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Is Bloody Ties DLC for Dying Light 2 Free?

The recently released Bloody Ties downloadable content (DLC) for Dying Light 2 Stay Human adds a substantial amount of new content to the zombie survival game. But an important question for many players is – is this new DLC free or does it cost extra? Here is a detailed overview of what the Bloody Ties DLC includes, how much it costs, who gets it for free, and whether it‘s worth purchasing.

How Much Does the Bloody Ties DLC Cost?

The Bloody Ties DLC is priced at $9.99 as a standalone purchase. However, players who already own the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of Dying Light 2 will receive the DLC for free as part of their included season pass.

So you only need to pay extra if you own the Standard Edition of the base game. For most players, the $9.99 price tag represents a good value given the amount of content included.

What is Included in the Bloody Ties DLC?

Bloody Ties adds a substantial new story expansion that takes place in a completely new map area called the Carnage Hall. This is an ancient roman gladiator arena where Aiden must fight waves of infected and human opponents.

Some of the main features of the DLC include:

  • New story campaign with multiple main quests and side activities
  • Large new map area with various gladiator arena environments
  • New enemy faction called the Spectres with unique abilities
  • New Arena wave-based combat challenges to complete
  • New melee weapons, power moves, and character customization options

Overall the DLC focuses heavily on melee combat and provides hours of extra gameplay content for Dying Light 2 fans.

How Do You Access the Bloody Ties DLC?

To access the Bloody Ties DLC content, players first need to complete the prologue of the Dying Light 2 main story. This prologue section takes around 1-2 hours to finish.

Once the prologue is complete, the new DLC story content and Carnage Hall area will unlock and become accessible. So you don‘t need to finish the full main campaign of Dying Light 2 right away.

What are Players Saying About the DLC?

So far reviews of the Bloody Ties DLC have been generally positive, though not amazing. Many reviewers say the new arena-based combat scenarios are fun and intense, providing engaging gameplay for Dying Light fans.

However, the consensus is that the story and characters are relatively average and not anything too impressive. So whether you will enjoy the DLC likely depends on your expectations and how much you enjoy the core gameplay.

For those who just want more zombie slaying action, new weapons to wield, and environments to explore, Bloody Ties delivers. But if you want brilliant writing or narratives, it might fall a bit short.

Overall the DLC provides a good amount of content, extending the gameplay experience by around 8-10 hours for the average player to complete everything.

Is the Main Character Superhuman?

One unique aspect of Dying Light 2‘s protagonist Aiden is that he seems to possess superhuman strength and agility far beyond normal people. This allows him to easily perform parkour moves and take down zombies with melee weapons.

Some key points about Aiden‘s enhanced abilities:

  • He can jump, climb, and swing across obstacles with exceptional ease
  • His physical strength allows him to smash zombie skulls and break through blocked passages
  • His combat skills are extremely honed for melee and close-quarters fighting
  • He has heightened senses and stamina compared to average humans

These superhuman traits enable him to survive and thrive in the brutal zombie-infested world. The DLC leans further into this concept with arena battles against overwhelming odds.

So in summary – while not free for all players, the Bloody Ties DLC adds a sizeable new zone and hours of gladiator-themed zombie combat for $9.99. For Dying Light fans seeking more melee action and challenge, it‘s a fun expansion worth the price.



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