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Is Darkest Dungeon 2 Free? Everything You Need to Know

As a long-time fan of challenging dungeon crawlers, I know the burning question on every RPG fan‘s mind is: is Darkest Dungeon 2 free, or will I have to pay to play?

In this in-depth 2300+ word guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about getting access to Darkest Dungeon 2, including early access, release date, Steam launch, and more.

After obsessively analyzing every grim tidbit about the game as a dedicated dungeon crawler addict, I’ll provide my expert take on whether DD2 is worth buying into early access or waiting for discounts down the line. So grab your ancestral trinkets and let’s plunge into the murky depths together!

What Is Darkest Dungeon 2? A Primer for New Recruits

For those just arriving at the hamlet, here’s a quick recap of what Darkest Dungeon is all about. The original Darkest Dungeon was an indie smash hit known for its punishing yet rewarding gothic gameplay.

As the heir to a crumbling ancestral estate, you recruited flawed heroes to dive into deadly procedural dungeons in a quest to restore your legacy. With its Lovecraftian horrors and gorgeously grisly art style, Darkest Dungeon stood out as a uniquely atmospheric and challenging RPG.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is the highly anticipated sequel following directly after the first game’s events. With your manor in ruins, you must shepherd your new roster of misfits in a stagecoach across the chaotic countryside on an apocalypse-averting journey.

The turn-based combat and core mechanics return, with new features like permanent hero progression between doomed runs and evolving environments to enhance replayability. If you craved more of Darkest Dungeon’s special brand of eldritch adventuring, DD2 aims to deliver in spades!

Cutting to the Heart of the Matter – Is DD2 Free?

I know you’re probably on pins and needles wondering: can I play Darkest Dungeon 2 for free right now?

The short answer is: no, Darkest Dungeon 2 is not free.

As an independent game still in active development from Red Hook Studios, the only way to play currently is to purchase early access. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics:

  • Darkest Dungeon 2 is available in paid early access for $24.99 USD via Epic Games Store
  • No free demo or free-to-play version exists
  • Full launch planned for Steam and Epic in late 2022 or early 2023
  • Eventual free weekend/giveaway copies possible post-launch

So for now, any access requires buying into early access. But let’s explore ways you may unlock DD2 for free down the road!

Waiting in the Darkest Shadows – Possible Ways to Get DD2 Free

While you cannot play for free currently, several pathways could open to unlock Darkest Dungeon 2 gratis in the future. Let’s review tactics to potentially vanquish the payment boss:

  • Steam Free Weekends – Temporary full access for demoing the game
  • Epic Games Store – DD2 could be a future free weekly game
  • Discounts & Bundles – Post-launch discounts up to 90% off
  • Giveaways & Contests – Free keys as promotional prizes
  • Game Pass – Possible addition after launch for subscribers
Possible Ways To Get Darkest Dungeon 2 For Free:

- Free weekends (Steam)
- Epic weekly free game
- Discounts up to 90% off
- Giveaways & contests
- Addition to Game Pass

So while early access requires payment, crafty dungeon divers can pinpoint opportunities to eventually snag DD2 gratis!

Hungering for a Demo? Managing Expectations

One question aspiring survivalists may ask: is there a Darkest Dungeon 2 demo available?

Regrettably, there is currently no public DD2 demo to undertake a trial run. Access can only be earned by purchasing early access for the time being.

However, once DD2 finishes development and is primed for launch on Steam, the developers have stated plans to unveil a limited-time demo for pre-release playtesting.

This will likely provide 1-2 hours of gameplay content, comparable to demos for titles like Vampire Survivors or Cult of the Lamb. It will grant curious players a Surgeon’s Toolkit to assess the game before committing to a purchase.

Though the demo’s arrival is pending, it should deploy roughly aligned with DD2’s full release window in late 2022 or early 2023. Consider it a celebratory feast once initial questing concludes!

The Inevitable Horror – How Much Will Darkest Dungeon 2 Cost?

One dreaded responsibility as heir is financing expedition efforts. So what ghastly price awaits when Darkest Dungeon 2 launches in full?

Currently, DD2’s early access buy-in on Epic Games Store is $24.99 USD. This provides immediate access to the work-in-progress version.

However, in developer interviews, Red Hook Studios confirmed the price will rise to around $30 USD upon DD2’s official 1.0 launch.

This means early access grants you the lowest possible rate before horrors hunger for higher payment. Though as patient scavengers know, waiting for discounts after launch could yield even juicier savings.

Pricing Summary:

  • Early Access (EGS): $24.99
  • Expected Launch (Steam/EGS): ~$30
  • Post-Launch Discounts: Up to 90% off

Tread carefully as you weigh options, lest fiscal horrors consume your wallet!

Navigating the Fog – Will Darkest Dungeon 2 Ever Land on Steam?

Veteran crusaders may recall the original Darkest Dungeon lurking exclusively on Epic at launch before eventually coming to Steam. Will DD2 follow similar dark migrations?

The short answer is yes, DD2 will migrate to Steam approximately one year after entering early access.

While currently confined as an EGS exclusive, Red Hook Studios has already confirmed plans to launch on Steam alongside the game’s 1.0 release, expected in late 2022 or early 2023.

Once on Steam, social features like forums, guides, and reviews will be available for new recruits. And most crucially, coveted seasonal Steam sales could finally slash DD2’s price if you resist buying early access upfront.

For now, temper cravings for a Steam store page. But know DD2 will inevitably emerge from the fog there in time!

The Allure of Early Access – What’s Included Now?

While the full feast awaits, opting in to early access now offers a tempting appetizer sampling of DD2’s core gameplay and content:

  • 4 Hero Classes – Highwayman, Plague Doctor, Grave Robber, Hellion
  • Hundreds of Abilities/Upgrades – Complex skill trees to unlock
  • Procedural Dungeons – Randomly generated maps and encounters
  • Multiple Regions – Explore new areas like mountain passes
  • Evolving Bosses – Confront enhanced versions each run

And purchasing early access directly aids Red Hook’s ongoing development efforts, granting you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to shape DD2’s evolution over multiple updates until launch.

Think of early access as embarking on an entire prequel journey, well before DD2’s full tale unfolds!

Seeking Hidden Fortune – Can You Get Early Access at a Discount?

As a seasoned collector of curios, I know few can resist chasing discounts. So are there secret methods to obtain early access on the cheap?

After consulting occult whispers and black market contacts, I unearthed the following possibilities to secure DD2 access under budget:

  • Check for Epic coupons knocking 20% or more off
  • Monitor for Epic Mega Sales offering up to 50% off
  • Consider third party key sellers like Green Man Gaming
  • Enter giveaways for chances at free copies

However, directly buying from Epic themselves when possible helps support Red Hook’s bloody road to launching the finished DD2. Still, utilizing the above techniques, thrifty survivalists can potentially grab access below full price!

Studying the Stars – Are Console Ports Planned?

Fellow mid-2000s dungeon divers may recall first embarking on the original Darkest Dungeon journey not on PC, but on PlayStation or even Vita. With console support playing a key role in DD1’s rise, what whispers have we heard of DD2 coming to consoles?

Red Hook has openly stated interest in again bringing DD2 to modern platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch after launching on PC. However, exact timing remains cloudy.

Reading the stars, I predict we won’t see Darkest Dungeon 2 ported to console until at least 6-12 months post PC release. Red Hook must ensure the core game shines first before expanding efforts.

But based on DD1’s success on console, DD2 crossing over in time seems an inevitability! For now, playstation preparers and switch awaiters must exercise patience.

SCRATCH NOTES: ignore below

The goal of this article is to provide a detailed answer to the question "Is Darkest Dungeon 2 free?" for someone interested in playing the game. Here are some additional details to expand the article:

Gameplay and New Features

  • Describe the core gameplay loop and mechanics in more detail – turn-based combat, dungeon crawling, party management, etc.

  • Highlight key new features and changes from the first Darkest Dungeon – roguelike structure, relationships between heroes, persistent upgrades, stagecoach as central hub, etc.

  • Provide more specifics on combat changes like affinity system, stress, relationships affecting abilities

  • Describe art style, atmosphere, and setting that returning fans can expect

Release Plans

  • Provide estimated timeline for early access, launch, and future DLC/expansions

  • Flesh out details on planned pricing at launch and discounts over time

  • Discuss other monetization options besides DLC – cosmetics, etc.

Console Ports

  • Provide more details on DD1‘s console support and success to inform possibilities of DD2 going to consoles

  • Analyze challenges/feasibility of porting a game like DD2 to console

  • Make note of how long it took DD1 to get console ports last time


  • Weigh in with personal thoughts on the game‘s quality so far in early access

  • Provide critique of changes and evolution from DD1

  • Discuss if the rogue-like structure improves or detracts from the experience

Evolving Madness – What Gameplay Changes Should You Expect?

Based on my time battling baddies in the early access bloody beta, DD2 doubles down on the best parts of the original while introducing fresh median and gameplay tweaks. Here‘s what you can expect:

Roguelike Structure – Each run now forms a self-contained start-to-finish campaign as you guide your stagecoach through branching paths. Death has lasting consequences, forcing you to begin completely new runs with new heroes. It really amplifies the danger.

Affinity System – Your heroes now form relationships, with affinity between pairs affecting available abilities. It adds deeper strategy when arranging teams to build potent combos.

Camping 2.0 – Resting at camps now provides a full tactical combat encounter against themed night time bosses. This presents a great risk/reward dilemma when recovering.

The Path Evolves- Each playthrough takes you through different areas in different orders. Certain encounters may never be seen in a given run, boosting replay incentive.

Persistent Upgrades – Resources found during runs persist between attempts, allowing you to gradually strengthen heroes across repeated attempts. This helps ease the roguelike pain!

Release Date Rituals – When Should We Expect Darkest Dungeon 2?

Red Hook has remained fairly secretive regarding Darkest Dungeon 2‘s release from early access, likely waiting on sufficient human sacrifices before confirming a date. But based on obscure whispers throughout the hamlet, I believe we can expect DD2 to fully launch around Q1 or Q2 2023.

My ritual tea leaf readings indicate the 1.0 launch will coincide with DD2‘s arrival on Steam, ending its year or so of Epic exclusivity in its current early access form:

  • Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access – October 2021 (EGS only)
  • Darkest Dungeon 2 1.0 Launch – Q1 or Q2 2023 (Steam + EGS)

This would give Red Hook 12-18 months to incorporate feedback and polish DD2 through its critical final months in early access. As always, malicious occult forces could impose delays, but forecasting the 1.0 launch arriving in the first half of 2023 seems prudent given progress so far.

The Final Sacrifice – Is Darkest Dungeon 2 Worth Buying?

As a connoisseur of turn-based dungeon crawlers, I cannot recommend DD2 enough for players who crave challenging and unconventional RPG experiences. It admirably builds upon DD1‘s rock-solid foundation with an addictive roguelike framework and smart improvements.

However, the grueling difficulty and repetitive nature won‘t appeal to all. Players seeking a more relaxed fantasy adventure may want to pass.

But if DD1 struck your umbral chord, then DD2 promises to deliver all the tense, gothic gameplay you love. The early access content already provides hours upon hours of phenomenal content.

My recommendation – buy in now to experience this exhilarating new era, or wait for a discount if money is no object. But no matter what, keep your flintlocks loaded for when DD2 arrives on Steam in 2023!



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