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Is Assassin‘s Creed Origins DLC Free? An In-Depth Look

Hey there! If you‘re an Assassin‘s Creed fan wondering whether you can get your hands on Origins DLC for free, I‘ve got you covered. After tons of gameplay hours and research as an experienced gamer, I can confirm that unfortunately, the major story expansions for Assassin‘s Creed Origins cannot be obtained for free. You‘ll need to purchase them separately or as part of the Season Pass.

However, there is some free DLC available! Let me walk you through everything in the sections below.

Free DLC Content

While the meaty story expansions will cost you, Ubisoft has released some free content updates for Assassin‘s Creed Origins that all players can access at no additional charge:

Limited-Time Epic Boss Battles

Ubisoft has been dropping free epic boss battle events called The Trials of the Gods. These intense, large-scale fights let you take on the Egyptian deities themselves!

So far there have been three Trials released:

  • Anubis – March 6, 2018
  • Sobek – May 15, 2018
  • Sekhmet – June 12, 2018

I‘ve played through all the Trials of the Gods events and let me tell you, they are awesome! The questlines leading up to the pharaoh battles add 2-3 hours of fun gameplay, and the god boss fights themselves are incredibly cinematic. The Anubis battle even has multiple stages and forms.

Completing each Trial earns you high-level weapons and outfits you can‘t get anywhere else. For example, defeating Anubis got me a sick legendary jackal bow. These battles alone are worth loading up Origins again if you haven‘t played in awhile.

The best part? Ubisoft has confirmed they will keep releasing more Trials of the Gods well into 2019 and beyond. I can‘t wait to take on what they come up with next!

Nomad‘s Bazaar Daily Quests

In addition to the limited-time Trials, a free content update added the Nomad‘s Bazaar wandering merchant camp. Each day, the Nomad Bazaar kicks off a new daily quest with rewards like crafting materials and exotic weapons.

I make sure to complete the Nomad‘s Bazaar daily quest every time I load up Origins to get my hands on rare loot. It only takes a few minutes and nets you high level outfits, camel skins, and shields you won‘t find anywhere else.

So in summary, 100% of players have access to badass mythical boss battles and daily quests with unique rewards. Well done, Ubisoft!

Paid Expansions – What‘s Included?

Alright, time for the details on Origins‘ paid DLC expansions. Let‘s start with a quick overview:

  • The Hidden Ones – 4-8 hour stealth-focused campaign against Romans. Raises level cap to 45. Added January 23, 2018.
  • The Curse of the Pharaohs – 20+ hour mystical expansion involving famous pharaohs. Level cap boosted to 55. Released March 13, 2018.

Both of these expansions look absolutely fantastic, packing in tons of new story content, maps, abilities and gear. You‘ll need to shell out some cash though, so let‘s break down exactly what you‘ll get from each DLC:

The Hidden Ones DLC

  • New story campaign – 4-8 hours of additional gameplay and story content
  • Roman occupation of Sinai – Brand new map region, the Sinai peninsula
  • Increased level cap – Level cap boosted from 40 to 45
  • Stealth-focused abilities – New ability tree with stealth-centric skills
  • New weapons/gear – 1 new outfit, 2 legendary weapons, a shield and mount

The Hidden Ones expansion puts you in the shoes of an assassin leader named Amunet, as you rally your assassins against occupying Roman forces. The stealth aspect has gotten a major upgrade here, with sleeping darts and smoke bombs to help you infiltrate fortresses silently.

The new Sinai region is awesome to explore with hidden caves and landmarks. Overall, The Hidden Ones is a must-buy for Origins fans.

The Curse of the Pharaohs

This massive expansion easily provides 20+ hours of engaging new content:

  • Afterlife setting – Journey to ancient Thebes and the realm of the dead
  • Increased level cap – Reach all the way to Level 55
  • Mythical beasts – Encounter ancient pharaohs and mystical creatures
  • Tons of new gear – Outfits, gear sets, and multiple legendary weapons
  • Huge new regions – Thebes, Valley of the Kings, more afterlife realms
  • New abilities – Devastating arrow types and buffs

Curse of the Pharaohs lets you clash with famous pharaohs like Nefertiti and Tutankhamun who have been resurrected from the afterlife. The story delves deep into Egyptian mythology, featuring mystical beings like giant scorpions and ancient gods.

This expansion basically adds a whole new fantasy game on top of Origins. The huge regions like ancient Thebes have so many hidden tombs and side activities to keep you occupied for hours. If you couldn‘t get enough of exploring ancient Egypt the first time, Curse of the Pharaohs is a must-buy.

Should You Get the DLC?

Based on my experience completing both expansions, I can confidently say the DLC is extremely worth it for Origins fans. Here‘s a quick pro/con breakdown:


  • Over 24 hours of new story content
  • Cool new abilities and gear
  • Gorgeous new regions to explore
  • Deeper lore and backstory


  • Costs extra money
  • Optionally extends the experience

Since the base game already offers a solid standalone story, the DLC is optional. But if you‘re hungry for more of Bayek‘s adventure, the expansions deliver satisfying content that builds nicely on the events of Origins.

Plus, the Season Pass featuring everything can often be snagged at 50% off or more during sales. At those prices, it‘s almost criminal not to extend such an incredible game world.

How to Get the DLC

If you decide to go for it and get the Origins DLC, here are the purchasing options:

  • Season Pass – $39.99, regularly goes on sale for $20-$30. Includes all major expansions. Best value.
  • Gold Edition – Bundle with base game and Season Pass included. Look for discounts.
  • Individual purchases – Buy The Hidden Ones for $9.99 and Curse of the Pharaohs for $19.99 separately.

I recommend watching for a sale on the Season Pass if you can, as it bundles the experiences together at the lowest overall cost.

The Gold Edition that includes the base game and Season Pass is often discounted as well during sales events like the Steam Summer sale.

Well, that covers everything you need to know about DLC content for Assassin‘s Creed Origins! Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this guide helped explain exactly what extra adventures await in Ancient Egypt. Happy gaming!



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