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Is Creation Club Content Free on Skyrim Anniversary Edition?

Hey there fellow Dragonborn! I know you‘re wondering if you get all the Creation Club goodies included with the new Anniversary Edition of Skyrim.

The short answer is: No, most Creation Club content must be purchased.

The Anniversary Edition does include four free creations for Special Edition owners. But to gain access to the rest, you need to buy the upgrade.

In this epic guide, I‘ll break down exactly how Creation Club works, what‘s included free vs paid, and whether the upgrade is worth it for you my thu‘um shouting friend. Grab a sweetroll and let‘s dig in!

What is the Creation Club?

The Creation Club is Skyrim‘s official platform for "paid mods" – community-created content like quests, dungeons, and items. Creators are paid for their work to incentivize high quality.

Purchases are made with Credits (real money) rather than septims. Prices range from 50 Credits for a sword, up to 150-300 for new gameplay features.

As of 2023, there are now over 74 Creations available, adding over 500 new elements to enhance your adventure.

Here are the key facts on how it works:

  • Content is curated and officially approved by Bethesda
  • Creations are created by contracted modders and creators
  • Purchases are made with Credits, costing real money
  • Creations don‘t disable achievements like regular mods
  • Content works across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation formats

Now you may be wondering – can I get all this sweet new stuff for free? Let‘s find out…

Is Any Creation Club Content Free?

When the Special Edition launched back in 2016, Creation Club was completely paid. But good news – lately Bethesda has made select Creations free!

If you own Skyrim Special Edition, you automatically have access to these freebies:

  • Fishing – New fishing mechanics and quests
  • Survival Mode – Food/sleep needs and freezing temperatures
  • Rare Curios – Craft scrolls and new alchemy ingredients
  • Saints & Seducers – Major questline with new worldspace

That‘s a solid chunk of free new adventures for you to tackle!

Unfortunately, those 4 Creations are the only ones available for free. Keep reading to see how to unlock everything else.

What‘s Included in the Anniversary Edition Upgrade?

When you purchase the Anniversary Edition upgrade, you gain access to all content currently on the Creation Club – over 74 Creations total.

We‘re talking over 500 pieces of new stuff: quests, dungeons, bosses, spells, houses, etc.

Here‘s a taste of what you‘ll get:

New Quests & Worldspaces

  • The Cause – Crusade against a Daedric plot
  • Forgotten Seasons – Mysterious islands to explore
  • Redguard Elite Armaments – Help the Redguard ghost reclaim his honor
  • Dark Seducers – Help organize the Duke‘s wedding
  • Kagrumez – Explore the ancient Dwemer ruins
  • Shadows of One‘s Past – Assist a troubled family

Player Homes

  • Myrwatch – Mages tower packed with collectibles
  • Tundra Homestead – Lodge and farmland beside Lake Ilinalta
  • Sunderstone Gorge – Make a home in the unique sulfur caverns
  • Stone Garden – Live in a hobbit hole by the Throat of the World!

Weapons & Armor

  • Staff of Hasedoki – Peerless staff forged from a unicorn‘s horn
  • Ruin‘s Edge – Ancient blades wielded by Ysgramor himself
  • Spell Knight Armor – Protect yourself with magical enchantments
  • Shadowfoot Sanctum – Sneaky shrouded armor
  • Wild Horses – Unique paint for your trusty steed

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Survival Mode – Hunger, freezing temps and camping
  • Backpacks – Increase your carry weight
  • Face Masks – Conceal your identity
  • Arcane Accessories – Equip rings for special powers
  • Camping – Set up campsites and build fires

And so much more! You‘ll also get every new Creation Club release in the future.

Bottom line – you‘ll quadruple the new content available to add life and variety to your gameworld. Worth it? Let‘s dig into the cost.

Do You Need to Buy Anniversary for Creation Club Access?

To gain full access to all 74 Creations, yes you need to purchase the Anniversary Edition upgrade.

Here‘s what it costs:

  • For Special Edition Owners: $19.99
  • For New Players: $39.99 (includes base game)

At first glance, 20 bucks seems steep for existing owners. But here‘s some context:

  • Individual Creations range from 50 – 300 Credits in cost
  • The Anniversary upgrade unlocks ~$110 worth of Credits‘ content
  • That‘s over 85% off compared to buying individually!

Plus you get 500+ pieces of new adventures – quests, spells, gear and more.

While not free, it adds tremendous value to your experience. Basically a DLC expansion pack.

But if cash is tight, read on for some tips to access Creation Club content on the cheap.

Clever Ways to Get Creation Club Free or Cheap

I get it, not everyone has the spare gold to buy the upgrade. And you want all the Creations!

While there‘s no way to get unlimited free access, here are some clever workarounds:

  • Install the 4 free Creations on Special Edition
  • Earn Credits by completing Creation Club questlines – up to 45 Credits
  • Choose select individual Creations when they are on sale for 25-50% off
  • Wait for free Credits giveaways – between 5 and 15 Credits
  • Find the Anniversary Edition on sale during special events

This lets you pick and choose Creations most appealing based on your playstyle and budget.

Over time you can unlock most of what you want for free or cheap! It just takes patience.

Weighing Whether to Buy the Anniversary Edition

As a fellow Skyrim fan, based on hundreds of hours modding, here is my advice on if upgrading is worthwhile:

For diehard Skyrim lovers and completionists – absolutely upgrade. You get every piece of Creation Club content in one giant bundle – the value is incredible.

For casual players – the free Creations and selective sales may be sufficient to spice up your game.

For those tight on cash – take advantage of sales and free Credits when possible. Buying everything at once is costly.

For players burnt out on Skyrim – new Creations may give you reason to jump back in, but aren‘t essential.

Bottom line – evaluate your personal playstyle and budget. For most fans, the volume of new adventures justifies the Anniversary upgrade cost.

Hope this inside scoop helps inform your decision! Whichever path you choose, we‘ll adventure again soon.

Your Fellow Dragonborn

FAQs – Creation Club & Anniversary Edition

Here are answers to some common questions on what‘s included with Anniversary and how Creation Club works:

Does Skyrim Special Edition include all Creation Club content?

No, only the 4 free Creations mentioned above. To access all content you need the paid Anniversary Edition upgrade.

What are some of the best Creation Club creations?

Some of the most popular are Forgotten Seasons, Spell Knight Armor, Umbra, Sunder & Wraithguard, Survival Mode, and Rare Curios.

Do Creation Club mods disable Steam achievements?

Nope! CC content does not disable achievements or trophies earned in-game. Feel free to mod without consequence.

Can you request refunds on Creation Club purchases?

Unfortunately Creation Club purchases are final and non-refundable. Choose carefully or wait for sales.

Does Creation Club content carry across platforms?

No, purchases are locked to the platform they were bought on – no transferring accounts.

Should I buy Skyrim again for the upgrade?

Only if you find the included content worth the cost. Watch for sales on the base edition to save money.

Will more Creation Club releases come in the future?

Yes, new Creations are likely to continue trickling out over time. Anniversary Edition includes all future releases too.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow Dovahkiin decide if Creation Club is worth it for them.

Good luck and have fun on your next adventure!



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