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Is Der Eisendrache free on bo3?

The zombies map Der Eisendrache was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as part of the Awakening DLC pack. Set in a medieval Austrian fortress, this map featured a variety of new mechanics and Easter eggs for players to discover. Many fans consider it one of the best zombie maps Treyarch has designed. However, unlike the Shadows of Evil map included in the base Black Ops 3 game, Der Eisendrache requires purchasing the DLC to access it.

What maps are included in the standard Black Ops 3?

The standard edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 only includes one Zombies map:

  • Shadows of Evil – Set in a fictional 1940s city, up to 4 players battle the undead and complete ritual tasks to uncover the secrets of this noir-inspired map.

Shadows of Evil is the only map available in Black Ops 3 without purchasing any DLC packs. All other Zombies maps like Der Eisendrache require additional purchases.

Does any edition of BO3 include Der Eisendrache?

There are certain special editions of Black Ops 3 that grant access to the first DLC map pack, Awakening, at no extra cost:

  • Juggernog Edition – This premium edition included the Season Pass along with other bonus items. Owners can play Der Eisendrache without buying the DLC separately.

  • Digital Deluxe Edition – The digital deluxe version included the Season Pass, which unlocks all 4 DLC packs including Awakening and Der Eisendrache.

So while the base game does not include Der Eisendrache, players who purchased these special editions can access the map for free.

Overview of Der Eisendrache

Der Eisendrache transports players to a medieval Austrian fortress in the mountains. This snowy castle is overrun by the undead and features plenty of tight corridors, imposing towers, and stunning vistas.

Some key features of this map include:

  • Wonder Weapons – Players can obtain 4 powerful elemental bows from quests, like the lightning Storm Bow or wolf-shooting Wolf Bow.
  • Dragon Control – Feeding dragons enables riding them to reach new areas and power-ups around the map.
  • Easter Egg – The main quest involves helping Origins crew member Richtofen carry out his plan against the zombies.

What DLC pack is Der Eisendrache in?

Der Eisendrache is included in the Awakening DLC pack, the first zombies map pack released for Black Ops 3:

  • 4 Multiplayer Maps
  • Der Eisendrache Zombies
  • Liquid Divinium (in-game currency)
  • New GobbleGum pack

Awakening costs $14.99 separately, but is included with the Black Ops 3 Season Pass for $49.99 which unlocks all DLC packs.

Are there any legitimate ways to get BO3 DLC for free?

Unfortunately there are no legitimate methods to obtain Der Eisendrache or other Black Ops 3 DLC packs for free. Some options players have reported trying:

  • Downloading from unauthorized sites – This is illegal piracy of copyrighted content.
  • Game hacking – Using exploits or "jailbreaking" consoles violates terms of service.
  • Giveaways – Extremely rare; most sites offering free unlocks are fraudulent.

The only way to legitimately access Der Eisendrache is by purchasing the Awakening DLC pack, Season Pass, or special editions of BO3 that include it.

Tips for Der Eisendrache Easter Egg and Bow Upgrades

Completing the main quest (Mystery Egg) and building the powerful Wonder Weapon bows are big goals for players on this map. Here are some tips:

  • Have 4 players to do the full Easter egg which requires cooperation on steps. Solo is very difficult.
  • Upgrade all 4 bows at the towers to access the Golden Rod for the main quest.
  • Use Fire Bow for high damage, Void Bow to conserve ammo, and Lightning Bow to kill hordes.
  • Remember to feed the dragons and collect souls before accessing the pyramid area.
  • Equip Perkaholic, Arms Grace, Undead Man Walking to make the boss fight easier.

How difficult is Der Eisendrache?

While it has some challenging Easter egg quests, Der Eisendrache is generally considered an easier map compared to most other Black Ops 3 zombies maps due to its useful tools:

  • Wonder weapons help survivability immensely.
  • Fast travel with dragons to quickly access perks and PaP.
  • Open layout and simple power activation.
  • Solo-friendly sized areas without too many tight spaces.

The accessible layout, strong equipment, and helpful utilities like dragon travel make Der Eisendrache a bit more forgiving than maps like Gorod Krovi or Revelations for newer players.

Best Weapons, Perks, and Strategies for Der Eisendrache

Here are some top recommendations to survive longer against the zombie hordes on Der Eisendrache:


  • Upgraded Bows – Essential wonder weapons, upgrade all 4 if possible.
  • LMGs like BRM and Dingo – High ammo capacity to handle hordes.
  • Shotguns like KRM and Haymaker – Powerful in tight corridors.


  • Juggernog – Extra health is critical.
  • Double Tap 2.0 – Faster fire increases damage output.
  • Stamin-Up – Outrun zombies in large open areas.
  • Widow‘s Wine – Grenades help escape swarms.


  • Open PaP as early as possible to increase damage.
  • Use dragon travel for fast getaways and refilling ammo.
  • Camp at tower locations which are more easily defensible.
  • Be conservative with ammo if no Max Ammo‘s spawn in.

With these tips in mind, players should find reaching higher rounds and completing main quests much more achievable on Der Eisendrache. It remains one of the most popular and replayable Black Ops 3 Zombies maps.



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