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Is b4b DLC Free? Everything You Need to Know About Back 4 Blood‘s Downloadable Content

Hey there fellow zombie slayer! If you‘re like me, you‘ve been loving Back 4 Blood‘s intense 4-player co-op action and have put dozens of hours into mowing down hordes of the undead. But you might be wondering: is all that awesome downloadable content free?

I‘ve got your back – in this detailed guide, I‘ll be answering the question of whether Back 4 Blood‘s DLC is free and breaking down everything you could want to know about the available expansions. Let‘s get into it!

Is Back 4 Blood DLC Free?

To kick things off, let‘s answer the main question outright:

No, Back 4 Blood‘s major downloadable content and expansions are NOT free. There are small free updates, but the packs with new story acts, cleaners, weapons etc require purchase.

There are currently 2 paid expansions, with more on the way:

  • Tunnels of Terror (April 2022) – $14.99
  • Children of the Worm (October 2022) – $14.99

You can also get an Annual Pass for $39.99 which includes all major DLC in 2022.

So unfortunately you won‘t just unlock all that sweet new content automatically. But read on to see why the DLC is absolutely worth picking up!

Overview of Back 4 Blood DLC Releases

Back 4 Blood takes the approach of rolling out free updates alongside paid expansions that must be bought separately:

Free Updates – These are small patches that add quality of life fixes, balance changes, new difficulty levels, etc. They are free for all players.

Major Paid Expansions – These big DLC drops add tons of content like new cleaners, missions, weapons, and game modes. They run $15 individually or are included in the $40 Annual Pass.

Here are the paid expansions released so far:

Tunnels of Terror (April 2022)

Tunnels of Terror was the first big expansion, focused on underground hive missions. It added:

  • 2 Playable Cleaners
  • Ridden Hives PvE Mode
  • 2 New Story Acts
  • New Enemy Type (The Warped)
  • New Weapons, Skins, Accessories & Cards

Children of the Worm (October 2022)

The latest expansion added more creepy story acts and challenging new co-op modes:

  • 1 New Playable Cleaner
  • Trials of the Worm PvE Mode
  • 3 New Story Acts
  • New Enemy Variant (Shredded Ridden)
  • New Weapons, Skins & Cards

Upcoming River of Blood DLC

  • Expected December 2022
  • Details TBA but likely new story, cleaners, weapons, etc.

So after buying the base game, you‘ve got 2 major expansions already out, with more on the horizon!

What Do You Get in Each Back 4 Blood Expansion?

Let‘s do a deep dive into everything you gain access to in each DLC drop:

Tunnels of Terror Content

Playable CleanersHeng & Sharice
Game ModeRidden Hives PvE
Story ActsDistinguished Thunder & Noxious Grotto
EnemiesThe Warped
WeaponsMachine Pistol, Heavy Axe
Weapon Skins12 New Skins
Character Skins8 New Skins
OtherNew Cards & Accessories

Children of the Worm Content

Playable CleanersProphet Dan
Game ModeTrials of the Worm PvE
Story ActsDepraved Sanctuary, Witch‘s Domain, Shattered Truth
EnemiesShredded Ridden
WeaponsScythe, Incendiary Grenades
OtherNew Cards, Skins

As you can see, each DLC expansion adds a substantial amount of new content across the board – you‘ll get awesome new cleaners, enemies, missions, weapons, cards and more to diversify the experience.

Well worth the $15 price tag if you ask me!

How Does Back 4 Blood‘s DLC Pricing Compare to Other Games?

To help put the pricing in perspective, let‘s see how it compares to DLC from some other popular multiplayer shooters:

GameDLC ExpansionPrice
Back 4 BloodChildren of the Worm$14.99
Destiny 2The Witch Queen$39.99
Rainbow Six SiegeYear 7 Pass$39.99
Battlefield 2042Year 1 Pass$39.99

As you can see, Back 4 Blood‘s $15 expansions are quite fairly priced. Big DLC packs for online shooters tend to run $30 – $40, so B4B‘s add-ons are on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Considering how much content you get, from new story acts to extra cleaners and weapons, $15 is a steal!

Does Everyone Need to Buy the DLC to Play?

This is a big question when it comes to online multiplayer DLC – do all your friends need to buy it to join in?

Thankfully, Back 4 Blood takes an inclusive approach.

As long as one player in your party owns the DLC, everyone can access the new missions and content!

This makes trying out the expansions super convenient and affordable. Have one friend grab the Annual Pass, and your whole squad can explore the new missions together.

Here are the things everyone in a party gains access to if even one player has the DLC owned:

✅ New story campaigns and missions
✅ New weapons and ability cards
✅ New playable cleaners
✅ New game modes like Ridden Hives

The only limitation is that non-owners won‘t unlock premium character skins or accessories. But you‘ll get access to all the major co-op content!

How to Get the Most Value from Back 4 Blood‘s DLC

To help you get the most fun and value out of the expansions, here are my top tips:

Grab the Annual Pass – Since the content can be shared, one player grabbing the Annual Pass lets everyone access the new goods.

Try Out New Game Modes – Each DLC adds unique co-op modes like Ridden Hives that change up the gameplay.

Use New Cleaners & Weapons – Freshen up your options with the new cleaners and weapon types.

Push the Difficulty – The expansions really shine on Veteran and Nightmare!

Complete All Achievements – DLC missions add achievements to pursue 100% completion.

Have an Owner Host Games – When partying up, have the Annual Pass owner host so everyone gets DLC access.

Follow those tips and you‘ll be getting the absolute most bang for your buck from the expansions!

The DLC is Highly Rated by Both Critics & Players

Looking at critic and player reviews shows just how positively the DLC expansions have been received:

Tunnels of Terror DLC

  • 82% Critic Score on OpenCritic
  • 83% User Score on OpenCritic
  • "Very Positive" User Reviews on Steam

Children of the Worm DLC

  • 76% Critic Score on OpenCritic
  • 86% User Score on OpenCritic
  • "Very Positive" User Reviews on Steam

Critics praise the expansions for delivering meaningful new content and modes that feel right at home in the B4B universe.

Fans overwhelmingly enjoy the fresh gameplay experiences, creepy new settings, and chance to slay more zombies with new abilities.

Suffice to say, both professional reviewers and regular players feel the DLC is well worth picking up!

Exciting Future DLC Releases

The first two expansions have set a strong precedent of what to expect from future Back 4 Blood DLC drops.

While details are still limited, here‘s what we know about the upcoming DLC releases:

River of Blood – Expected December 2022. Likely similar format to past expansions.

Annual Pass Year 2? – The current pass covers 2022 content. A Year 2 pass seems likely for 2023.

Based on the current cadence, we can expect 2-3 premium expansions annually. Each one will add great new content to keep the game feeling fresh.

I don‘t know about you, but I‘m hyped to slay some more zombies in the upcoming DLC!

The expansions so far have stuck to the B4B formula while providing awesome new modes, cleaners, environments and enemies. As long as Turtle Rock Studios keeps up that quality, I‘ll gladly keep buying!

Summing Up Back 4 Blood‘s DLC Situation

Let‘s do a quick recap:

  • Is it free? No – you must purchase major expansions.
  • How much? $14.99 per DLC or $39.99 for the Annual Pass.
  • Do friends need it? No – even non-owners can play if one player hosts.
  • Worth buying? Yes! Reviews are very positive. Adds a ton of content.

Hopefully this guide has given you a complete breakdown of everything you need to know about Back 4 Blood‘s DLC!

My take? The expansions provide a boatload of value and are a must-buy if you‘re enjoying the base game. Grab the Annual Pass and you‘ll be set with co-op zombie action all year long.

Now get out there, gather your squad, and start slaying some Ridden in those creepy new DLC maps. See you on the battlefield!



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