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Is Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla Free?

The short answer is – it depends. On some platforms, you can access Valhalla for free under certain conditions. But full unlimited access currently requires payment. Let‘s dive into the details.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how exciting a new Assassin‘s Creed release can be. And Valhalla really takes the franchise to new heights by letting us live out our ultimate Viking fantasies. But games of this scope and quality don‘t come cheap.

So I wanted to provide you with a comprehensive guide on all your options for playing this Norse epic for free or at least trying it out before you buy.

Xbox Owners – Enjoy a Free Viking Adventure!

If you‘re an Xbox gamer, here is some amazing news – you can download and enjoy the full Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla experience at absolutely no cost!

Microsoft is currently offering the game for free from now through February 28th, 2023 as part of their special "Free Play Days" program.

During this limited-time event, you can play the complete Valhalla adventure with no restrictions on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. All progress will even carry over if you decide to purchase the game afterwards!

Valhalla Free Play Days Promotion Image

This is a huge opportunity Xbox fans, especially if money is tight. Make sure to take advantage before February 28th comes around!

Some key details on Xbox‘s free Valhalla offer:

  • Available now through February 28th, 2023
  • Download via Xbox Store on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
  • Full main campaign and all post-launch content included
  • Keep any progress if you buy the game later
  • Completely free access – no strings attached

So rally your Viking comrades, claim your destiny, and begin exploring the rich open world of Valhalla at no cost courtesy of Xbox. Skål!

PlayStation – Pay to Plunder England

Now for my fellow PlayStation players, the news is a bit less exciting. Unfortunately there is no way to play Valhalla for free right now on PS4 or PS5.

Sony has not offered the game through PlayStation Plus monthly free games. And it‘s highly unlikely to be featured any time soon since Valhalla is still fairly new.

The only option is to purchase the game outright from the PlayStation Store for the full $59.99 standard edition price. Sales and discounts do occasionally bring it down to around $29.99 if you keep an eye out.

I know that‘s not ideal if you‘re strapped for cash. But once you eventually get your hands on Valhalla, the PS5 version is arguably the definitive way to experience this Viking epic with enhanced graphics and near instant loading.

For now, PlayStation warriors must pay the iron price to take on the English kingdom. But the glorious conquest that awaits is well worth the cost!

PC: Free Trials and Subscriptions

For PC gamers, I have some good news – there are a couple ways you can check out Valhalla for free, if only temporarily.

The main options include:

  • Ubisoft+ Subscription: For $14.99/month you get unlimited access to Valhalla and Ubisoft‘s full catalog on both Uplay and Stadia.
  • Epic Games Store: Epic offered Valhalla totally free for 1 week during their 2022 holiday promotion. More free weekly deals could come in the future.
  • Steam Refunds: You can play up to 2 hours and still get a full refund on Steam. Great way to trial run the early sections.

Now those only provide limited access to Valhalla if you want to experience the full saga. But useful for quick demos at least!

And if you decide to keep crusin‘ the countryside as a Viking raider, you‘ll need to pay up on PC just like console. Sales frequently drop the price to around $30 so keep an eye out.

Grab It Free with Xbox Game Pass (Someday)

This one isn‘t a reality yet, but here‘s hoping! As an Xbox Game Pass subscriber myself, I‘m eagerly awaiting the day Valhalla gets added to the library.

Popular games often join Game Pass roughly 1-2 years after release. So I‘m crossing my fingers Valhalla shows up by the end of 2023.

As of now, the massive Viking epic is still a paid add-on even for Game Pass members. But with Ragnarok around the corner, I think Xbox will entice people with access to Valhalla soon!

Until then, taking advantage of the temporary free events is your best bet as a Game Pass subscriber. Valhalla will be a glorious addition once it finally joins the ranks.

Prime Members: Free Valhalla Awaits on PC

For Amazon Prime members, rejoice! You can currently claim a free PC copy of Valhalla through Prime Gaming.

Here are the quick steps:

  • Make sure you have an active Prime membership
  • Head to and login
  • Link your Amazon account with your Ubisoft account
  • Claim the Valhalla promotion before February 28th, 2023
  • Download the full game on PC through Ubisoft Connect

This fantastic Prime offer is limited to the Windows PC version only. But still an amazing free way for subscribers to experience Valhalla‘s beautiful world and brutal combat without paying a cent!

Just be sure to click that claim button soon before the February deadline passes. Skål, Prime warriors!

Will Valhalla Go Fully Free-to-Play?

As much as I‘d love for Assassin‘s Creed to offer a free-to-play option like Fortnite or Apex Legends, Valhalla will almost certainly remain a paid game for the foreseeable future.

Ubisoft has not shown any indication that they plan to shift Valhalla or future Assassin‘s Creed titles into a free-to-play or "freemium" model with microtransactions.

The series has always been known for expansive single-player stories unlike live service games. And Valhalla is selling well enough that free-to-play seems unlikely anytime soon.

But down the road, who knows? As a fan I‘ll keep dreaming of the day these epic virtual worlds open up completely for free!

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Free Weekends

While not permanently free, Ubisoft does offer temporary free access to Valhalla quite often through promotional free weekends.

These are usually 3-5 day periods where you can download and play the full game on all platforms. All your progress will carry over if you buy!

Some past Valhalla free weekends include:

  • December 15th-19th, 2022 – Free on all platforms
  • July 21st-24th, 2022 – Free on Xbox consoles
  • March 24th-28th, 2022 – Free on Stadia

Definitely take advantage of these short demos when they pop up to get a nice free teaser of Valhalla‘s greatness!

Is Valhalla Worth Playing for Free?

If given the opportunity through one of these promotions, is Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla worth diving into during your temporary free access? Let‘s weigh the pros and cons:

Pros of playing Valhalla for free:

  • Huge open world to explore at no cost
  • Thrilling Viking raids and battles
  • Engaging activities like flyting, hunting, and drinking games
  • Can experience the full epic storyline
  • Incredible visuals and music that immerse you in the time period

Cons of playing Valhalla for free:

  • It‘s extremely long – hard to make real progress with limited time
  • Suffers from some repetitive side content
  • Stealth isn‘t as big of a focus
  • Story pacing feels slow at times

Overall, Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla is absolutely worth playing if you get the chance to try it out for free. The opportunity to freely explore a gorgeous recreation of Medieval England and Norway shouldn‘t be passed up!

Just make sure to focus on the parts you find most fun when playing in a limited free window. The breadth of content is better experienced over many hours.

But for a free first taste of this top-notch Viking adventure, Valhalla is extremely rewarding. Skål!

In Summary: How to Play Valhalla Free

To recap all the key details:

  • 🎮 Xbox Owners: Full base game free via Free Play Days until 2/28

  • 🎮 PlayStation: No free trial – must purchase

  • ⏱️ PC: Temporary access via Ubisoft+ or Steam refund

  • 🎁 Xbox Game Pass: Not included yet, hopefully someday!

  • 🚫 No permanent F2P version exists at this time

  • 🎉 Free weekends happen occasionally across all platforms

  • 💻 Amazon Prime members can get Valhalla free on PC

I hope this guide gives you a detailed overview of all your current options for experiencing Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla without paying a dime.

The Xbox Free Play Days promotion is obviously the most exciting freebie happening now. But PlayStation and PC players also have some decent temporary trial options.

However you decide to embark on your Viking journey, I wish you glorious raiding, fierce battles, and memorable tales of adventure through medieval England. Skål, fellow warrior!

Let me know if you have any other questions about getting Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla for free. I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer find great deals.



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