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Is BO2 Plutonium Free? Everything You Need to Know

Hey there! If you‘re reading this, you‘re probably a Call of Duty fan interested in playing Black Ops 2 again in 2022. And you likely came across Plutonium T6 – a custom BO2 client that unlocks new features and mods for free.

It all sounds great, but there‘s one big question on your mind:

Is BO2 Plutonium really 100% free to play?

The short answer is:

Sort of, but not exactly. You still need to purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 first to use it.

I know, that‘s kind of confusing! This guide will break down exactly how Plutonium works, what you get with it, whether it‘s safe, and most importantly – explain clearly if it lets you play BO2 for free or not.

I‘ve played hundreds of hours of modified BO2 using Plutonium T6 myself. So by the end, you‘ll understand everything you need to know to decide if it‘s right for you or a gamer friend!

What is Plutonium T6 Actually?

Let‘s start at the beginning – what is Plutonium T6?

Plutonium T6 is a custom game client for BO2 that gives you:

  • Smoother online play on dedicated servers
  • Access to mods and custom maps
  • Anti-cheat technology
  • Uncapped framerate and more graphics options
  • A built-in server browser to easily find matches

It‘s built on something called the T6 framework – which modifies the game code to enable all these enhanced features.

But Plutonium T6 does not actually include a copy of BO2 itself.

It won‘t run without having the original files from the game purchased separately.

So it‘s not a full standalone game, but more of a mod platform that expands an existing BO2 install with bonuses.

Here are some examples of what Plutonium T6 can add to the experience:

Custom Zombies Maps and Modes

The zombie mode gets massively expanded with mods that let you play community made maps, many ported from newer COD titles.

Total conversion mods like Alien Defense even overhaul everything to feel like a brand new game.

No Microtransactions

Unlike newer COD games loaded with battle passes and microtransactions, Plutonium is 100% free after buying BO2 once.


Tons of hackers and aimbotters plaguing BO2 multiplayer? Plutonium‘s anticheat helps stop them so matches are fair.

Unlock Frame Rate

Get higher FPS with an uncapped framerate. Makes the game feel super smooth on high refresh rate monitors!

So in summary, Plutonium T6 unlocks BO2‘s full potential by giving players more freedom and options than before.

But again – you need to purchase and own Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 first to use it.

Can You Play BO2 Plutonium Without Owning The Game?

This is the key question, and a source of confusion for many people:

Does Plutonium T6 give you COD: Black Ops 2 entirely for free?

The short answer is:

No. Plutonium T6 requires you to buy and own Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PC first to function.

While the Plutonium T6 client itself is free, it‘s only designed to work with an existing BO2 install.

Some key points:

  • Plutonium T6 does not contain the game data/assets itself – only the client and mods.
  • You need to purchase BO2 first to provide the core game files.
  • Owning just Plutonium T6 does nothing on its own without linking it to BO2.

So it does not give you the full Black Ops 2 game for free. You are paying for BO2 – Plutonium just expands it.

I know this can be disappointing if you thought it was a free alternative! But the good news is…

Plutonium T6 is 100% Free for Existing BO2 Owners

If you already purchased and own Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for PC, then yes – you can use Plutonium T6 completely free!

For BO2 players, it essentially acts like a giant free DLC or "Game of the Year" edition with tons of extra content.

But for those who don‘t already own BO2, you sadly still need to buy it first.

As of November 2022, here is where you can purchase legitimate copies of BO2 for PC:

G2A and CDKeys may offer discounted gray market keys around $15-20, but these carry risks of scams or revoked keys.

I recommend playing it safe with an official Steam purchase while it‘s on sale.

Once you own BO2 and have it installed, then you can download and use Plutonium T6 to unlock a whole new experience!

Is Plutonium T6 Safe to Use and Download?

Natural to be worried about malware or viruses when downloading mods. So is Plutonium T6 safe?

The community consensus is yes – as long as you download it from the official Plutonium site.

Most players report smooth sailing, but as always I suggest:

  • Scan files with antivirus software like Windows Defender
  • Monitor hardware usage and temps for odd spikes
    -Ask for help on the Plutonium Discord if anything seems sketchy.

Also make sure to back up your existing BO2 folder beforehand in case you need to uninstall.

Overall though, Plutonium T6 is trusted by the community. But I would avoid any pirated or cracked versions you see on shady sites.

How to Download Plutonium T6 Safely

If you want to try Plutonium T6, here are the steps to download and install it correctly:


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 purchased and installed
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Open Steam (to link your existing BO2)
  • 30GB of HDD space

Download Steps:

  1. Go to the official Plutonium Website

  2. Click Download and get the PlutoniumLauncher.exe file

  3. Install to a folder like C:\PlutoniumT6

  4. Run the launcher and login or make a free account

  5. Click "Add Game" and select "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2"

  6. Point it to your BO2 install folder usually under Steam\steamapps\common\

  7. Let Plutonium update, and you are good to go!

Double check you see the new Plutonium splash screen when launching BO2. If not, your paths may be off – the Discord can help troubleshoot.

Then you can jump into matches and enjoy all the T6 benefits!

Gameplay Features – What Can You Do With Plutonium?

Let‘s look at some of the biggest features Plutonium T6 enables or improves for BO2:


  • Dedicated servers for lag-free matches without frustrating host advantage.

  • Server browser makes finding matches fast and easy.

  • Anti-cheat technology helps stop aimbotters and hackers.

  • Uncapped frame rate – play at high FPS on monitors like 240hz.

  • FOV slider to adjust your field of view.

  • Level up through Plutonium‘s own ranking system.


  • Download custom zombie maps made by the community.

  • Try total conversion mods that completely overhaul the mode.

  • Many maps ported from BO3 with updated visuals.

  • Hundreds of hours of new zombies gameplay added.


  • No DLC purchases needed – all added content is free.

  • Avoid loot boxes and microtransactions newer CODs push.

  • Modern graphics options like ultrawide monitor support.

A decade later, Plutonium T6 really reignites BO2 with exciting new gameplay possibilities!

Plutonium T6 Review – The Verdict

I‘ve personally put hundreds of hours into BO2 on Plutonium T6. Here‘s my final verdict:

8.5 / 10

The Good

  • Revives an aging classic with tons of new free content.
  • Smoother multiplayer with dedicated servers and anti-cheat.
  • Hundreds of custom zombies maps to play.
  • More graphics options like FOV slider.
  • Active community extending BO2‘s life.

The Bad

  • Can‘t play with people on normal Steam version.
  • Installation process could be simpler.
  • Still need to buy BO2 base game.

The Bottom Line

If you already own BO2, Plutonium T6 is easily worth installing for a huge amount of fresh content and features.

It‘s completely free for existing owners and delivers an incredible new experience.

For those without BO2 yet, it still offers great value if you buy it first, then utilize Plutonium T6 to unlock its full potential for years to come.

Highly recommended for any BO2 fan!

Frequently Asked Plutonium Questions

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some common questions:

Is This Legal if I Own BO2?

Yes, Plutonium T6 is 100% legal if you own an authorized copy of BO2. It does not contain or distribute any game assets or code.

What If My Anti-Virus Detects It As Malware?

False positives are common since it modifies game code. You can whitelist the Plutonium folder to avoid this. Definitely scan files first before running just in case though!

Can I Play With Friends Who Have Regular BO2 on Steam?

Unfortunately no. Plutonium uses separate servers, so you can only play with other Plutonium users.

Can I Get Banned on Steam for Using This?

No, Plutonium cannot affect or modify your Steam files or account in any way. It launches the game in a "sandboxed" method that is undetected.

Can I Play Offline or Solo With Bots?

No, the Plutonium client is online multiplayer only. But you can still play regular BO2 offline using Steam.

Is There Customer Support If I Have Issues?

Yes! The developers are very responsive on the Plutonium Discord. Friendly community too.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know if you‘re interested in playing BO2 on PC in 2022!

To recap the key points:

  • Plutonium T6 is a free client that expands BO2, but…
  • You still need to purchase BO2 to provide the base game files.
  • If you already own BO2, Plutonium T6 is 100% free and safe to use.
  • It unlocks tons of extra content like mods, maps, anti-cheat, etc.

While not fully standalone, Plutonium T6 is an awesome way for existing BO2 owners to relive this classic COD with a fresh new coat of paint!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And have fun shooting zombies or getting nukes once you have it set up!



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