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Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant? Latest Updates and News

Let‘s clear the air right off the bat – Carrie Underwood is not pregnant currently. I know speculation has been swirling lately that the country queen might have a little one on the way. But based on Carrie‘s own statements and recent activity, it appears a new baby isn‘t in her immediate plans.

Of course, fans are always on bump watch wondering if she‘ll decide to expand her family someday. Let‘s dive into the pregnancy chatter and analyze all the evidence to get a sense of what we can reasonably expect from Carrie in the near future and beyond.

What Exactly Carrie Has Said

Straight from the source – Carrie plainly denied she was expecting again during an August 2023 interview with People Magazine. When asked directly about the pregnancy rumors, Carrie just laughed and told the outlet, "No! No more babies yet!"

She explained she feels very fulfilled with her two sons for the time being. "Isaiah and Jacob keep me so busy, my hands are full! Mike and I aren‘t planning for any more kids right now. We‘re just enjoying each day as it comes and spending as much time together with our little guys as we can."

That on-the-record statement from Carrie herself seems to conclusively shut down pregnancy talk for now. Of course, things can always change down the road. But the singer sounds content with her family of four at the moment and doesn‘t appear to have another baby on the way.

Hertransparent approach to addressing the speculation head-on gives us an unambiguous answer straight from the source. We can take Carrie at her word that three kids aren‘t in the cards currently based on her own comments.

Analyzing Carrie‘s Non-Stop Schedule

One look at everything Carrie has tackled in the last several months makes pregnancy seem highly improbable right now. She just finished up her massive Denim & Rhinestones Tour in October after 43 jam-packed shows in the U.S. and Canada.

I was lucky enough to catch a show in Nashville, and let me tell you – it was an absolute knockout! The production level was incredible, with pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, multiple stages, and like a zillion costume changes. And that woman can SING! Her voice was totally on point, hitting every note as she belted her heart out. She looked and sounded phenomenal.

But it was a grueling schedule, crisscrossing North America for 6 straight months. Sources estimate she burned over 70,000 calories per show with all that intense dancing and singing. The whole spectacle was really visually stunning but seemed like an awful lot to take on while expecting.

The stats speak for themselves in terms of the reach and success of the tour:

  • 43 concerts in 33 cities
  • Over 600,000 in total attendance
  • $34 million total gross ticket sales
  • 670,000 fashion jewels hand-stitched onto 130 costumes
  • 90 semi-trucks required to transport stage and equipment

And she killed it at every. single. show. It‘s hard to imagine Carrie pulling that off if pregnant again. The sheer energy and athleticism needed for a tour of that scale certainly suggests no baby on board!

Carrie also recently surprised fans by jumping on stage to duet with Guns N‘ Roses during their October show. She belted out a jaw-dropping version of "Paradise City" alongside the rock legends. Performing with GNR demonstrates she‘s still pushing her limits and taking on new challenges – further evidence we likely aren‘t getting a pregnancy announcement just yet.

No Visible Signs of a Bump

Now, every woman carries differently, so this isn‘t definitive proof. But photos and videos from Carrie‘s recent appearances don‘t show any obvious baby bump.

She‘s been snapped on numerous red carpets over the last several months in form-fitting dresses that display a visibly flat stomach. Of course, loose clothing can obscure a lot. But based on the skin-tight numbers we‘ve seen her rocking lately, it doesn‘t look like she‘s concealing a growing belly at this point.

During her concert tour, she opted for bodysuits and fringe-filled ensembles that didn‘t leave much to the imagination. And there was nary a bump in sight. Of course, celebs have secretive ways to mask pregnancies until they‘re ready to reveal them. But I‘d guess if Carrie were noticeably pregnant, she wouldn‘t be squeezing into those curve-hugging outfits night after night.

Here are a few examples of her recent award show style with no apparent baby bumps:

[Red Carpet Image 1] [Red Carpet Image 2]

Again, this isn‘t hard evidence against pregnancy rumors. But her form-fitting fashion choices definitely don‘t suggest she‘s got a bun growing in the oven lately.

No Official Confirmation (Yet)

Probably the biggest sign Carrie isn‘t actually pregnant is the lack of any announcement confirming it from her or her team. During both previous pregnancies, Carrie shared the exciting news herself via social media.

In 2014, she and Mike adorably announced they were expecting their first child together in a heartwarming Instagram post with their dogs. A few years later in 2018, she revealed her second pregnancy with another sweet Instagram photo of herself holding a "pregnant" onesie.

So if baby #3 were on the way, precedent says we‘d likely get an elated announcement straight from Carrie and Mike first. The fact that they‘ve said zilch about expecting another little one reinforces the notion that it‘s not happening at the moment.

Of course, the couple doesn‘t owe us any information about their family planning. But based on how open they‘ve been in the past, Carrie‘s continued silence speaks volumes here. If a sibling for Isaiah and Jacob were coming soon, it seems reasonable we‘d have heard about it by now.

Music Is Her Current Priority

Expanding her family doesn‘t seem to be at the forefront of Carrie‘s mind based on her latest career moves. In November, she whipped fans into a frenzy by teasing that new music is coming down the pipeline.

She posted a photo in the studio with the caption, "Cooking up something new with some very special friends." Collaborators haven‘t been confirmed, but some detectives swear they see Miranda Lambert in the background!

Regardless who exactly she‘s working with, the social media sneak peek indicates Carrie has been hitting the recording studio hard working on a new album. That hints her focus is currently on making new country hits rather than making babies.

It‘s been 3 years since her last record "Cry Pretty" dropped in 2018. That album topped the Billboard country charts, produced successful singles like "Love Wins" and "Southbound", and became her 7th straight platinum-selling release.

That‘s some seriously impressive stats, especially in today‘s fractured music industry. But fans are more than ready for some fresh Carrie jams. And the studio photo she posted suggests we‘ll get them sooner rather than later!

Based on typical country album cycles, early 2024 seems a reasonable timeline to expect the new collection of songs. And you know Carrie will be going on a massive promotional media blitz and tour once it drops!

Releasing a record and prepping for an arena tour seems like a full plate on its own. Throw morning sickness and maternity clothes into the mix? It appears Carrie is smartly focusing on one major project at a time.

When Can We Expect a Pregnancy Announcement?

Okay, so all signs point to no baby on the way currently for Carrie. But she‘s been open about eventually wanting more kids someday. So when might we actually hear that blessed pregnancy news?

My expert prediction (assuming I was an expert, which I‘m not): we‘re at minimum a year out from any possible pregnancy announcement, if not longer.

Here‘s my logic:

  • She‘ll want to release the new album first and promote it through 2024. Pregnancy could distract from that.

  • There will likely be a huge tour 6-12 months after the album drops. Hard to touring while expecting.

  • She‘ll want time to enjoy album success and tour revenue and prep for next stages of career.

  • She seems genuinely content with 2 kids for now based on her statements.

  • Having 2 toddlers at home already limits options for timing third pregnancy.

  • Her career is still peaking with many years left. No need to rush more kids.

So late 2024 or beyond seems the most likely timing for welcoming baby #3, according to my unqualified predictions. Of course, anything can happen!

But Carrie doesn‘t seem the type to rush into major life decisions. My money says she‘ll carefully consider timing and space out having more kids. But I‘ll be watching eagerly for any surprise announcements just in case!

What to Expect From Carrie

While I‘d love for her to share she has another little bundle coming someday, here‘s a realistic picture of what we can anticipate from Carrie in the more immediate future:

  • A new album announcement any day now. I‘m betting early 2024 release.

  • Non-stop promotional appearances when new music drops – think magazine covers, TV performances, radio events and more.

  • A major arena tour in late 2024/early 2025 based on her usual album cycles.

  • More surprising collaborations as she continues flexing her versatility. Can we manifest a Carrie/Taylor Swift pairing?

  • Rave reviews and countless accolades continuing to roll in recognizing her otherworldly talent.

  • More cute Insta pics and videos of her adorable boys as she embraces mom life.

  • More openness about her ups and downs to motivate others because she really is the best.

  • Consistently awe-inspiring vocals and stage presence anytime she performs.

That‘s the Carrie we know and love, baby bump or not! She‘s sure to continue being country music royalty and inspiring others, with or without another kid someday. Her star power is here to stay.

Bottom Line

I know speculation will continue to swirl about if and when Carrie Underwood will add another adorable kiddo to her picture-perfect family. But for now, take it from the superstar herself – a third pregnancy isn‘t happening at the moment.

She sounds sincerely overjoyed with her life as is, focused on raising Isaiah and Jacob, strengthening her marriage with Mike, and taking country music to new heights. I wouldn‘t expect any baby announcements for a good while based on her slammed schedule and teased new album.

But down the road, whenever Carrie does decide the time is right to expand, I have no doubt she‘ll absolutely crush being a mom of three! Here‘s hoping we eventually get that blessed news even if it‘s not coming immediately. For now, sit back and get ready for a whole lot more history-making music and moments from the undeniable talent that is Carrie Underwood!



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