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Is Cheryl Ladd Still Alive in 2023? An Extensive Look at the Actress‘s Remarkable Life and Enduring Legacy

When Cheryl Ladd burst onto the scene as Kris Munroe on Charlie‘s Angels in 1977, she skyrocketed to international fame that endures over four decades later. With her vivacious spirit and multifaceted talent, Ladd has captivated generations of fans who are now wondering – is Cheryl Ladd still alive today?

At a Glance: The Legendary Cheryl Ladd

Current StatusAlive and well at 72 years old
ResidenceLos Angeles, CA
Recent ProjectsA Cowgirl‘s Song (2022), The Christmas Contract (2018)
Career HighlightsCharlie‘s Angels, Poison Ivy, Millennium
PhilanthropyChildhelp ambassador
MarriageBrian Russell (1981-present)
Iconic RoleKris Munroe on Charlie‘s Angels

The answer is yes – Cheryl Ladd is alive and thriving in 2023! Fans can rejoice that this dazzling star shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. At 72, she continues to act, sing, and spread joy.

Let‘s take an in-depth look at the incredible life and career of this trailblazing entertainer.

Early Life and Childhood Pursuits in South Dakota

Born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor on July 12, 1951, Ladd spent her early childhood in Huron, South Dakota. She displayed a creative spark from a young age, putting on neighborhood plays and talent shows with her sisters. An excellent student, Ladd also excelled at sports like basketball.

At age 6, she began taking tap dancing lessons, captivated by great hoofers like Gene Kelly. As a teenager, Ladd‘s beauty and charm earned her the title of "Miss South Dakota Teen." But entertainment remained her true passion.

After high school, Ladd studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena. She immersed herself in classes on scene study, stagecraft, fencing, and more alongside classmates like Swoosie Kurtz. Ladd‘s dedication and talent readied her for a breakthrough.

The Call of Hollywood – Early Acting Jobs and Singing Pursuits

In 1970, Cheryl headed to Hollywood with dreams of stardom. She landed small parts in shows like Ironside and The Rookies, as well as appearings in commercials. Eager to break into music too, Ladd performed in the singing group The Music Shop Band.

Ladd‘s first big break arrived when she was cast as the talking blue guitar for the animated series Josie and the Pussycats. Soon after, she snagged a supporting role as Lori on the show Happy Days in 1972. Guest spots on Police Story, Three for the Road, and other programs followed.

Meanwhile, Ladd honed her vocal chops by performing in prestigious Los Angeles clubs like The Troubadour. She recorded songs for the soundtracks of shows she appeared in. While fame hadn‘t found her yet, persistence and hard work were paying off.

Global Stardom Arrives – Becoming One of "Charlie‘s Angels"

In 1977, Ladd landed the role that made her an icon – Kris Munroe on Charlie‘s Angels. She replaced Farrah Fawcett as one of three glamorous female private eyes who solved crimes for an unseen boss named Charlie.

Joining fellow Angels Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, Ladd quickly won over audiences. Her character brought a fresh, bubbly energy to the show, clicking perfectly with her co-stars on and off-screen. With Ladd on board, Charlie‘s Angels became a global smash hit.

At the peak of "Angelmania," Cheryl‘s face graced everything from lunchboxes to dolls to beauty products. Her signature bouncy, feathered hairstyle was copied by women everywhere. While the role made Ladd a household name, she brought true talent and likability to the part that endeared her to fans.

Fun Fact: Over 67 million people tuned in for the episode where Kris Munroe was introduced!

Soaring to New Heights – Movies, Music, and TV Success

While best known as beautiful crime-fighter Kris Munroe, Ladd boasts an extensive resume across mediums. She used her Charlie‘s Angels fame to propel projects in film, TV, and music. Some highlights of her spotlight stretch from the late 1970s into the 80s include:

  • Releasing a Billboard Top 25 debut album titled Cheryl Ladd (1978)
  • Winning a People‘s Choice Award for Charlie‘s Angels (1979)
  • Starring opposite Kris Kristofferson in the drama Millennium (1989)
  • Recording the Top 40 single "Think It Over" (1978)
  • Playing the title role in romantic comedy One of Our Own (1993)
  • Releasing Grammy-nominated album Dance Forever (1988)
  • Appearing in hit shows like The Muppet Show and Fantasy Island

Ladd even returned to the music charts in the 2000s with the top 20 adult contemporary single "Here I Am" and a new jazz album titled Simple Days. Her talent and work ethic kept her in demand.

Beyond acting, Ladd penned a book in 2006 titled Token Chick that shared wisdom and advice from her Hollywood journey. She also found joy in raising her daughter Jordan with husband Brian Russell. Approaching her 50s and 60s, Ladd‘s glow came from within.

Bringing Depth, Grace, and Heart to Iconic Film and TV Roles

While pop culture often paints female stars as one-dimensional, Cheryl Ladd brought nuance and gravitas to every role. Take these memorable parts from later in her career:

Poison Ivy (1992) – As seductive villain Ivy, Ladd showed her dark side. Critics praised her for making a risqué part three-dimensional.

A Christmas Romance (1994) – Ladd charmed viewers as Julia, a widow who finds love with a widower in a snowy town. Her warmth lit up this holiday tale.

Millennium (1996-1999) – On this dark sci-fi serial, Ladd played Catherine Black, a forensic psychologist assisting investigators. Her compassion grounded the mysterious show.

In every performance, Ladd connects with audiences through profound emotion and humanity. Her legacy lives on through decades of outstanding film and television work.

The Company She Keeps – Close Bonds With Co-Stars

Beyond her own remarkable career, Cheryl Ladd is known for her lasting friendships with her Charlie‘s Angels co-stars. Both on and off-screen, she formed special bonds with Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, and especially Jaclyn Smith.

Ladd and Smith grew incredibly close during their time working together. The pair became neighbors to stay close and teamed up for public appearances and joint philanthropic endeavors. They stood by each other during difficult personal times and professional shifts.

After Farrah Fawcett‘s heartbreaking battle with cancer ended in 2009, Ladd spoke touchingly about their Charlie‘s Angels connection: "She was just a great gift in my life that I got to know her, and I‘m just so sad that she‘s gone."

Despite career ups and downs, the bonds between these talented women endured, serving as an inspiration about the power of friendship.

Giving Back Through Philanthropy and Charity Work

A devoted humanitarian, Cheryl Ladd has supported charity organizations ranging from the American Cancer Society to United Friends of the Children. She has been a celebrity ambassador to ChildHelp, which aids victims of child abuse, for over two decades.

Ladd and former co-star Jaclyn Smith joined forces in the late 1990s to create and sell a designer necklace, with all proceeds benefiting breast cancer research. It raised over $3 million dollars.

In 2022, Ladd participated in a star-studded online charity fundraiser supporting health initiatives from Brotherhood Crusade. Even amidst professional success, she remains committed to compassion and social causes.

The Life She Loves – Staying Vibrant in Her 70s

So how does Cheryl Ladd stay so radiant decades into her career? She credits positivity, family, and staying active. Ladd makes sure to carve out personal time for travel, golf, and workouts. She remains determined not to become an "old Hollywood" cliche.

Ladd also emphasizes inner joy, saying: “Happiness comes from living life in a positive way on a daily basis.” Her outlook keeps her tackling new projects with vigor. When not acting, she cherishes time with her husband and daughter Jordan.

At 72, Ladd approaches her golden years with grace. In 2022, she shared: "I feel more vibrant now than I ever did in my 20s or 30s." Her lust for life energizes all she touches.

The Question Answered – Yes, Cheryl Ladd is Alive and Well in 2023!

So to conclusively address the question on everyone‘s mind – yes, Cheryl Ladd is definitely still alive in 2023 at the age of 72! She continues to act, most recently in the 2022 TV movie A Cowgirl‘s Song. Ladd also stays active with charity work and time with family.

While forever beloved for her iconic role as Kris Munroe, Ladd has demonstrated versatility across mediums for over five decades. With close friendships, philanthropic devotion, and an inspiring personal outlook, she epitomizes beauty inside and out.

Cheryl Ladd‘s millions of fans worldwide can rejoice that their favorite star shines on. Her talents and warm spirit show no signs of fading anytime soon. Ladd remains a vibrant force of positivity in the lives she touches.

The Bottom Line: Cheryl Ladd‘s Legacy Lives On

At 72 years young, Cheryl Ladd continues to captivate as an actress, singer, author, and philanthropist. Beyond her celebrated career, she makes impact through deep friendships and charity work. Ladd approaches life with an optimism that keeps her feeling forever youthful.

For generations of fans, Ladd provides the ultimate inspiration for aging with vitality and purpose. Her talents and heart create an enduring legacy sure to delight audiences for decades to come. So the answer rings loud and clear – yes, Cheryl Ladd is still gracing the world with her star power in 2023!



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