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Is Demon‘s Souls Free on PS5?

No, Demon‘s Souls is not currently available for free on the PlayStation 5. The remake of the beloved cult classic PS3 game is a full-priced title retailing for $69.99 digitally and physically. There are no discounts on Demon‘s Souls specific to PS5 owners or PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, potential discounts or free offers could come in the future under certain circumstances.

The Legacy of Demon‘s Souls

To understand why the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon‘s Souls still commands a premium price, it helps to examine the game‘s legacy and significance in gaming history:

Released originally in 2009 for the PS3, Demon‘s Souls was the first game directed by legendary designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. His unique vision manifested in Demon‘s Souls‘ ingenious blend of high fantasy, atmospheric horror, strategic combat, and cryptic lore.

As Miyazaki‘s first major work, Demon‘s Souls established many trademarks that later became synonymous with the Souls series and genre:

  • Punishing difficulty with unforgiving enemies
  • Obscure game systems that resist hand holding
  • Environmental storytelling and fragmentary lore
  • Tight, high-stakes third-person melee combat
  • An interconnected world full of shortcuts and secrets

Despite its unapologetic difficulty, Demon‘s Souls charmed critics with its refusal to pander to the mainstream. Upon release, reviewers praised the game as an uncompromising masterpiece:

"Brilliantly devious level design, intensely satisfying combat, and one of the most clever multiplayer implementations we‘ve ever seen." – IGN (9.5/10)

"The rewards are only for those with nerves of steel and a generous quantity of patience." – Edge Magazine (8/10)

"Arguably the most punishing of all FromSoftware‘s titles. But it‘s that incessant challenge that makes victory such a thrill." – PlayStation Official Magazine

Demon‘s Souls went on to become a cult classic, establishing many conventions that later Souls games iterated upon. For veteran fans, it remains the purest expression of Miyazaki‘s unique gaming vision.

The PS5 Remake Treatment

Given the original game‘s significance, Sony commissioned Bluepoint Games to remaster Demon‘s Souls exclusively for the PlayStation 5. This provided an opportunity to re-experience Boletaria with visuals and gameplay truly worthy of modern displays and controllers.

Some of the key improvements and upgrades introduced in the PS5 remake include:

  • Jaw-dropping visual overhaul with enhanced textures and effects
  • Rock-solid 60 FPS performance for silky combat
  • DualSense support for immersive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • Higher resolution and more seamless world design
  • Quality of life upgrades like omni-directional rolling

This painstaking recreation modernizes Demon‘s Souls while preserving what veteran fans cherish. For many critics, Bluepoint succeeded in honoring the PS3 original while vastly elevating presentation:

"A beautiful, brilliant recreation that expertly lives up to the legacy of the PlayStation 3 original." – GamesRadar+ (5/5 stars)

"From tip to tail, this is Demon‘s Souls at its fullest potential." – Inverse (10/10)

Given the praise and demand for the remake, it‘s no surprise that Sony has kept the price firm at $70 rather than offer discounts just yet.

The Cost of Next-Gen Exclusives

In general, marquee exclusives developed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X carry higher price tags than cross-gen titles built for older consoles too. Sony in particular has adopted $70 as the new normal MSRP for its biggest PS5 releases:

GamePrice (MSRP)
Demon‘s Souls$69.99
Spider-Man: Miles Morales$69.99
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart$69.99
Horizon Forbidden West$69.99
Gran Turismo 7$69.99

This contrasts with major PS4 releases earlier in the generation like God of War and Spider-Man that launched at $59.99. The $10 increase accounts for rising development costs and shorter launch discounts compared to last generation.

While players have expressed some grumbles about the new pricing, these premium games continue selling well. Demon‘s Souls especially is a system seller that showcases the PS5‘s technical capabilities. Dropping the price this soon would undermine that value proposition.

When Will Demon‘s Souls Get Cheaper?

So when can budget-minded gamers realistically expect Demon‘s Souls to get discounted or offered for free? Based on Sony‘s practices, here are some possible scenarios:

Holiday Season Sales (Thanksgiving/Christmas): Sony first-party games often see ~25% discounts during major sales events. Demon‘s Souls dropping to $50 or so around Black Friday 2022 seems plausible.

12 Months Post-Launch: By November 2021, a permanent price cut to $60 is likely if not sooner during seasonal sales.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Game: Sony sometimes offers bigger first-party games for "free" as part of the monthly PS Plus game library about 18-24 months after launch. Demon‘s Souls arriving in late 2022 would fit this pattern.

PlayStation Plus Premium Catalog: The newly announced PS Plus Premium tier will include a catalog of classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. Demon‘s Souls seems like a prime candidate to be added 1-2 years post-launch.

Complete Edition/GOTY Bundle: Sony often packages DLC and base game in discounted Complete or GOTY bundles about 2 years after launch. If Demon‘s Souls gets single-player DLC, a bundle could come in 2022-2023.

While not guaranteed, one or more of these scenarios occurring seems highly likely based on Sony‘s track record. With a little patience, Demon‘s Souls should become more affordable for the average PS5 owner.

Should You Buy Demon‘s Souls at $70?

Whether or not you should buy Demon‘s Souls at full price depends on your gaming budget and priorities:

Buy Now If:

  • You‘re a huge Soulsborne fan eager to play ASAP
  • You want to fully showcase PS5 graphical power
  • $70 is reasonably affordable for your budget
  • You value immersive, challenging single-player experiences

Wait For Sale If:

  • You typically only buy discounted games
  • You still have a big backlog of PS4 games
  • You‘re new to Souls and not sure if you‘ll like it
  • Playing on launch day isn‘t important to you

As an avid gamer myself, I don‘t recommend paying full price for any game you aren‘t completely excited for. With how quickly prices fall, it‘s smarter to wait if you have even modest doubts.

That said, as a FromSoftware devotee since Demon‘s Souls first released in 2009, I happily paid full price to support Bluepoint‘s stellar remake work. For other budgets and interests, waiting could be the better call until around the 12 month mark when sales pick up.

Free-to-Play Souls Alternatives on PS5

While waiting for Demon‘s Souls to inevitably discount, there are a few free Souls-like games on PS5 that can help scratch the itch:


  • Massive free-to-play battle royale shooter
  • Random item spawns and ruthless opponents offer Souls-like challenge
  • Losing all progress on death captures the tension of Souls checkpoints
  • Building mechanics add unique flavor

Genshin Impact

  • Open world action RPG with gacha monetization
  • Emphasis on boss battles and environmental puzzles
  • Losing HP and reviving is punitive
  • Anime visuals differentiate it from Western RPGs

Path of Exile

  • Complex ARPG viewed from overhead perspective
  • Highly customizable skills and gear loadouts
  • Emphasis on knowledge and mastery reducing frustration
  • Events and leagues offer continually fresh challenges


  • Cooperative monster hunting in an online world
  • Learn beast behaviors and dodge/block skillfully
  • Satisfying combat against epic creatures
  • Transmogs allow customizing your slayer‘s look

Of course no free-to-play game fully captures the Souls experience, but they can help evaluate if you enjoy the general difficulty and repetition of the genre.

The Enduring Success of Demon‘s Souls

Demon‘s Souls clearly remains a hot commodity based on stellar critical reception and sales since launch:

  • Metacritic Score: 92/100 critics, 8.8/10 users
  • Sales (Physical, U.S.): #7 best-selling PS5 game as of April 2021
  • Peak Twitch Viewers: Over 125,000 viewers shortly after launch
  • Awards: Most Awarded Game of 2020 (The Game Awards), Game of the Year (Golden Joystick Awards)

This data reaffirms Demon‘s Souls as one of the most important PS5 exclusives yet. It stands beside classics like God of War (2018) and The Last of Us as an example of Sony at its very best.

While $70 represents a significant investment, Demon‘s Souls is a game you‘ll likely revisit and treasure long after cheaper titles have been forgotten. The genius of Hidetaka Miyazaki endures through Bluepoint‘s impeccable recreation.

Surviving the First Steps

If you do take the plunge into Demon‘s Souls, here are some tips to overcome the first major obstacles:


The first boss hides behind a shield of hopping imps. Use a bow or soul arrow spell to pick off the imps safely before targeting the boss directly. Keep strafing to avoid imp blobs.

Tower Knight

This massive armored giant stomps everything in his path. Wait for openings to strike his ankles after certain attacks. When he falls, target his head for massive damage.

Dragon God

Stay hidden behind pillars to avoid his seeking arrows. Wait for him to peek through windows, then shoot the glowing points near his eyes to render him defenseless.

Armor Spider

In this cramped arena, watch for when it shoots webs overhead then rush in to slash its abdomen. When it charges, sprint behind a pillar to avoid being trampled.

With These strats, you‘ll be on your way to many hard-fought victories. May the flames guide thee, slayer of demons!



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