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Is Arma Reforger free? The complete pricing and availability guide

No, Arma Reforger is not a free game. It currently costs $29.99 USD on both PC and Xbox Series X/S. As an early access title, some fans hoped it would be free-to-play or lower cost, but the developer Bohemia Interactive is charging its standard asking price for new releases in the Arma franchise.

Let‘s take a comprehensive look at what exactly Arma Reforger is, what you get for the $30 price point, and how it compares to previous Arma games in terms of content and value. This guide will cover everything a new or veteran Arma player needs to know about getting started with Arma Reforger!

A Quick History of Arma Games

First, some franchise history. Arma Reforger represents the latest entry in the ultra-realistic military simulator series that started with Armed Assault in 2006, renamed to Arma: Combat Operations for its North American release. The first game laid the foundation for large-scale combined arms warfare across massive open world environments.

The second mainline title Arma 2 arrived in 2009 and gained huge popularity partly due to the success of the DayZ mod, which kicked off the battle royale genre. Arma 2 demonstrated the potential of the platform for both realistic gameplay and creative community modifications.

This set the stage for Arma 3 in 2013 which consolidated the franchise as the premier military sim on PC. Arma 3 offered vast improvements in graphics, gameplay, content volume, and mod support. Bohemia continues updating it to this day as a platform for military veterans, milsim enthusiasts, and those who enjoy tactical open world shooters.

Which finally brings us to the latest chapter with Arma Reforger – serving as an early access sneak peek at the future of the platform leading to the eventual Arma 4 down the road.

What You Get with Arma Reforger

Okay, so should you pay $30 for access to this early version of Arma? Here is a quick rundown of what exactly you can play right now:

  • Everon – Large open world island environment remastered from Arma 3
  • Game Master Mode – Create and share custom scenarios using the new intuitive Workbench
  • Conflict Mode – Join PvP battles with up to 32 players
  • Vehicles – Cars, tanks, helicopters, boats across US and Soviet factions
  • Weapons – 50+ arsenal of Cold War era small arms recreated with realistic ballistics
  • Photogrammetry – Some locations rebuilt using real-world photography data
  • Mod Support – Download player-created mods from the Steam Workshop

There are a couple single player showcases to teach gameplay basics, but the focus is on the sandbox experience creating your own fun either alone or with other players. The platform is there but content-wise it‘s still quite barebones – as you would expect from an early access release.

Now let‘s see how that stacks up against the current gold standard for gameplay value – Arma 3.

Arma 3 vs Reforger – Content Comparison

Arma 3 has been out for almost 10 years now, so it‘s not exactly a fair fight. But it shows just how much more there is to dig into versus the newer Reforger:

CategoryArma 3Arma Reforger
Release Date20132022 Early Access
Maps3 Massive Terrain Maps1 Island Map Remastered from Arma 3
Multiplayer Modes11+ Mode VarietyCurrently just 2 Modes
Weapons100+ Arsenal50+ Weapons So Far
Vehicles30+ Ground/Air/SeaAround 10 Vehicles
Factions50+ FactionsJust 2 Cold War Era Factions
Singleplayer ContentTons of campaigns & scenariosLimited singleplayer currently
ModsMajor Total Conversions like EpochNo large mods yet
PlayersThriving community since launchMuch smaller early access community

Now this comparison is a bit unfair given the huge time gap. But it gives you a sense of the scope offered by a fully mature Arma title versus the scaled-back early version found in Reforger.

For a new player looking to get hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay, Arma 3 is still by far the best option thanks to its wealth of content. However, Reforger gives a taste of the upgraded engine and gameplay for the upcoming Arma 4.

Opinions from Arma Experts

To get some expert perspectives, let‘s see what some key Arma figures and reviewers think about the state of Reforger:

Jester814 – Popular Arma YouTuber

"It‘s pretty, it runs well, but it‘s just extremely barebones right now. The price point of $30 is hard to justify for what you‘re getting currently. I‘d say wait for a 50% discount during Early Access before jumping in."

Dslyecxi – Prominent Arma clan founder

"As an early access experience, they‘ve done a great job with the foundations in Reforger. But until more content and features come online, Arma 3 is still the way to go for in-depth gameplay."

PC Gamer – 73/100 Review Score

"There’s a lot of promise in Reforger that could transform into something great, but right now it feels awfully barebones. The hefty price tag for this early access release makes it hard to recommend."

The consensus seems to be that while Reforger shows promise for the future, the current state is quite limited, especially for the $30 entry point. Patience may be advised.

Is Reforger Worth Buying Now? Pros vs Cons

Given what we‘ve covered, is Arma Reforger worth purchasing now for $30? Here is a quick pros vs cons breakdown:


  • A peek at the future of Arma on a remastered version of Everon
  • Satisfying realistic military gameplay remains intact
  • Mod support allows adding plenty of player-created content
  • Backing it now funds Arma 4‘s development
  • Lower price than a full Arma release


  • Very limited content compared to past games
  • Only 2 multiplayer modes and no campaign yet
  • Relatively expensive for early access stage
  • Arma 3 offers way more content for the price
  • No guarantees on future Arma 4 discounts

Final Verdict

Ultimately, while the Arma Reforger foundations show promise, the limited scope and $30 price make it difficult to wholeheartedly recommend in its current early access state. Players who want to experience that authentic Arma warfare on a visually upgraded version of Everon may find it worth trying now.

However, for most fans, waiting for more content, multiplayer modes, mods, and discounts during early access is probably the safer choice. Bohemia still has work to do to flesh out the experience before Arma Reforger represents a great value. Keep an eye on future developments as the platform expands over time.

And there you have the complete guide to Arma Reforger‘s pricing and availability! Despite not being free-to-play, it offers an intriguing look at the future of this legendary military simulator franchise.



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