re wondering: is Fjordur a free update that I can download and explore right now? Or will I need to purchase access to this new map?

The great news is Fjordur is 100% free official DLC for anyone who owns ARK: Survival Evolved!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know about getting Fjordur, what makes this map so exciting, and why it‘s an essential download for all Survivors. Let‘s jump right in!

What Exactly is Fjordur?

For those who may not have followed the hype, Fjordur is the latest official DLC expansion map released by Studio Wildcard for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Here are some quick facts to get you up to speed on what Fjordur brings to the table:

  • Release Date: June 12, 2022
  • Setting: Nordic, Viking-inspired fantasy land with Scandinavian biomes.
  • Size: Over 140 square kilometers of explorable land, caves and oceans.
  • New Creatures: 5 new tamable creatures – the Fjordhawk, Desmodus, Fjorduricthis, Noglin and Fenrir.
  • Underground Biomes: Massive interconnected cave system below the surface, said to rival even Aberration‘s size.
  • Environmental Changes: Dynamic lava flows, geysers, extreme weather conditions and more that transform the landscape over time.
  • Ascension: Discover ancient relics and defeat bosses to earn cosmetic rewards and ascend your character.
  • Resources: Farm new crafting ingredients like Yggdrasil Wood, Gacha Crystals and Fjordur Resources.

Based on previews and reactions from ARK content creators who tested early builds, Fjordur is shaping up to be a fantastic new adventure. The map combines the best elements of past ARK worlds with exciting new challenges.

Why Fjordur is Completely Free DLC

As mentioned up top, the most important fact is that Fjordur is 100% free DLC for all ARK owners. This has been confirmed repeatedly by Studio Wildcard.

Fjordur follows in the footsteps of other popular free ARK maps including Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles and Lost Island. Like those past updates, Fjordur is not locked behind any season pass or paywall.

If you own ARK already, you can freely download and play Fjordur at no additional cost right now. It released as a free content update:

  • On PC via Steam, Epic Games Store or direct from the ARK client.
  • As a patch/update on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.
  • For all current and legacy ARK platforms.

Think of Fjordur as an exciting new 100% free expansion and thank you gift to the ARK community after years of support!

Past Free and Paid ARK DLC Maps

To give you an idea of how Fjordur fits into the full ARK DLC landscape, here‘s a quick overview of past expansion maps over the years since ARK first launched in early access in 2015:

Free Official Maps

  • The Center (2016) – One of the first free maps, features lush jungle and snowy peaks.
  • Ragnarok (2017) – Diverse biomes including deserts, jungles and viking locales. Extremely popular.
  • Valguero (2019) – Aberration-style underground meets forests, oil biome and tundra above ground.
  • Crystal Isles (2020) – Otherworldly map coated in colorful crystals, ruins and rare dinos.
  • Lost Island (2021) – Tropical islands with elements inspired by The Island, Scorched Earth and Aberration maps.

Paid Expansion Maps

  • Scorched Earth (2016) – First paid desert-based expansion with new creatures.
  • Aberration (2017) – Alien underground biome featuring radioactive zone hazards and ziplines.
  • Extinction (2018) – Post-apocalyptic city environment with futuristic dinos and technology.
  • Genesis Season Pass (2020, 2021) – Sci-fi themed maps focused on simulation and space.

As you can see, Fjordur joins the ranks of highly popular past maps like Ragnarok and Valguero that added tons of value to ARK as completely free content updates.

Details on Downloading and Playing Fjordur

Now that you know Fjordur is free, how do you get it and start exploring this exciting Norse world?

Downloading Fjordur

If you own ARK already, getting Fjordur is a breeze:

  • PC: Look for Fjordur DLC in Steam, Epic Games or find it in your ARK Mods menu. Just click install!
  • Xbox: Check Manage Add-Ons for ARK or the store listings.
  • PlayStation: Find the Fjordur add-on in your library or the PS store.
  • Switch: Launch ARK, go to Expansion Maps and select Fjordur.

Fjordur is a sizable download around 15-20GB, so make sure you have room. Ownership of the ARK base game is required on all platforms.

Playing Fjordur

Once installed, you can access Fjordur like any other map:

  • Single Player: Pick Fjordur from the Map menu.
  • Multiplayer: Host a game on Fjordur or find Fjordur servers.
  • Transfers: Move your existing character, dinos and items over to Fjordur.

Note that some engrams (blueprints) that came with paid DLC may be locked initially until you progress through Fjordur‘s ascension system.

And that‘s it! With Fjordur downloaded, you are ready to explore this exciting new ARK world. Time to start taming Fjordhawks, building a base and battling huge bosses lurking below the surface.

Why Fjordur is an Absolute Must-Play Map for ARK Fans

So what makes Fjordur a can‘t-miss expansion for ARK players? Here are just some of the biggest reasons Fjordur is fantastic:

Breathtaking Nordic World

Fjordur‘s frigid, rugged environments inspired by Viking and Scandinavian themes look incredible. Glacial mountain peaks, lava flows and Nordic architecture fill out a diverse landscape. It‘s a treat just to explore and take in the sights.

Massive Cave System

Underground, an expansive network of caves awaits. Dark caverns, glowing fungus zones and an underground ocean make this one of ARK‘s most ambitious cave additions yet.

Awesome New Creatures

The lineup of new tameable beasts in Fjordur is really fun and useful. The Fjordhawk helps you scout, Desmodus drains enemies‘ stamina, Noglin buffs your tames and more.

Tons of Hidden Secrets

Between relics granting Ascension, hidden ruins offering lore and puzzles awarding loot, Fjordur is packed with secrets begging to be uncovered.

constantly Evolving Map

Geysers, lava flows, bursting dams and snowstorms dynamically change and reshape portions of Fjordur over time, keeping the environment fresh.

Diverse Biomes to Build In

From frigid tundras to vibrant green valleys, verdant cliffs and geothermal regions, Fjordur‘s huge range of environments offers endless base building spots catering to any style.

Easy Transfers from Other Maps

Bringing over your seasoned character, expansive dino hordes and resources collected from past ARK adventures makes getting established on Fjordur faster and more fun.

Honestly, I could go on and on about all of Fjordur‘s cool features and sights. But it‘s far better to explore them yourself!

Interesting Player Stats and Reactions to Fjordur

Looking at ARK player data and feedback around Fjordur gives a sense of how positively this expansion has been received:

  • Over 140,000 concurrent players on Steam tried Fjordur on launch day, one of ARK‘s highest peaks in years.
  • It was the #1 top-selling game on Steam the week it released.
  • 95% of 30,000+ Steam reviews are positive for Fjordur as of writing.
  • Many ARK content creators have called Fjordur their new favorite map after spending extensive time exploring it.
  • The Fjordur expansion has reignited interest among lapsed ARK players based on forum posts and conversations.
  • Fjordur offers approximately 10-20 hours of fresh story content and boss fights for veteran players, not just a new map.

All signs point to Fjordur being a huge hit that delivered massive amounts of great free content to please both casual and hardcore ARK survivors.

Is ARK: Survival Evolved Free Permanently?

While Fjordur itself is completely free, what about the base ARK: Survival Evolved game required to play it? Is ARK now free forever?

The core ARK game still has a normal $20-$60 price tag based on platform and edition. However, it does periodically go free temporarily during special promotional events:

  • Epic Games Store gave away ARK for free in 2020 for a limited time.
  • Steam offered ARK free to keep in 2021 and 2022 during sale events.
  • You may receive free ARK console copies with select AMD/Nvidia GPU purchases.
  • Free play weekends happen on all platforms allowing trial access.

Thanks to events like these, millions of new players have been able to try ARK during free periods and then keep it permanently after.

But outside of promotions, you need to purchase ARK to play long-term. The good news is sales often discount it 50-80% making it more affordable.

Owning the base game then lets you play all the free DLC maps like Fjordur at no added cost. A pretty great deal!

Should You Get Into ARK: Survival Evolved?

If you enjoy open world survival games but haven‘t taken the plunge into the world of ARK yet, Fjordur‘s launch is a perfect time to start your journey:

Huge Amount of Content

Between ARK‘s extensive base game, wide range of free DLC maps and paid expansions, you‘ll enjoy hundreds if not thousands of hours of content.

Fun Solo or With Friends

Play alone or team up on epic adventures with fellow Survivors in PvE co-op or PvP action. Share your ARK saga.

Tame & Breed Dinosaurs

Who doesn‘t want to venture through Jurassic-style lands while taming and breeding tons of dinosaurs and fantastical creatures?

Active Mod Support

If even 100+ hours of official content isn‘t enough, endless mods expand ARK in incredible ways.

Available on All Major Platforms

ARK is accessible on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia and more, so you can survive anywhere.

Constant Ongoing Updates

7 years after launch, Studio Wildcard still actively develops new ARK content and improvements for an engaged community.

For anyone who enjoys creative building, taming beasts, intense PvP or relaxing PvE in a primal world, ARK is absolutely one of the best survival games you can play in 2022.

And with the gigantic new Nordic-themed Fjordur map now available entirely for free, there‘s never been a better time to embark on your ARK survival adventure. I hope this guide helps you get started!

Let me know when you tame your first Fjordhawk or take down an epic Fjordur boss. Happy surviving my friend!

In Summary

Here are the key things to remember about Fjordur‘s availability:

  • Fjordur is a 100% free official DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved.
  • It does not require any season pass purchase or additional payment.
  • Fjordur is a Norse fantasy-themed map with new biomes, creatures and secrets.
  • You can download and play Fjordur now if you already own ARK.
  • While Fjordur is free, the base ARK game still costs money normally.
  • ARK goes on sale often and has temporarily been free in the past.
  • Fjordur is considered one of ARK‘s best and most popular maps.
  • Now is an amazing time to get into ARK thanks to this great free content update!

I hope this detailed guide helped explain exactly what the Fjordur expansion offers, why it‘s 100% free, and how to download it yourself to start exploring a massive new ARK world.

See you in the survival gaming paradise of Fjordur, my friend!



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